Top 7 Best Remote Control Spider Toys 2024 – Buying Guide

If you’re trying to find the best present for your child, why don’t you consider choosing them up a remote control spider? That’s a gift that won’t ever go out of fashion, and deliver endless hours of play.

Purchasing a remote-controlled spider to the kid isn’t quite as straightforward as it may seem since there’s plenty of variety in what is available on the marketplace and a lot of pros and cons to think about.

Here, we have reviewed the best remote control spider toys additionally shown the very important features of each so you could make the best choice for your child.

List of 7 Best Remote Control Spider Toys Reviews

1. Discovery Kids RC Moving Tarantula Spider


Boys and girls will have a beautiful time maneuvering this toy spider round the home or everywhere they go! The remote-control tarantula’s realistic look and lifelike moves! The RC toy features a built-in universal wheel spinning making it scurry across the floor finish with wriggling thighs!

The RC Tarantula Spider shows beady eyes that glow red in the dark once you change it on! Everyone can proceed this battery-operated RC Tarantula at the palm of their hands as a result of its infrared wireless remote controller! It is constructed using three different radio frequencies to offer exact activity and motion inside the toy.

2. Remote Control Scary Creepy Soft Plush Spider

Scary Creepy Soft Plush Spider

This sensible RC tarantula is the best present for almost any prankster out there since it could crawl exceptionally softly over any surface and ambush unsuspecting relatives.

This straightforward and easy-to-use toy could be great to get a younger kid. It is not as complicated as other spiders with this listing, and it will have a far harder time sifting over hard surfaces, however when it comes to entertaining factor along with the capacity for scares, the Toys For Kids Spider has two thumbs up from us, also is the best pick for spicing up that Halloween celebration.

3. Remote Control Spider Scary Wolf Spider Robot

Remote Control Spider Scary Wolf Spider Robot

The control is simple to use, just use the directional buttons or the automobile demonstration function and observe as it moves across the floor; its eight legs are going separately which makes it realistic and funny to watch.

Use high-quality ecological ABS plastic and digital part. The spider is lightweight and easy to carry. Switch on the switch, the lights of the eyes will probably flash. This is a really lifelike toy spider, may prefer a sensible spider crawling and exceptionally simulated modeling, for every person to deliver fright and enjoyable, which can frighten your loved ones, friends.

4. HEXBUG Battle Spider 2.0 Dual Pack

HEXBUG Battle Spider

A step up from the standard HEXBUG spider, these distant control spiders have been kitted out for a struggle. In addition, they move in 360 degrees and also have great robot intellect in navigating surfaces, but these combat spiders take each other using high technology sensors and respond when being struck. After ten strikes, the spider shits down along with a lifelike heartbeat will quickly flash!

These spiders are excellent gifts for older children who wish to do more than simply move the spider about. The one issue is that you need greater than you to be in a position to combat. Therefore we advise that you purchase the double set if you’re contemplating the conflict spider.

5. Hexbug Spider

Hexbug Spider

The Hexbug Spider is among the greatest options to get a spider bot and contains a lot of quite superior customer reviews on Amazon. Offering complete 360-degree movement and constructed with a tough casing, your children are going to have an absolute blast playing this particular infrared control spider bot because its built-in robotic intellect will notice it negotiate all manner of surfaces. They’ll look on in wonder because the translucent shell reveals all of the intricate mechanics in the office as it goes.

Additionally, it comes in a couple of distinct colors. Best of all, however, the remote may be used to power numerous Hexbug spiders simultaneously. Imagine how much fun your little ones will have using an army of robot spiders in their command! The only con is the fact that it’s a bit slower than other RC spiders on the market, but that may be an expert as it will be more difficult for your child to familiarize you with it.

6. Remote Control Scary Wolf Spider Robot Games for Joke

Remote Control Scary Wolf Spider Robot Games for Joke

This infrared spider bot was designed to be extremely economical and nontoxic, and its realistic design will allow it to be a great present for and youngsters who are interested in things that were creepy.

One thing to know about is that it does not really walk on its own legs; it’s wheeled underneath. Therefore it’s like a spider-shaped RC car. However, that should not prevent you from considering picking this up quick little RC spider, even since it’s great for scares and also playing outdoors.

7. Meccano-Erector – MeccaSpider Robot Kit for Kids to Build


This robot kit is huge, both in dimension and the effort, it will take to get this up and running. This could be among the best and many insightful gifts you can consider to your kid. It will demand a great deal of meeting, and you’re going to want to oversee this, but it includes all the instructions and tools you will need so as to construct this monster, and constructing it together is going to be a challenging yet very rewarding experience to bond over.

When it’s built up, however, your little scientist will marvel at the miracles that the MeccaSpider may over. Does it have infrared controls, but it’s built-in programs and games which will help it become a firm favorite in your house for a long time to come. What other toys could feel movement and chase it about? Have a look at this client video to find out what it could do.


RC Remote Control Spider

What is the appropriate age for kids to play with RC spiders?

Manufacturers recommend that kids below 6 years of age should not play with remote control spiders. Some of the RC spiders we have listed might be too complex to control for kids that are below the age threshold.

Are remote control spiders safe for kids?

Remote control spiders are not safe for kids that are 3 years of age and below. The toy contains small pieces that can fall of toy and are considered choking hazards since younger children put all kinds of things in their mouths.

How durable are RC spiders?

These toys can be durable and take a lot of beating if they are made out of high-quality plastic and metal. RC spiders are not designed to traverse on uneven grounds and rough terrains.

What are the benefits of RC spider play for children?

These toys are beneficial for fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination. Kids learn a lot about cause and effect when playing with remote control toys. In addition, it helps children’s concentration and increases their problem-solving skills.

What is the control range of the remote control spider?

Remote control spiders can move forward, backward, left, and right, and all of that within 8 meters of control range. Control distance varies depending on the robot you decide to purchase.

What features are most important when purchasing RC spider?

Big RC Spider

When making this purchase, it is vital to consider a couple of essential factors. The first is durability since your child will likely bump this toy into hard surfaces, so more rigid materials such as ABS plastic or hard metal are a must. Control distance is another factor to consider, but typically range is between 6 and 8 meters.

Which remote control spider should I buy for my child?

All of the products we have listed are great for children and have the important features that every RC toy should have. Consider picking a toy with exciting visuals that will be enticing for your child. We recommend you Discovery Kids RC Moving Tarantula Spider. It has a wireless remote controller, and its eyes glow in the dark.


Remote Control Spider Toys is enjoyable for everybody and spooky for many others! A great gift for birthdays or vacations, suitable for kids, adults, and pets.

If you’re interested in finding a spider on a budget, then you can not fail with all the Discovery Kids RC Moving Tarantula Spider version. This cheap and cheerful little crawler will get your children rolling on the floor with laughter because they use this remote control spider bot to frighten friends, loved ones, and pets.

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