Can a 14 Year Old Take Multivitamins? – 2024 Guide

When your child is physically not fit to participate in sports and outdoor activities or every time feels lethargic and is not taking a proper healthy diet then it’s high time for them to start multivitamins. Multivitamins can fulfill their nutrient deficiency that a diet cannot fulfill. Not only 9 years kids but teenagers of 14 years old can also take multivitamins for becoming physically fit and more energetic.

Multivitamins are prescribed by doctors according to the child’s health behavior and intake of diet. Daily intake of multivitamins plays an important role as it increases physical efficiency and enthusiasm by reducing vitamin deficiency. As multivitamins are rich in nutrients and vitamins, they widely contribute to human health.

Can a 14 Year Old Take Multivitamins?

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A 14-year-old teenager can take multivitamins as doctors recommend them since their main purpose is to fulfill their dietary allowances. Mostly for 14-year-old, daily multivitamins of 2.4 micrograms are prescribed. Calcium, fiber, vitamin D, iron, vitamin E, and B are the most important nutrients that 14-year-old need in order to be physically fit and healthy.

Benefits Of Multivitamins

Multivitamins are miracle capsules that boost up your metabolism and make you feel physically healthy and fit. Multivitamins are the combination of various vitamins that altogether meet the vitamin needs as they are the building blocks of the human body. Following are the benefits of some vitamins to the human body.

Vitamin D

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Calcium is the building block of bone. This calcium comes from vitamin D. Vitamin D contributes to the development of teeth and bone and makes them strong and sturdy. Foods containing vitamin D are eggs, vegetables, salmon fish, cereals containing vitamin D, etc.

Vitamin C

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Ligaments and tendons that support the bone are made up of collagen. Collagen is the type of connective tissue that is soft which also helps in the healing of injuries. Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen. Foods containing vitamin C are grapefruit, kiwifruit, tomatoes, broccoli, etc.

Vitamin E

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For strengthening and improving the immune system, vitamin E has the highest contribution. Vitamin E is a very important vitamin as it keeps the blood vessels clear and also helps in continuous blood flow. Vitamin E-containing foods are sunflower oil and seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.


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Red blood cells are the vital components in the formation of blood. These red blood cells have the most important function of carrying oxygen which is possible due to iron intake. Iron is the most important nutrient of the body as it aids in transferring oxygen to the body. Foods that are rich in iron are green leafy vegetables, red meat, kidney beans, soy, etc.


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Teeth and bones are made of calcium which makes them strong and rigid. Calcium is one of the most important nutrients as it helps in bone and tooth formation. Milk, yogurt, leafy vegetables, salmon, etc are calcium-rich foods.

Vitamin B6 and B12

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These two vitamins help in the formation of hemoglobin that is one of the most important proteins in making red blood cells. They also contribute to boosting up the energy level, helps in the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Foods containing vitamin B6 and B12 are bananas, potatoes, nuts, fish, meat, etc.


What vitamins should 14 years old take?

Iron, vitamin D, vitamin E, fiber, vitamin B and B12, and calcium are the most important vitamins and nutrients for 14 years old.

Can a 14 years old take vitamins?

Yes, a 14 years old can take vitamins daily for meeting their vitamin needs and nutrients.

Can a 14-year-old take centrum vitamins?

Yes, kids from age 2 and above can take centrum vitamins. These vitamins are made for adults.

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Multivitamins are the most important pills that are the basic needs for human health. These multivitamins are the combinations of vitamins that fulfill the vitamin and nutrient deficiency. Regardless of age, 14 years old can take multivitamins for improving health and making them physically fit. These vitamins help in bone formation, increase the efficiency of energy, and improve health behavior.