10 Best Remote Control BB8 Robot Toys 2024 – Star Wars BB8 Picks

BB-8 was likely to be the very first companion robot that not only performs user controls but can behave autonomously. Children of all ages are interested in Star Wars nowadays, which create the remote controller BB8 toy an excellent present.

There’s a large quantity of Star Wars BB8 themed products on the marketplace. In case you’ve determined a remote-controlled BB8 toy is the best selection for your kid, you might have been overwhelmed to determine just how much choice is on the market.

Here, we’ve reviewed the best RC BB8 toys also revealed the vital characteristics of each so that you can make the best choice for your kid.

Best Remote Control BB8 Robot Toys

1. Original BB-8 by Sphero (No Droid Trainer)

Original BB-8 by Sphero

Star Wars is among the world’s most popular and identifiable film sagas, which are now a phenomenon of mass culture. Because of improvements in technology, the Sphero has established the BB-8, a literary droid that appeared in the 7th Star Wars film.

The Sphero BB-8 Droid was greeted with good excitement by lovers of trilogies. Really, it is over a toy! Unlike some other robots, this app-enabled entertaining gadget comes with an elastic character that affects you while you perform. Following a three-hour fee, the BB-8 is prepared for linking with your own Android or iPhone. This interactive toy features lots of pleasure with a range of voice orders.

The BB-8 can roam around your room to collect information and explore your environment – the fever, acceleration, collision alarms, and proximity warnings. It is so interesting to see its progress whilst researching the world!

Additionally, you can direct the BB-8 to make your own experience or capture a clip onto the program and project holographic records in your smart device display. The BB-8 creates real sound effects in the film for a completely immersive experience, although you will need headphones to listen to them.

2. BB-8 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero with Trainer

BB-8 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero with Trainer

This little Droid BB-8 includes a watertight and tough polycarbonate shell; which boosts their durability and security. It functions thanks to an inductive charging rack, which supplies up to one hour of battery life.

To be able to control this tiny robot, you’ll have to download the free iOS or Android program though you can also do it with the Force Band, together with your gestures to command the robot.

It’s gyroscopic propulsion in a variety of 30m, as a result of the smart Bluetooth link and also lets you observe the holographic recordings.

3.  Star Wars: The Last Jedi Hyperdrive BB-8

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Hyperdrive BB-8

This really is a superb RC toy that appears exactly like the actual BB8! Additionally, it makes noises and lights up like in the films. BB8’s mind is able to move in all directions, giving it a much more life-like look.

This RC toy is great for young ages, as a result of its easy-to-use remote controller. There’s one joystick for forwards and reverse and yet another for turning right and left. Utilizing both collectively means BB8 can roll in all directions.

By rolling around the droid builds up electricity, enabling hyperdrive style to be triggered. This means that your kid can induce BB8 at the maximum rate, which will truly let their creativity run wild!

The toy is about 10 inches tall and weighs only three pounds. This means it is ideal for younger kids because it is not as delicate or hard to control as any other RC BB8s. It is fantastic for encouraging imaginative play and can be a perfect change from a normal RC car toy to a kid.

4. Wig Special Edition Battle-Worn BB-8 App-Enabled Droid with Force Band

Wig Special Edition Battle-Worn BB-8 App-Enabled Droid with Force Band

This is among many ideal presents for your dad, uncle, nephew, cousin, brother or boyfriend. For anybody, it’s the perfect relay. This distinctive Fight Edition BB-8 comprises a is Force Band harmonious with the device, so it’s possible to command, pull or push it without difficulties.

Left, up, or down within a radius of 30 meters; Thus, you don’t need to worry about your BB-8 at the same time you use it. Download and use the official program! This way, it’s possible to find the countless electronic Holocrons that encircle you.

5. Star Wars The Force Awakens RC BB-8

Star Wars The Force Awakens RC BB-8

This is an excellent, funding BB8 remote control robot. Whilst it doesn’t have the exact interactive features as other goods, it has lots to offer for Star Wars fans. It’s controlled with the included remote and needs batteries it isn’t rechargeable.

This BB8 toy appears exactly like the droid from the Star Wars films and provides fun, realistic sounds also. It works nicely on almost any indoor surface but is much better on hard flooring or low-pile carpeting. The robot does not travel too quickly, so it is easy for younger children to control.

In general, this is a good BB8 robot for younger kids, but older children and teenagers might get bored fast because of their limited capabilities. It’s excellent for kids aged five or four around approximately nine years of age. The remote is simple to use, using two buttons, which makes it easy for young children to learn.

6. Special Edition Battle-Worn BB-8 by Sphero with Force Band

Special Edition Battle-Worn BB-8 by Sphero with Force Band

This is an excellent, interactive BB8 robot toy that could be controlled by means of a wristband worn with your little one. In addition, it can react to 10 distinct voice commands – that can be a very advanced toy that can give any kid years of pleasure.

Children can send BB8 outside to patrol alone, or it can be manipulated as described previously. The wristband may be utilized to boost your abilities and total different training jobs. In addition, it can be controlled with the program, such as the very first product listed here. But since this one may also be controlled from the wristband, it is ideal for people who don’t possess a compatible smart apparatus.

It’s a durable polycarbonate exterior that can protect it during assignments your kid sends it to. Be careful though – if BB8 is delivered to patrol, he’ll bump into things on the way! You will have to make certain it can not inadvertently roll down the stairs since it isn’t powerful enough for it.

The Bluetooth link supplies a variety of around 30 meters, which ought to be more than sufficient to allow BB8 to float around the home. The robot can operate for an hour after being billed via its own stand. This really is an excellent Star Wars toy for older children, owing to its small, delicate size.

7. Juguetronica Bladez Inflatable Star Wars Droid BB-8 RC with Sound Mini Size

Juguetronica Bladez Inflatable Star Wars Droid BB-8 RC with Sound Mini Size

If you’re searching for the fantastic Star Wars toy for a young enthusiast, this is a fantastic selection. It’s inflatable, which means that you do not need to be concerned about damaging the toy or your home once it crashes into furniture and walls.

This BB8 robot toy creates 14 distinct sounds that your child will love. It is 17 inches tall, which makes it ideal for young kids to control. The distant layout is easy, with just two buttons making it effortless for young children to learn how to utilize. There’s but one frequency on this particular toy, so it is not feasible to utilize two together.

The Star Wars inflatable additionally has parent-friendly capabilities. The sounds may be turned off as soon as the robot has been used should they begin to have somewhat bothersome. Additionally, it is simple to inflate without needing a pump and does not eliminate air even after sitting for a short time.

The toy rolls around virtually like in the pictures – young children will be interested to see him go around the room. In general, this really is the excellent first Star Wars-themed remote control toy for young kids.


Remote Control BB8 Robot Toys

What is the appropriate age for the RC BB8 robot toy?

The manufacturers of this product recommend it for kids from 5 years of age and above. This item contains tiny bits that can be dangerous for younger kids.

Can you connect the BB8 robot toy to the Sphero application?

Yes, you can, and the app will certainly expand the droid’s capabilities. All you need to do is install sphere on your android or apple device, connect it with Bluetooth and you are all set!

How does the RC BB8 droid work?

There are motor and wheels inside the droid’s body. It uses gyroscope technology that keeps the balance in the toy. There’s also a magnetic attachment that keeps the droid’s head on the top.

How do you power the RC BB8 toy?

There are two different ways to power remote control BB8 droid. You can use rechargeable or AA batteries. Some models have installed charging docks.

What are the benefits of RC BB8 toy play?

Playing with remote control toys stimulates creative thinking for kids. In addition, it boosts cognitive functions and hand-eye coordination. It’s very productive for kids’ imagination and social skills.

Which RC BB8 droid should I purchase for my kid?

Although they have a similar design, there are different features you should consider when making this purchase. Examine the list above carefully and look for practical features that you think will suit your child the most.

If your child is a fan of technology, it is important to have the option to connect with the Sphero app. Choose between chargeable and AA batteries, and you are all set. Our recommendation is BB8 app-enabled droid by Sphero.


Given the possibilities and promises of programmers to expand the performance, we’ve got an almost endless supply of favorable emotions, available even to people from the Star Wars universe.

Right now, BB-8 is only a fun toy, however, when the programming abilities of this robot are employed in the program, then based on its developmental potential, the droid will have the ability to compete with all the Lego sets.

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