What Size Snowboard Should I Get for My Kids? – 2024 Guide

It is a tough job while looking for the appropriate size of snowboard for kids. Selecting the impeccable snowboard setup is one of the things that you can rightly do. While buying the snowboard for your kids, their height and weight matter a lot. The size can be greater or less depending on the rider’s skill of controlling the snowboard.

Mostly the larger size should not be considered for the kids because they are not strong enough to control it. Some parents buy the larger size just because they think that their child will grow up and will use the same snowboard. By doing this, they are making it difficult for their kid to learn it. Well, here’s a guide to selecting the right snowboard for your kids, depending on their weight and height.

What Size Snowboard should I get for My Kid?

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Snowboard Sizing

This guidance will surely make it simpler for parents to select the right snowboard for their kids according to their height and weight. The snowboard sizing is basically measured by standing the snowboard and estimating it to the level of the chin. The following explanation will clear your confusion.

Three-Five Years of Age

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Firstly, if your child is about three years of age then measure your kid’s height and weight for calculating the perfect snowboard size. Most of the kids of three years of age have a height of about 94 cm and weigh about 14 kg. For this much height and weight according to the age, the most suitable snowboard that you can get for your kid should be 80 cm in length.

Children about four years have a maximum height of about 102 cm and weigh about 16 kg. For this much height and weight, the best size and length of the snowboard should be between 80-90 cm. It depends because children differ in height and weight; that’s why the maximum length recommended is 80-90 cm.

The children of five years can control the snowboard of a bit larger size depending upon their weight and height. If your child is five years of age and its height is about 109 cm and weighs about 18 kg. For such measurements, the best suitable length of a snowboard should be about 85-95 cm.

Six-Eight Years of Age

The children who are of six years of age have an estimated height of 114 cm. In comparison, the weight of six years of age kids is mostly about 21 kg. For such height and weight, the appropriate length of the snowboard should be in-between 90-100. The size of the snowboard varies because of the individual differences.

If you are looking to buy a snowboard for a seven years old child, then the considerable length of the snowboard should be 95-105 cm. The length of the snowboard depends on the kid’s height and weight. If the weight of your kid is 23 kg and height is about 119 cm, then this sized snowboard is best to purchase.

Similarly, if the height of the child is 127 cm and the weight is about 26 kg then you need to get the suitable length of the snowboard. The kids with this height and weight are mostly eight years of age. The snowboard size for an eighth years old kid should be about 100-110 cm in its length.

Nine-Eleven Years of Age

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The nine years old kids whose height is about 135 cm and weighs about 29 kg are good enough to ride a large snowboard. Based on their size, the length of the snowboard should be about 105-120 cm. These kids can balance the control easily according to their weight and height.

The snowboard length for ten years old kids should be about 110-125 cm. For that, the kid should have an acceptable height of about 140 cm and a weight of about 32 kg. The kid can easily control this length of snowboard if its height and weight are similar.

The eleven years of kids are grown up and have a great command of snowboarding, and can easily learn it. But for them, the suitable size of the snowboard should be about 115-130. They depend upon the required height (145 cm) and weight (36 kg).

Twelve-Fourteen Years of Age

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The snowboard length for a twelve years old child should be about 125-135 cm. The kids of this age have a height of about 149 cm and a weight of 41 kg. So this length snowboard would be best for them to purchase and ride through. A thirteen years old kid whose weight is about 46 kg and 156 cm in height can get a snowboard of 130-145 cm in length. This size is suitable for kids of this age. They can easily get command of it and ride it safely and confidently.

Lastly, the kids of fourteen years of age are grown up enough that they can get a large size snowboard. Kids of this age have a height of 164 cm and weigh about 51 kg. The snowboard for fourteen years old kids according to height and weight, should be about 140-150 cm in length.


How do you know what size snowboard to get your child?

Measuring the height and weight, you can easily get a proper size snowboard for your child.

What size snowboard should a beginner get?

For beginners, the size snowboard should be 155-157 cm in length.

What size snowboard should a 5 4 girl get?

The size snowboard for a 5 or 4 years old girl should be 80-95 cm in length.

Can a 3-year-old snowboard?

Depending on the height and child’s feet, if they are big enough that they can fit into the snowboard boots then they can snowboard.

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While choosing the correct snowboard for the kids, there are several things that need to be kept in mind. The child’s height and weight is a major factor that plays a role in maintaining the balance of the snowboard. The above details will help you to get a suitable size snowboard for your kid according to its age, height, and weight. This information will make your selection easy!