Top 9 Best Train Sets for Toddlers Reviews in 2024

There are a lot of explanations for why toy trains create a superb present for toddlers. It promotes creativity and for kids to be busy with their bodies and heads throughout their play time. This toy is intended to collect the entire family to enjoy the quality time together and perform with this.

They’ve been enjoyed by kids across numerous generations, and possess exceptional educational value. It could create innovative play skills, ancient comprehension of the structure and even numeracy abilities in the event the little one should count the bits.

Below we’ve reviewed the best 11 best train set for toddlers in 2019 for this vacation season.

List of 9 Best Train Sets for Toddlers

1. Wooden Train Tracks Set Toys

Top 9 Best Train Sets for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 1

This train set is intended to extend the entire household with quality time through which your child is going to discover how to produce the polygon for rail that’s an activity that enhances cognitive skills.

Additionally, your kid will delight in the design of the wooden train toy because it features vibrant and engaging appearances. The wooden train set is constructed from premium excellent wood substances that are supposed to enhance the durability of this toy collection.

This toy product passed all of the security tests so your child can play with it and stay unharmed. The paths are compatible with comparable train collection so that your child can purchase similar toys also come with exceptional ideas to prepare a bigger train polygon from various sets.

2. Bachmann Trains – Rail Chief Ready To Run 130 Piece Electric Train Set

Top 9 Best Train Sets for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 2

Your kid will enjoy being the engineer of the electric train. This train set has all that they want for a day of adventurous pleasure — powered by an EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive with Operating Headlight.

Contains Spacious Quad Hopper Car, Gondola Car, Steel Reefer Car, Off-Set Cupola Caboose, Signal Bridge, Miniature Figures, Railroad Signs, Street Signs, and Telephone Poles.

3. Melissa & Doug Stacking Train

Top 9 Best Train Sets for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 3

The youngest train fans will be entirely on board with this reliable wood train. Three connected train cars are outfitted with barrels for piling multi-shaped cubes and inviting form and colour recognition. Children can separate the automobiles to scoot them around separately, also.

Fantastic for innovative solo or group play, this flexible 17-inch block and train collection will aid your tot to develop gross and fine motor abilities, hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Parents worry about the high quality and endurance because it is not always simple to find toys that stand up to wear and tear out of two-year-olds.

4. Play22 Wooden Train Set

Top 9 Best Train Sets for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 4

Play22 wooden toy train collection contains engines, tender, coaches, convertible coach-hopper auto, freight car, magnetic freight load, tanker automobile magnetic tanker load, hopper car, and cabooses. These components will make it attractive for the child to construct the entire structure and find out the way the train set elements ought to be attached.

This train set includes magnets put in the train wheels that enhance the train’s equilibrium on the monitor. Additionally, this train set is informative as it assists your child to develop colour recognition and motor abilities. The toy is designed for toddlers that are willing to explore more complicated types of toys.

5. Brio My First Railway Wooden Toy Train Set

Top 9 Best Train Sets for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 5

Train-loving toddlers (as young as 18 weeks ) will have significant experiences together with the My First Railway Beginner Package Train Set. It includes two brilliant train cars which join magnetically, a rainbow bridge, ramps and just the correct number of monitors for engineers to browse.

Even better, each the timber BRIO toys utilise is traceable and originates from responsibly managed forests. This excellent starter set grows along with your kiddo–just put in BRIO’s expansion packs to construct out the road. And should you saved your childhood BRIO train places, they will get the job done just as well, too.

6. LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train

Top 9 Best Train Sets for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 6

LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train collection is intended to allow children and toddlers to construct a train and a train trail together with other vehicles and buildings. The collection includes 105 bits, two freight wagons, harbour, ship, café, 24 track bits, and also a remote management program.

The train assembly method is hard, and your child is going to need to follow exact directions to construct the train station successfully. Additionally, this set contains battery controlled components which produce sounds, lights and motion.

The train enriches the growth in speech, exceptional motor abilities, and cognitive skills for youngsters who are 2-5 years of age. This train toy can establish as an excellent investment since it is a unique LEGO collection that’s intended to be educational and fun.

7. KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

Top 9 Best Train Sets for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 7

Learning is fun with all the KidKraft waterfall mountain train set and dining table. The broad, generous children’s play is kid-sized, for hours of creative play for young minds. Additionally, it includes all the 120 durable play bits which make this brightly coloured KidKraft train set perfect for creativity and imaginative play.

Though rather a pricey train collection for youngsters, this collection has a complete table for maintaining the completely assembled group on and will keep toddlers entertained for hours. Additionally, there are three plastic storage containers included that match entirely beneath the rail table for pure storage of additional pieces.

There’s a one-inch lip to be certain toys stay on the vanity, and the corners are all made to lessen the danger of chipping and overall wear and tear. The train table has a landscape layout made out of silk-screen material to make sure it doesn’t wear and is simple to wash.

8. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset

Top 9 Best Train Sets for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 8

Desire a train set with all of the bells and whistles? Look no farther than the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset. It sports VTech SmartPoint technologies, in which 10 SmartPoint places on the paths interact using a SmartPoint aerodynamic train (included). This activates music, cheerful words and sound effects.

Children will delight in learning greetings from English, Spanish, French and German. The 32 synonymous track bits produce all kinds of trendy configurations and join to other Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets.

9. Wooden Train Set with Box and Cover

Top 9 Best Train Sets for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 9

Kizzy Toys wooden train set includes a fantastic layout that youthful users will discover engaging and enjoyable. The collection contains 12 wooden trains, four police, four flame, and four ambulance trains that can all sparkle up your child’s imagination filled with exciting stories.

This wooden train group passed all of the security evaluations, and that means you won’t need to be concerned if the undesirable situations might happen. Additionally, Kizzy Toys train collection will help your child develop colour recognition and exceptional motor abilities, meaning that the toy gets the educational price. This train toy may be a fantastic present for birthday and vacations since it will provide children with hours of pleasure.


While purchasing a train set for toddlers, there are a couple of factors you need to think about. The toddler you’re buying for will have different needs according to their patterns and tastes.

There are a variety of forms of toy trains available on the market with every toy using its distinct purposes and general benefits. Some train toys comprise essential action figure performance that’s created for immediate fun, but a few toys feature sophisticated arrangement and educational characteristics that could benefit your child’s cognitive skills.

Every type of toy trains will deliver your kid pleasure and hours of creative play. Following this comprehensive review, we expect it will be easier for you to determine which type of train toys can help you and your child the most.