Top 7 Best Fighting Robot Toys Reviews in 2021

Selecting the most appropriate fighting robot toys for your little slugger may be a challenging job since there are many distinct manufacturers making versions that look almost indistinguishable.

Do not fret, however, is here to help you to find the best fighting robot toys on the market so your children can have robot conflicts.

List of 7 Best Fighting Robot Toys Reviews

1. Tomy Battroborg Robot

Top 7 Best Fighting Robot Toys Reviews in 2021 1

Battroborgs are mini fighting robots controlled by an individual operator armed using a nunchuck controller, like that located on the Nintendo Wii console.

Operators can throw right and left hooks, in addition to combos and speciality moves, which the toy robot fighters will replicate in the stadium, which makes for skilful and absorbing gameplay with.

Points are scored by enrolling direct strikes on the resistance robots’neuro cranial optic visor’, or less techy talk, by hammering it in the head’, fighters are alerted to hurt by noise effects and lighting of their critical effect sensor lighting’, which can change from green, signalling no harm, through to flashing red which suggests a knock-out blow.

2. WolVol Channel Remote Control Robot Police Toy

Top 7 Best Fighting Robot Toys Reviews in 2021 2

Maybe your child is trying to find a shooter as opposed to a puncher. If this is so, we have got only the conflict bot for her or him! Robot Attack is a trendy RC robot, also at nearly 15 inches tall, so he is nearly a giant in contrast to other toys.

Your small robot enthusiast will absolutely enjoy playing with this, as its torso cannon can be filled with its own plastic missiles and taken out throughout remote controller. By two or even more to get some epic robot take-outs, but one of them will produce your junior robot pilot really pleased.

What is really cool about this RC robot is the fact that it’s ten distinct purposes, from speaking to dance, so it’s far more than simply a fighting robot. Additionally, it comes in both silver and black versions.

The only real thing we could say about this wonderful war machine is the fact that it requires a whopping 5 AA batteries to power is — certainly a great choice for children who need an RC fighting robot.

3. Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends, R/C Transforming Batbot

Top 7 Best Fighting Robot Toys Reviews in 2021 3

Batman has an amazing new weapon to combat his foes! This crime-fighting robot transforms into a trendy”armoured” tank and again by simply turning the Power Saver on the Batbot or employing the full-function Remote Control.

Children can use it in order to make him move forward, backward, turn or create the wonderful transformation into Bat-Tank – together with lights, sounds and address, such as Bat Bot en route’ and a lot more!

On the Bat-Tank, there is a blaster using four discs to start at any given Gotham City villain. Or, press a button to trigger the functioning claw and catch evildoers before they can make a speedy escape!

Press the ideal button ‘systems assess’, the left button for’mission mode’, and you are prepared to roll on another Bat battle! It is double the excitement, double the pleasure, using a robot and a tank at one!

4. Air Hogs Smash Bots – Remote Control Battling Robots

Top 7 Best Fighting Robot Toys Reviews in 2021 4

Spin Master is a title which has been synonymous with its Zoomer variety of robotic pets. On the other hand, the Air Hogs branch of the robot toy firm has strayed away from the cute and cuddly market and hammered a pair of fighting robots to the fray.

Smash Bots are chunky, durable, remote-controlled fighting robots which feature a somewhat distinctive battle method, rather than throwing conventional boxing design punches at their rival the Smash Bots when setting up, are capable of moving into kinetic mode, a spirited tornado style turning action which unleashes a flurry of strikes and blows on whatever foolish enough to come within striking distance.

Sold as a pack of 2 fighting robots finish with controls, a play mat and a pair of interchangeable weaponry, Smash Bots are all set to enter conflict straight from the box, simply add batteries… and kids aged between 6 and 11.

5. Mega Bloks Kapow Bash vs Nitro Showdown

Top 7 Best Fighting Robot Toys Reviews in 2021 5

Let your children play as robot boxing supervisors with this trendy set. Inside, you will find two trendy robot sluggers that have to be constructed before they could fight, so that your kids are really going to enjoy themselves placing the robots together ahead of its time to throw a few punches. What’s distinct about these conflict bots is that rather than using remote controllers or mechanical buttons, every robot has pistons in their arms that the children activate to create their robot punch.

They may not have all the features and gadgets a number of the others possess. However, they have a very cool chunky feel that’s quite different to some other fighting robots available on the current market, and one which more hands-on children will surely love. And you will not ever need to be concerned about buying batteries for them. Additionally, there is plenty of different robots in this Mega Bloks lineup which you may purchase if have two or more players desperate to get in on the action.

6. HEXBUG Battle Ground Spider 2.0 Fight with Light

Top 7 Best Fighting Robot Toys Reviews in 2021 6

Seeking something which has just crawled out of a science fiction horror film, the Hex Bug fighting spiders create for absorbing two participants futuristic gameplay with.

Crammed with high tech elements that power the remarkable sound and voice effects, and of course that the complex infra-red laser beam weaponry these scuttling small beasties use to ruin their prey.

Gameplay entails hammering your enemy and shooting infra-red beams of light in your enemies spider, each hit will cause him to recoil and also be briefly stunned, score ten strikes and your foe is going to be defeated, allowing you and your robot spider military to take over the whole world.

7. Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots: Batman v Superman

Top 7 Best Fighting Robot Toys Reviews in 2021 7

Your little sluggers could not settle the debate over which superhero is cooler till today! This Rock Em Sock Em robots version requires the caped crusader and also the man of metal and throws them into an epic boxing game to eventually prove who the roughest is.

A great little game for two players, every hero is controlled with a mechanical joystick, using a punch button to every arm, and your child can manoeuvre their fighter round the ring with the controllers, and they’ll enjoy hearing the victorious KO noise after landing the last blow. Unlike the normal Rock em Sock em collections, these robots aren’t attached to a boxing ring. Therefore they may be saved and used in smaller distances.


Fighting Robots are quite useful, enjoyable, and product assistance for human beings. A pastime and finally turn into a game where two machines compete, outmanoeuvre, and struggle with each other is called Robot Combat.

Though your kids will almost certainly love play any fighting robot toys, then they will really appreciate one which ties in their interests and receives much more use from it.

We advise that you take size into consideration when selecting your buy; you do not wish to buy anything too large for younger children’s fragile hands to use. Furthermore, if you’re purchasing a set or something which accompanies an arena, be certain you’ve got a set area that may hold it.

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