12 Best Toys And Gift Ideas For 3-Year-Old Girls 2022 – Awesome Picks

The game of giving gifts changes when a child reaches the age of three. Many children have a better understanding of their desires. Many of them will have more ideas, interests, and words to express their delight than they did previously. But that doesn’t take away from the excitement of a beautiful surprise.

Our Pick
SOTOGO 270 Pieces Snap Beads Pop Beads Art Crafts for DIY Jewelry Making Set Toys (Do Not Need...
Good Choice
VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio (Frustration Free Packaging), Orange
Best Educational
Educational Insights Playfoam Shape & Learn Numbers Set, Flash Card Set, Preschool Kindergarten...
Amazon's Choice
KidKraft Wooden Princess Vanity & Stool Set with Mirror, Children's Furniture - Pink, Gift for Ages...
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Geospace Jumparoo Deluxe LED Bungee Boing Foam Bouncing Toy - The Squeakiest, Easiest Pogo Ever! for...
SOTOGO 270 Pieces Snap Beads Pop Beads Art Crafts for DIY Jewelry Making Set Toys (Do Not Need...
VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio (Frustration Free Packaging), Orange
Educational Insights Playfoam Shape & Learn Numbers Set, Flash Card Set, Preschool Kindergarten...
KidKraft Wooden Princess Vanity & Stool Set with Mirror, Children's Furniture - Pink, Gift for Ages...
Geospace Jumparoo Deluxe LED Bungee Boing Foam Bouncing Toy - The Squeakiest, Easiest Pogo Ever! for...
Our Pick
SOTOGO 270 Pieces Snap Beads Pop Beads Art Crafts for DIY Jewelry Making Set Toys (Do Not Need...
SOTOGO 270 Pieces Snap Beads Pop Beads Art Crafts for DIY Jewelry Making Set Toys (Do Not Need...
Good Choice
VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio (Frustration Free Packaging), Orange
VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio (Frustration Free Packaging), Orange
Best Educational
Educational Insights Playfoam Shape & Learn Numbers Set, Flash Card Set, Preschool Kindergarten...
Educational Insights Playfoam Shape & Learn Numbers Set, Flash Card Set, Preschool Kindergarten...
Amazon's Choice
KidKraft Wooden Princess Vanity & Stool Set with Mirror, Children's Furniture - Pink, Gift for Ages...
KidKraft Wooden Princess Vanity & Stool Set with Mirror, Children's Furniture - Pink, Gift for Ages...
Don't Miss
Geospace Jumparoo Deluxe LED Bungee Boing Foam Bouncing Toy - The Squeakiest, Easiest Pogo Ever! for...
Geospace Jumparoo Deluxe LED Bungee Boing Foam Bouncing Toy - The Squeakiest, Easiest Pogo Ever! for...

Toys that promote lots of creative play are ideal for three-year-olds. Role-playing toys and outfits and board games that foster socializing aid in the development of social skills.

Many children at this age are ready for faster, sharper movement toys, such as bikes and tandems, which encourage their increasing physical strength.

Top Gift Ideas for Toddler Girls

1. SOTOGO 270 Pieces Snap Beads Pop Beads Art Crafts for DIY Jewelry Making Set Toys

SOTOGO 270 Pieces Snap Beads Pop Beads Art Crafts for DIY Jewelry Making Set Toys

The relationship between girls and jewelry is known to everyone. When a girl is three years old, she tends to notice things and mimics others. When she sees her mother applying make-up and putting on jewelry, she wants to do the same thing. That is why this bead set is perfect for them. They can make their jewelry and wear it too.

This way their creativity will be increased, and also they will have lots of fun. It can also be done with friends, so they will also get the knowledge of tea spirit. You can sit with your girl and help her while making jewelry. So, you can never go wrong with this toy.


  • There are 270 different beads, rings, and bracelets to choose from.
  • Include a lidded storage bucket.
  • There is no need for a string.

2. Wooden Get Well Doctor Activity Center – Waiting Room, Exam Room, Check-In Area

Wooden Get Well Doctor Activity Center

It is a playset with thirty-two sets, which includes everything girls need to roll. They may do check-ups and health care much like they would at a real doctor’s or dentist’s office. This activity center has two sides to it. A waiting space is on one side, and a thick exhibit bone and dental x-rays are on the other. The little doctors can measure blood pressure, heartbeat, and other vital signs.

These exercises are appropriate for children aged three and up and allow children to picture various circumstances, such as pretending to be a patient, doctor, receptionist, or nurse. It can also make the doctor’s office staff seem less intimidating to smaller children.


  • Made up of wood
  • eco-friendly

3. Record & Learn KidiStudio

Record & Learn KidiStudio

This toy is very appealing for young girls aged three. This vibrant piano, along with various musical functions, will provide her greater joy than she had ever experienced. It includes over forty tracks and tunes to choose from, each with its background music.

The gadget would aid in the learning of various soundtracks and melodies. It enables budding musicians to create beautiful soft melodies.


  • There are around 40 tracks and sound effects to choose from.
  • Voice changer and built-in microphone

4. Scooters For Kids 3 Wheel Kick Scooter

Scooters For Kids 3 Wheel Kick Scooter

These three Wheel Scooters would aid your young angel in her balancing abilities. Prepare your child to scoot into summer. This scooter is the most excellent option for a gift. The innovative three-wheel scooter has a two-and-one handle that can be adjusted. The scooter’s city mode allows young children to utilize it as a ride-along vehicle before progressing to scoot mode when they are more experienced. The seat is removable and adjustable in height. With a weight capacity of 110 pounds, it’s suitable for children aged two to eight.

It also has a lean-to-steer design, which teaches kids how to lean into a turn by steering with their body weight. Wheels are also illuminated with a rainbow of flashing lights. She may step on the back brake when she needs to stop. The scooter rides smoothly and silently, and it works on both hard floors and carpet, although it works best on hard floors or concrete. This is an excellent tool for acclimating children to scooter riding, and it grows with them.


  • Adjustable in size up to four times
  • Wheel lights that flash
  • Turning with a lean-to-steer
  • Safe and comfortable

5. Scavenger Hunt Game

Scavenger Hunt Game

With this quest Game, you may take your little girl together with her brothers or sisters on a fun game of treasure hunting. You could also take the entire family in this activity. It doesn’t matter whether it is inside or outside. This play is a terrific way to take a breather from watching television and could be enjoyed in any environment.

A treasure hunt is a fun method to keep youngsters entertained while also teaching them new skills and making choices creatively. It’s also beneficial for families because they may switch up the hunt and go for another. So that you will never be bored, this is the sweetest thing for three-year-old girls as it promotes the competitive spirit and physical activity.


  • For a fun group activity, you’ll need anywhere from 1 to 20 players.
  • Excellent for both physical activity and creative activities.
  • A treasure hunt, loot bag, gold coins, puzzle cards, and more are included.

6. Dino Dig Sand & Water Table

Dino Dig Sand & Water Table

Your three-year-old will be filled with delight with this toy! It’s also suitable for holding sensory objects. In the spring/summer months, you can quickly fill it with water and place it outside on the terrace. It comes with a set of cute miniature dinosaurs. Also, because this table is smaller, it takes up less space.

The system is designed to mimic a rainforest setting. There is a forest area where you can see birds, nests, a base, etc. This is the ideal summertime gift or activity. This toy will keep the girls occupied with a more healthy activity while also providing them with a getaway from the television.


  • Safe and sound
  • Design is intriguing.
  • It’s simple to clean.
  • There is a separate space for trees and birds.

7. Wooden Princess Vanity & Stool Set With Mirror

Wooden Princess Vanity & Stool Set With Mirror

It will appeal to any girl who enjoys dressing up and applying make-up. She’ll be able to use her make-up as her mother does hers. The mirror is also of excellent quality with solid fasteners and a well-built structure. This will be useful to your daughter for many years to come. It’s well-made, has lots of room for all of her dress-up items, and has plenty of mirror areas for her to check her work. She’ll enjoy it, and she’ll be able to follow other more mature interests, such as make-up.


  • Made up of wood
  • eco-friendly
  • Assembly is easy
  • Long-lasting

8. Disney Moana Petite Adventure Doll

Disney Moana Petite Adventure Doll

Moana is a Disney princess who everyone adores. She’s a bold and compassionate Disney princess with a tremendous spirit of adventure. Who seems to be a perfect role model for your little princess. If your child enjoyed the film, she would like this Moana doll. This Disney princess doll is a genuine representation of the character.   She’s dressed in her signature look, complete with a floral hair clip. Even your little one can wear that hair clip. It’s a fan favorite that may help your kid develop empathy and imagination.


  • Perfect in size
  • Similar to Disney’s princess

9. Paw Patrol, Chase Movie Rescue 8-Piece Role Play Set For Pretend Play

Paw Patrol, Chase Movie Rescue 8

Chase’s Rescue Set allows you to reenact your favorite scenes from the movie Paw Patrol. This movie is a craze among children. They sit in front of the television, waiting for their favorite to come up. It will be such a fantastic gift for children that they can enjoy it very much. A Paw Patrol badge, cap, flashlight, megaphone,  Adventure City map, walkie-talkie,  pair of binoculars, and magnifying glass are among the eight-play accessories included in this role-playing set. The emblem hooks onto any shirt and comes with a headband featuring Chase’s hat. It’ll pique your child’s interest in Paw Patrol. As Chase, are you capable of saving the day?


  • 8 pretend play pieces
  • Paw patrol badge
  • Eight play accessories

10. Jumperoo Deluxe LED Bungee Boing Foam Bouncing Toy

Jumperoo Deluxe LED Bungee Boing Foam Bouncing Toy

Girls of three years have a great deal of energy. They found ways to use this energy, but you can’t always take them out to play. So that energy must occasionally be expended at home. This toy is a pogo stick for beginners that allows kids to bounce.

It is an excellent way to accomplish the utilization of their energy. It encourages children to be active and provides excellent exercise; it improves motor control, endurance, and balance.


  • Encourage good health
  • Comfortable grip
  • Used anywhere
  • Built to last

11. Educational Insights Playfoam Shape & Learn Numbers Set

Educational Insights Playfoam Shape & Learn Numbers Set

This foam shape and number learning set is fun to play with. Because play foam never dries out, she can keep creating. There are thirteen double-sided number and shape cards in this set, as well as eight-play phone bricks. She’ll adore the vibrant colors in this combination. She might be able to learn while having fun with foam. It’s a fantastic approach to teach your daughter about numbers, alphabets, and shapes.


  • There are eight foam packs
  • Thirteen letter cards are included in this set.
  • There won’t be any messes, and there won’t be any sticks.
  • It never gets dry.

12. Cargo Railway Deluxe Set

Cargo Railway Deluxe Set

Train sets are a fantastic toy for kids at virtually any age. Around this age, they’re prone to having sufficient physical ability to lay, link, and reorganize track independently and plan and create track designs. Cranes, tunnels, and ramps are included in this toy set, adding new layers to inventive and creative play. It is costlier than some other manufacturers, but it is known for its reliability and quality; It could also be joined to any hardwood track sets that the child owns, allowing for even more play possibilities.


  • Ramps, cranes, and container loaders are among the optional features.
  • Encourages open-ended building and imaginative play
  • spiraling cranes and interconnecting track
  • It’s compatible with other timber train sets.

Buyer’s Guide To Buying Best Toys And Gifts Ideas For 3-Year-Old Girls

12 Best Toys And Gift Ideas For 3-Year-Old Girls 2022 - Awesome Picks 2
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When girls reach this age, their imagination and creativity are at their peak. This is the time when they start to notice things and grab knowledge. So, it is essential to make sure that they are playing with toys suitable for their age. You have to put in some thoughts while buying gifts for your daughter. These toys help them to grow and acquire new habits. So, if you are confused about what to get for a three-year-old, you should follow the tips mentioned below.

Girls’ Beloved Toys And Presents

Sometimes girls and boys have different preferences. A few toys are more appealing to girls. Such toys have attracted the imagination of girls, and they are always in high demand. So, choose toys that any girl would enjoy.

Crafting And Art Supplies

Three-year old’s love to play with colors and paint. It is an excellent way to utilize their energy, and they can also learn color names.

Creative Gifts

Children aged three years are inquisitive. They get different ideas, and they learn new things pretty fast. So, it would help if you gave them creative gifts to help them bring their imagination and innovative ideas to work.


Creativity and curiosity are crucial, and any of the finest toys can help kids develop theirs. The top toys mentioned in this article focuses on the qualities your kid has prioritized. These toys help to build her imagination, memory, motor skills, and so on. The above toys will bring joy to your young lady while also allowing her to study and pleasantly discover new things.


12 Best Toys And Gift Ideas For 3-Year-Old Girls 2022 - Awesome Picks 3
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Is it necessary to exclusively buy feminine toys for my baby girl?

Certainly not! You don’t want to restrict your child by providing her with only one kind of toy. You should get toys which she likes, whether it is a doll or a fire truck.

Is it possible to start getting my girl painting sets?

Yes, it is possible. Just stay away from kits designed for older children that have a lot of parts. You can get finger paints, foam, crayons, etc.

What is average three-year-old behavior?

From this age onwards, the child starts to feel emotions. She begins to know the difference between happiness, sadness, anger, etc. She will also be more interested in imaginative play.

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