Top 8 Best Baby Backpacks Reviews in 2024

Being parents doesn’t mean that you have to stop being actual people.  You’re still allowed to do the things that you know and love, as long as you can still manage to find the time.  There are so many baby products on the market right now that were designed specifically to help you maintain your freedom in adventure.  Whether it is a jogging strollers or bike trailers; you can now feel free to take your child on adventures with you.

A great product that not only offers freedom of exploration but a great chance for parent and child to bond is baby backpacks.  These are not the backpacks that are meant to serve as supply holders for when your child is old enough to go to school. These specially designed pieces of baby gear were meant to be worn by the parent on their backs as a little seat for their child. Baby backpacks are durable frame structures that are meant to support your child’s weight while also serving as a traditional storage backpack.

Baby backpacks are perfect for families who love to be outdoors and want their child to experience their own sense of adventure. Many parents use them for when they go on hikes as a safe and secure way of taking their child with them because it is impossible to push a stroller up a mountain. You’re not only limited to hiking either!  These are perfect for not only adventurous traveling but also for short form fun like watching parades because it basically mimics the posture of a child sitting on your shoulders. While you may be concerned about what these baby backpacks may be doing to your health, don’t worry! There were designed specifically to transfer weight evenly so that it doesn’t put any strain on your neck, shoulders or back.

What to Look for in a Baby Backpack

If you’re considering purchasing a baby backpack so that you and your child can start exploring the world together; there are a few key features you should keep in mind.

What to Look for in a Baby Backpack


You want to find a baby backpack that will hold up because it is meant to be used on outback adventures.  It needs to hold up not only through long hikes but also shouldn’t wear down too quickly through all types of weather.


While the outside should be waterproof to protect your items from damage, the child seat should be comfortable enough to keep your child from getting fussy on long hikes.  It’s not only the comfort of your child you should be concerned with!  The shoulder straps should provide some padding so that you can enjoy this bonding experience as well.


If you’re planning on hiking alone with your child, it is important to find a baby backpack that offers a good amount of storage.  You will not only need to carry the necessities with you.  You should have enough room in the backpack to also store some basic safety items to insure that you and your child are prepared in case of an emergency.

Weight Limit

The higher the weight limit means the more durable the backpack will be.  It is very important that you not only pay attention to the weight limit of the backpack but also follow those instructions completely.  This is especially true when it comes to more steep terrain because above all things you want to make sure that you’re keeping your child safe.


The baby backpack you purchase should be fitted with all of the belts and harness that you would want to see out of any other of your baby gear.  The number one function of a baby backpack should be to keep your child in place.  It isn’t good for them to be bouncing and moving around too much because if that happens there is more chance of them falling out.


Baby backpacks can be expensive.  So don’t invest your money into something that will break down quickly.  By finding a backpack that is guaranteed a long lifespan with the addition of the warranty you are insuring many years of happy adventures for the both of you.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the best baby backpack for you and your child.  Here are some great ones to choose from to help you get the adventure started.

List of 8 Best Baby Backpacks Reviews

1. Baby BackPack Cross Country Carrier Stand by Clevr

First on the list of the best baby backpacks is the Clevr Cross Country back pack. This stylish baby backpack has everything you would want out of a great cross country travel pack with the stability and structure that you need to support your child’s weight. The whole backpack weighs little more than 5 lbs meaning that you won’t have too much weighing you down, except your child of course! The Clevr Cross Country Carrier can be used on babies as young as 6 months meaning that you can start your adventures sooner. The weight limit and maximum age isn’t too bad either, topping out at 40lbs or 4 years old.

Top 8 Best Baby Backpacks Reviews in 2024 1

The best feature of this baby backpack is the retractable sun canopy. While you may be exciting to explore the world with your child in toe, you should always remember to protect their sensitive skin from the sun’s harmful rays. With the addition of this special canopy you can be sure to keep you child safe even on long days out without worrying that you’re obstructing their view.

When it comes to storage, the Clever Cross Country Carrier has you covered. This whole backpack folds down flat for easy storage and travel. Both you and your child can explore in comfort with the addition of the extra thick shoulder strap pads and soft seat. This backpack also features two large side pockets as well as bottle holders so you and your child can be sure to stay hydrated all day long.

2. Kelty Journey 2.0 Child Carrier

The Kelty Journey is a great purchase for families who are in need of some adventure with this newly improved 2.0 Kid Carrier. Fitted with the safe five point harness system which is the same one you will find on top rated car seats the strollers, the Kelty Journey guarantees that your child will stay safe through even the roughest of trails.

The addition of a leg secure strap gives you just that little extra piece of mind that your child is completely secure. The storage in the baby backpack is great too with an extra large storage unit that is located under the seat as well as front pocket storage. The child seat of this baby backpack is removable and washable so you can be sure to keep enjoying this product for as long as your child can fit in it.

Top 8 Best Baby Backpacks Reviews in 2024 2

Parents who have used and loved the Kelty Journey brag about the child adjustable seat which moves up and down according to your child’s height which is perfect for kids who loves to see the world around them. Don’t worry about the sun harming them while they explore either because the adjustable sun hood is there to keep their skin safe.

The best part is that this product is so well designed that placing your child in and out of this backpack is a breeze. The Kelty Journey 2.0 Child Carrier was constructed to support your child’s weight up to 50 lbs. All of these amazing features with the addition of the kick stand that was designed to keep the backpack upright makes this a great addition to your adventurous baby gear.

3. Osprey Packs Poco AG Child Carrier

The Osprey Packs Poco AG Child Carrier is supported by an aluminum frame which offers stability while remaining lightweight. While this baby backpack does not feature a kickstand like others on this list, it is fitted with metal bar stands on the bottom which allow you to keep the seat in a complete upright position. Both the child seat and the harnesses are completely adjustable to custom fit your child while the double padded seat will keep their bottoms comfy while hiking up hill.

The Osprey Packs Poco AG Child Carrier not only adjusts to your child, it adjusts to you as well. The straps and waist buckles can be tightened and loosened depending on the parent’s size meaning that each parent can use this baby backpack and adjust it to their needs.

Top 8 Best Baby Backpacks Reviews in 2024 3

The sun shade on the Osprey Packs Poco AG Child Carrier is an innovative addition. It is completely hidden away from sight when you have no need for it in the small zipped pocket behind the head of your child. When the sun is out and high in the sky, simply unzip it for UV protection. The secret that makes this baby backpack a best seller is the perfectly balanced design. This frame absorbs and transfers energy and weight perfectly so there is never a strain on your back or your hips.

Parents also love the addition of adjustable and removable child stirrups. These little stirrups offer your child just that extra little bit of comfort on long hikes. When it comes to carrying precious cargo like a child, your mind can be at easy knowing that their safety is backed by the anti-gravity suspension. The Osprey Packs Poco AG Child Carrier comes with a money back guarantee that you can return the product if you’re not satisfied, so there is nothing to lose!

4. Thule Sapling Child Carrier

The Thule Sapling Child Carrier is one of the best baby backpacks that are available on the market today. This baby backpack was designed specifically with parent’s comfort in mind. Hiking is not just a great outdoor activity; it is also a great form of exercise and exercise means sweat. The Thule Sapling Child Carrier is fitted with a breathable back panel which is the fabric that is in direct contact to your back.

This breathable fabric allows for air to flow naturally between your skin and the backpack which not only reduces uncomfortable sweat but also lessens the chance of friction. Friction can be a time killer because it can sometimes cause painful chaffing. Another great feature of this baby backpack is the water reservoir pocket which not only holds water but allows for water to build up in case of emergency.

Top 8 Best Baby Backpacks Reviews in 2024 4

When it comes to security, the Thule Sapling has your piece of mind in mind. This baby backpack holds your child’s weight securely to your body with the use of an adjustable hip belt which tightens and loosens to your waist size. Not only is your child sitting safely and comfortably on your back, there are also sitting safety out of harm’s way when it comes to the weather.

The deployable sun shade is not only built to protect your child from the sun but from other harmful elements like rain and wind too. The Thule Sapling Child Carrier will support your child up to 48 lbs and comes is available in two different colors. All of these features plus the addition of a 2 year warranty makes this a great purchase.

5. Kiddy Baby Back Carrier Adventure Pack

If you’re looking for a standard baby backpack without any extra bells and whistles then the Kiddy Baby Back Carrier Adventure Pack may be perfect for you. This lightweight child carrier weighs only 6 lbs and is built to hold your child up to 40lbs. The design is a pretty standard one that comes with a metal kickstand that pop out of the back of the pack that not only will keep the packing standing upright but adds a little extra stability for when you are placing your child in the seat.

Storage is a breeze with the Kiddy Baby Back Carrier as well! It comes with three large storage pockets which are waterproof and sealed securely with a zipper. Along with the large back pockets you also get a little pouch that is located directly on the waist strap so that you can have quicker access to important things like your wallet, phone and keys.

Top 8 Best Baby Backpacks Reviews in 2024 5

The fabric of this amazing baby backpack is made out of a theromax breathable fabric that not only helps with air flow to cool your down but will also help to keep your child warm on cooler nights out. Safety is number one with the Kiddy Baby brand because they made sure to fit their entire top of the line baby carriers with the five point harness system which has been proven to be the safest. The best safety feature by far is the little light reflective strips that were sewn right into the fabric which is great in case you lose track of time and find yourself in the dark. The Kiddy Adventure Pack covers all of your adventurous needs and comes highly recommended by verified buyers.

6. Phil&Teds Parade Lightweight Backpack Carrier

While other baby backpacks on this list are perfecting for rough outdoor adventures, the Phil&Teds Parade Lightweight Backpack Carrier is perfect for smaller endeavors. Parents love this backpack for their city outings as well as parade watching because of its lightweight feel and modern styling. The aluminum frame is what helps to make this child carrier light while allows offering a great deal of support and durability.

This baby backpack also comes in as one of the lightest on the list weighing only 4.4 lbs. Not only is it a built-to-last child carrier, it also can support your growing child up to 40 lbs. Comfort is also a promise with the extra padded shoulders and perfect fit hip belts that not only offer support but storage as well. The breathable fabric offers the best air ventilation that you can find makes it extra comfortable to wear on hot days in the city.

Top 8 Best Baby Backpacks Reviews in 2024 6

While this child carrier comes with all the storage space you would hope to see in a baby product like big pockets and a water bottle holder, it also has a little surprise for your child. The best part about this amazing child carrier is the addition of the detachable backpack for your child. Located on the back on this carrier is a tiny little backpack the straps secure with clips that is easy to remove so your child can carry it around themselves which gives them a great sense of independence. The Phil&Teds backpack also lets you chose your own style with the options of two colors from the bright orange to the cobalt blue. So show a little extra style and give your child a feeling of being a “big kid” in a big world.

7. Deuter Kid Comfort 2 Child Carrier

The Deuter Kid Comfort 2 Child Carrier is one of the best baby backpacks when it comes to a luxury baby product. This awesome child carrier is fitted completely in tough, waterproof nylon which promised to stand up through even the harshest wind and rain. When it comes to storage, this baby backpack has all of the other ones on this list beat by miles.

There are two separate zipper compartments found on the back of the pack as well as a giant undercarriage bag that is big enough to hold all of your hiking accessories. These along with the belt bag means you can bring more stuff along with you so you don’t have to worry about leaving anything behind.

Top 8 Best Baby Backpacks Reviews in 2024 7

You will be in comfort on long hikes with the Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carrier due to the quick adjustment system that forms to your size and body with specialized spine support to make sure your back is protected. The special shoulder straps automatically snap and shape to the contours of your shoulders for the best possible comfort. Breathability it tops too because of the 3D mesh lining which allows for proper air flow and protection against friction.

Your child will be super comfortable too with the headrest which extends to the highest height possible in child carriers which is covered in soft foam padding and comes fitted with a retractable sun roof. The Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carrier is perfect for late night walks too with the light reflecting strips as well as a set of special hooks that are meant to hold flashing lights.

8. Deluxe Green Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier by Clevr

Making a final appearance on the list is another baby backpack from Clevr. Clevr has made some great products for both parent and child when it comes to adventure so there is so surprise that this brand lands themselves another spot on the list. Unlike the other one, this is the deluxe version which offers just a little bit more than the standard model. One of those extra features is the storage.

This backpack is equipped with more pockets as well as a smaller, waterproof, secure pouch to hold your valuables like phone, keys and wallet. The retractable sun shade is fitted with UV protection but is also strong enough to hold up during rain and wind storms because the weather can be unpredictable. Your kid will love the removable mini backpack that is meant for them to carry. This is great for when your kid is starting to outgrow the baby backpack and wants to start hiking side by side with you.

Top 8 Best Baby Backpacks Reviews in 2024 8

Besides having all of these amazing features, the Clevr Deluxe Child Carrier weighs the lightest at only 5 lbs. Storage is breeze in off-seasons as well because the lightweight metal-frame folds completely flat so it can fit easily in the back of your car or your garage when not in use. Parents love the extra thick shoulder straps the feature a “no pinch” harness that keeps your shoulders safe.

Any parent who wanders through long trails with their kid on their back knows that pain that can happen in their shoulders. Not just the muscle strain but also the little grooves that these types of backpacks can make in your skin. Luckily for you, this Clevr baby backpack has worked to prevent both of these issues. All in all this Clevr Deluxe Child Carrier is an amazing choice for all of your traveling needs and can be used on any child up to 40lbs.


Whether you’re blazing the trails with your kid in tow or looking to enjoy a weekend parade, a baby backpack will quickly become a staple in your life. These lightweight yet strong packs open up the world to you and your child and let you get back to the being the person you use to be. With the purchase of a child carrier you no longer have to sacrifice your favorite activities to the needs of your child.

Just remember that when shopping for one of the best baby backpacks to keep in mind all of the features that are most important to you and that will work best with the type of adventures you are planning on taking. So get out there and explore the world, your child will thank you. Good luck and take care.