Can You Take Nyquil While Breastfeeding? The Shocking Truth!

When breastfeeding your baby, there are certain factors you’ll need to consider and things to change to keep up a healthy lifestyle. After all, the milk your body produces will be significantly affected by what you eat and drink, or by how your overall health is.

So there are certain things you must not consume, and that also includes medicine. But how about Nyquil while breastfeeding? Is that something women can take if they are still pumping or feeding milk?

If you are wondering about taking this tip of medicine but want to see if it is safe for your milk and baby, then read on as I answer your question and show if Nyquil while breastfeeding is safe.

What Is Nyquil?

Is It Safe to Drink Nyquil While Breastfeed​ing

If you aren’t familiar with Nyquil yet, this is a type of medicine used to treat symptoms caused by the common colds, flu, allergies, or other forms of breathing illnesses. It is made out of ingredients to help relieve stuffy noses or ear congestions, as well as relieve pain, fever, and symptoms of allergies.

There are two types of Nyquil available: In liquid or tablet form. Both are successful in treating the temporary symptoms but are not for ongoing coughs from illnesses such as long-term breathing issues, asthma, or smoking.

Nyquil, in a nutshell, is what can treat and relieve your symptoms from the flu and colds.

Is It Safe to Drink Nyquil While Breastfeed​ing?

So while Nyquil can help those with the common flu or colds, is it safe for breastfeeding mothers to take?

While most decongestants are safe for breastfeeding, it is still not recommended for mothers to take them. Studies have shown that even though less than 1% is pseudoephedrine, which is found in most decongestants, is absorbed and ends up in your breast milk, it can constrict blood vessels that restrict your blood flow necessary for milk production.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take these types of cold medicine. They do not poison your milk or baby, and cough suppressants have been used for a long time when breastfeeding. If there are any serious side effects, then these are rare instances.

So while taking cold medicine like Nyquil once in a while is completely no cause for alarm, taking it every day or too much of it is! As long as you consult a doctor and follow the medicine’s instructions, then you and your baby will be okay. You do need to watch out for other minor side effects, though.

What Happens If I Drink Nyquil While Breastfeeding?

Nyquil while breastfeeding

Nyquil while breastfeeding isn’t recommended, but what happens if you do take it by accident or without knowing it shouldn’t be taken? Here are the effects breastfeeding mothers may experience if ever:

  • Remember that there is a small amount of alcohol found in cold medicine, which can result in weight gain, hormonal problems, or sleeping issues.
  • The amount of doxylamine found in Nyquil may cause drowsiness, as well as irritability, odd sleeping patterns, or a hyper attitude.
  • Like mentioned, though it is rare, Nyquil can restrict your milk supply and may even cause a rash from acetaminophen, though it’s rare and will go away after you stop taking the medication.

That’s why it’s best to avoid Nyquil while breastfeeding and go for other alternatives instead, which do not create any adverse effects.

Alternatives to Nyquil and Home Remedies for Common Coughs and Colds

Now that you know what Nyquil can do while breastfeeding, what are other ways on how to remedy your flu or colds? To help heal your body and get ready for breastfeeding again, here are some tips and alternative medicines you can try:

  • You can take Nyquil, but if you do so, reduce the risk of the medicine passing on to your breast milk by feeding your baby before taking medicine, or doing so at least two hours after.
  • Instead of cold medicines for your flu or coughs, you can opt for natural remedies such as eating raw garlic or taking in extra vitamin C to strengthen your immune system.
  • Remember to get a lot of rest and stay in bed, letting your partner or any trusted one care for your baby and attended to any errands around your home.
  • For breathing issues due to a clogged nose or the flu, use steam to breathe easier.
  • If you would like to take medicines for your cold, some safe medications include Tylenol, Vicks, and Advil. Taking lozenges (without phenol or hexylresorcinols) for a sore throat or cough drops is safe as well, though take note of the dosage. Always read the label and ask for suggestions from medical professionals before taking medicine.

But remember before taking any medicine or remedy, it’s best to consult your doctor first to get advice and recommended solutions according to your body and overall health.


Alternatives to Nyquil

When it comes to drinking medicine while you breastfeed, you should make sure that you read the label correctly and check with your doctor before you plan on taking it. Even with over-the-counter medicines like Nyquil should be taken with precaution, as it may end up having ingredients that may affect your milk production, which may be bad for your baby.

I hope that this article answers your question about taking Nyquil while breastfeeding. Now that you know what you can do to remedy your coughs and colds and what not to take while breastfeeding, why not begin a healthier life for you and your baby today?

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on how to cure your illnesses while breastfeeding, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.