13 Best Iron Supplement for Kids 2024 – Safe Recommendations

Iron is an important component of hemoglobin, a protein that transports oxygen in the blood and myoglobin, which stores oxygen in muscles. Therefore, if your body lacks this substance, it will cause anemia, making your child always feel tired and weak.

Iron also plays an important role in your baby’s brain development. Therefore, anemia can cause long-term cognitive development problems. Severe iron deficiency can also be a life-threatening condition.

best iron supplement for kids

When iron supplements for kids, mothers should choose the right products and ensure enough doses for children to develop comprehensively.

List of 13 Best Iron Supplement for Kids Reviews

1. NovaFerrum Pediatric Drops Liquid Iron Supplement – Editor’s Pick

NovaFerrum Pediatric Drops Liquid Iron Supplement

Great-Tasting Liquid Iron Supplement. For Infants & Children Under 4 Years of Age. Naturally Sweetened Great tasting Raspberry Grape flavor. Free of sugar, alcohol, dye, lactose, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, and soy. Kosher and Vegan Verified. Once a day dosing – 120 servings (4-month supply).

2. Vitamin Friends – Iron Supplement for Kids – Best Organic

Vitamin Friends - Iron Supplement for Kids

Receive a full 60-day iron support bottle for your little one with our iron gummies without gelatin. Iron deficiencies are known in young children – now a fun and tasty way for your child to get more iron into their system! Delicious, easy-to-eat strawberry flavor.

Iron gummy vitamins for kids provide your child with 15mg of Ferrous Fumarate equal to 5mg of Elemental iron per serving as well as other essential vitamins and minerals: Vitamin C, B3, B5, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Biotin, and Zinc. No unnatural or unhealthy ingredients are included.

Low iron levels in toddlers and adolescents can lead to iron deficiency anemia (IDA). Kids iron supplements help promote muscle health, strengthen the immune system, provide energy, build concentration for ADHD, memory power, and healthy red blood cells

Unlike other kids’ gummy vitamins, iron gummy bear supplements contain zero sticky gelatin. No worrying about if your children’s vitamins will cause cavities! High-quality and healthy gummy vitamin made with 100% natural Pectin (comes from Orange peel)

All of the Vitamin Friends all-natural vitamin gummies are proudly and safely made right here in the USA. Certified organic, autism approved, vegetarian, vegan, Kosher certified. Gluten, nut, soy, dairy-free. No artificial colors, flavors & preservatives.

3. Kids Chewable Iron Supplement

Kids Chewable Iron Supplement

Forget the bitter aftertaste of traditional iron supplements. These delicious orange-flavored tablets will have kids jumping to take their iron. Compared to traditional gummies and chewable, our meltable tablets are sugar-free. Our zero-sugar formula is sweetened with 100% pure monk fruit extract to make a yummy and healthy vitamin.

Fastest dissolving tablet yet, these are perfect for even the pickiest of kids. Make life easier for kids and parents! Ferronyl/Elemental carbonyl iron powder is a safe and gentle iron therapy. With greater bioavailability of iron than other forms of iron, carbonyl iron is the optimal choice with minimal side effects. Vitamin C is added to aid absorption and prevents upset tummies, nausea, or constipation.

Free of sugars, GMO products, and dyes. All-natural flavors and sweeteners. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

4. Renzo’s Iron Strong, Dissolvable Vegan Vitamins for Kids

Renzo's Iron Strong, Dissolvable Vegan Vitamins for Kids

“No-fuss” vegan Melty Tabs are specially designed for kids needing an extra boost of iron in their diet. Gentle on the tummy and with a taste kids love (parents, too). Save on costly trips to the dentist thanks to Zero Sugar formula (no sticky, sugary gummies here).

We use only the best for our Picky Eater family: Zero Sugar, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, only Natural Flavors & Sweeteners, and made with love in our FDA-registered, family-owned lab. Each box comes with a note plus kid-friendly stickers from our inspiration, Renzo himself!

5. Superior Source Children’s 5 mg Iron Tablets

Superior Source Children's 5 mg Iron Tablets

MicroLingual tablets dissolve immediately under the tongue heading straight into the body. They efficiently provide your body with the nutrients you need right now. Dissolves immediately on contact.

6. NovaFerrum Pediatric Drops Liquid Iron Supplement

NovaFerrum Pediatric Drops Liquid Iron Supplement

NovaFerrum liquid iron is naturally sweetened and does not contain the extras you see in many liquid iron supplements. Product is free of sugar, alcohol, dye, lactose, soy, and gluten. Unlike most liquid iron supplements that use iron salts, our patent-pending formula uses a Polysaccharide-Iron Complex.

7. NovaFerrum Iron Multivitamin Infants

NovaFerrum Iron Multivitamin Infants

Great-Tasting Multivitamin with Iron Supplement Naturally Sweetened Raspberry Grape Flavor for infants & children under 4 years of age. No Iron Salts, NovaFerrum’s main ingredient is of a polysaccharide-iron complex.

Free of sugar, alcohol, dye, lactose, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, parabens, and soy. Kosher and Vegan Verified. Delivers 100% of the Daily Value of 8 essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B, and D. Prior to taking this product, as with all dietary supplements, always consult with your physician or healthcare professional.

8. Wellements Organic Iron Drops

Wellements Organic Iron Drops

Help provide the supplementary iron recommended for infants and toddlers. Fill dispenser with Organic Iron Drops to the 1 ml line and dispense the liquid slowly toward the inner cheek. Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Dyes, Parabens, Alcohol, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors, and Preservatives.

Iron supplement for kids made in the USA with simple, natural, and organic ingredients, 100% Kosher and vegan. Glass bottles requires refrigeration after opening because it is free from preservatives — just the way nature designed and the way it should be for your little one!

9. Pediakid Iron + Vitamin B Complex

Pediakid Iron + Vitamin B Complex


A Unique Combination of Liquid Iron + Vitamin B1 to B12 Supplements & Minerals Help Relieve Children’s Body Stress & Constant Fatigue. Liquid Iron, Vitamins and Minerals to Preserve Quality and Fresh Ingredients.

Support Strong Immune System and Healthy Metabolism with Iron, Essential Vitamins and Mineral Supplements. A Healthy Combination of liquid Iron + Essential Vitamins B Help Reduce Iron and Immune Deficiency in Children.

10. NovaFerrum 125 Liquid Iron Supplement

NovaFerrum 125 Liquid Iron Supplement

Great Tasting High Potency Liquid Iron Supplement. Naturally Sweetened raspberry grape flavor, Kosher. FREE of sugar, alcohol, dye, lactose, soy & gluten. 36 servings (5-week supply) in a convenient once-a-day dosing.

11. Belive Iron Gummies for Kids and Adults

Iron Gummies for Kids and Adults

BeLive iron supplement for kids does not use gelatin or any animal products in the making of our iron gummy vitamins, and all of our dietary supplements are made in a kosher & halal certified facility.

We’ve added Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Zinc and Vitamin B complex (Biotin, B3, B5, B6, B12) to our iron chewable, vital nutrients that your body and brain need to stay fit and healthy, from childhood into adulthood and right the way through to old age.

BeLive iron supplement for kids gummies is an easy way to take a daily dose of goodness. Our iron supplement is suitable for everyone from kids to the elderly and has a delicious natural grape flavor with no artificial colors or additives.

Our BeLive iron gummies for kids and adults can assist with a healthy pregnancy, better athletic performance, increased energy and focus, gastrointestinal processes, immune function and the regulation of body temperature.

12. Best Nest Liquid Iron Supplement Drops

Best Nest Liquid Iron Supplement Drops

Best Nest Liquid Iron is unique. Natural iron liquid complex has a great chocolate taste and is made with Albion Taste-free Iron. It absorbs quickly and eliminates uncomfortable side effects. A large bottle lasts 4 months. This fast, patented absorption formula helps increase red blood cells, boost low energy, and eliminate mental and physical fogginess.

Make a smart investment in your health and your baby’s health with advanced Neuro-Nutrition. A liquid iron supplement is formulated by a board-certified expert in Neurology. We’ve done the research for you. In life, you get what you pay for. You can be confident you are absorbing and maximizing this critical nutrient.

Best Nest Liquid Iron is free of soy, yeast, fish/shellfish, sugar, artificial colors and flavors, nuts, GMOs, and dairy/lactose. We are the trusted certified experts in Neuro-Nutrition. We believe in making products natural and pure. We do stringent third-party testing. Proudly made in the U.S.A. This product is vegan.

13. Iron Tonic – Liquid Iron Supplement For Women

Iron Tonic - Liquid Iron Supplement For Women

If you are tired of battling with fatigue, our liquid iron supplement will help boost your energy and your iron levels. You should start seeing a difference within a week. Our non-alcohol Iron Tonic is the perfect iron supplement for kids. The iron drops taste sweet so you won’t have to fight with your toddler! You can easily hide the iron for kids in drinks or food, if needed, too.

No Refrigeration Need. Long Expiration Date. 4 Ounce Iron Tonic tinctures will last about a month of adult doses. Dosage for children listed below. A Droppersful = Bulb Squeeze = Approximately 30 drops of liquid tincture. Glass tube will only be partially filled with the tincture.

You are already feeling run down, you don’t need to have constipation issues too. It doesn’t cause stomach aches and helps relieve constipation instead of causing it!


What are the best iron supplements?

The best iron supplements are those that are safest for children and that has an optimal dose of iron in them. There are several types of iron supplements for children and they each have their pros and cons. Whichever you choose, make sure the iron supplement is safe for kids. Adult iron supplements contain way more iron than what is required for a child.

Are iron supplements safe for kids?

Too much iron can be toxic and dangerous for kids. This isn’t a risk with iron from food, though. It can be a serious problem for babies and toddlers who take too much iron from supplements. It is important to keep iron supplements tightly capped and away from children’s reach.


How much iron do kids need?

Babies up to 6 months should get 0.27 milligrams of iron a day, babies 7 months to 12 months should get much more — 11 milligrams a day. Toddlers  1 to 3 years need 7 milligrams a day.

When should the kid start using iron supplements?

You can give your kids iron supplements from birth, in consultation with your pediatrician.

How to prevent iron deficiency in kids?

For small babies, breastfeeding is the best prevention of iron deficiency. To prevent iron deficiency in toddlers you should include lean red meat three to four times a week and also food rich in Vitamin C.

How long is safe for kids to take iron supplements?

Most children begin to feel normal after a few weeks of taking iron supplements. But your child needs to take the pills for several months to build up the iron supply in his or her body. This can take up to 6 months. Your doctor will give you instructions on how much you need to give them and for how long.


Iron and iron are required for the human body, both adults and children. This mineral helps the body make hemoglobin (also known as hemoglobin), a protein containing iron in red blood cells (RBCs). Hemoglobin, which contains iron (Fe ++), can oxidize so it carries oxygen to the cells in the body.

Without hemoglobin, the body will stop producing red blood cells and if the body does not have enough iron, tissues, muscles, and cells will also not receive the necessary amount of oxygen.

For young children, an iron deficiency will hinder their growth and may affect their cognitive and behavioral problems, muscle weakness, and delayed motor skills. Iron is also extremely important for the immune system, so if this mineral deficiency is young or infected, especially respiratory infections.

Some cases need iron supplements for kids like fussy babies, children with gastrointestinal diseases that prevent iron absorption such as intestinal disease, children who drink lead-contaminated cow’s milk, they often exercise or like to play. in sports, girls in puberty, especially premature babies or born to iron-deficient mothers.

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