7 Best Pregnancy-Safe Nail Polishes 2024 – Reviews And Buying Guide

Who says that just because you are pregnant, you have to live with hairy knuckles and non-manicured nails for 9 months. You can enjoy the beauty of freshly manicured nails even in the 9 months of pregnancy.

However, the only thing to look out for is that you use the best pregnancy-safe nail polishes.

Pregnancy-safe nail polishes make sure that you can enjoy a beautiful and freshly trimmed manicure without endangering the life of your unborn kid.

To make that job easier for you, I am here with the best pregnancy-safe nail polishes in 2024 that will give your hands a beautiful look, all the while keeping you safe.

Best Nontoxic Nail Polishes

1. Zoya Polish Quad Nail Polish

Zoya Polish Quad Nail Polish

The first on my list of the best pregnancy-safe nail polishes in 2024 is the Zoya Polish Quad Nail Polish. This is not just a single nail polish, but it is a set of 4 nail polishes. The nail polishes come in 5 different sets, each set containing 4 nail polishes. All the nail polishes in one set compliment each other and are of the same color family.

In addition to that, the most important thing about these nail polishes is that they are free from formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is quite harmful to pregnant women, and as these nail polishes are manufactured specifically for pregnant ladies, they do not have the toxic chemical. They are also free from other harmful chemicals such as phthalates and toluene.

Moreover, these nail polishes are also vegan friendly, so they have been manufactured without any animal cruelty. Furthermore, the finish of the Zoya Polish Quad Nail Polish is quite glossy, so it will make your finger look very appealing. The colors included in this set are Oliveria, Envy, Lidia, and Giada.

The nail polishes come in glass bottles, with a brush present in the lid. They glide smoothly on the nails, thanks to the brushes. Moreover, there is 0.5 fl oz of product in each bottle, so it will last quite a while. Another great feature of these nail polishes is that they can be removed easily with any nail polish remover.

  • 5 sets options
  • 4 colors in a set
  • Free from harmful ingredients
  • Vegan friendly
  • Smooth application
  • Needs multiple coatings


If you are currently on the lookout for the best pregnancy-safe nail polishes in 2024, then you need to Zoya Polish Quad Nail Polish on your vanity table.

This set of nail polishes comes with 4 shades in the set that have been manufactured with high-quality, non-toxic ingredients. Moreover, it applies smoothly on the nails, which makes the whole job of the application easier.

2. Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat

Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat

Perfect Formula is known for coming up with beautiful shades, and their Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat upholds that reputation. This nail polish is a beautiful shade of pink that is going to turn the dull and ashy look of your hands around.

The soft and eye-catching shade of this nail polish is one of the many reasons why this nail polish is so famous among pregnant females. I loved having this on my vanity table. It comes in a 3.9 inches long bottle, with a brush in the lid which makes it possible to apply the nail polish smoothly.

The result of this nail polish is quite sheer, so you will not be stuck with a bright shade of pink that is too heavy on the eyes. Instead, this nail polish gives a very flushed and natural look. In addition to that, it is manufactured with a formula that is rich in keratin.

The addition of keratin in the formula makes this nail polish quite nourishing for the nails of a pregnant lady. It will keep the nails healthy and fresh.

Furthermore, as this nail polish is manufactured specifically for pregnant women, it is free from all types of toxic materials. Whether it is parabens, formaldehyde, or phthalates that may harm you and your child, the manufacturers made sure to eliminate them all from the formula. This is another feature that makes this nail polish ideal for pregnant women.

  • No non-toxic chemicals
  • A single coat is enough
  • Keratin enrich formula
  • Soft shade
  • Slightly expensive cost


The Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat is ideal for all pregnant women that need a softer color for their nails. This nail polish has a very soft shade of pink; it does not need multiple coats either; just a single is enough. Moreover, this nail polish is free from all chemicals that are harmful to pregnant women.

3. Essie Nail Polish

essie Nail Polish, Glossy Shine Finish

Essie is a well-known name in the beauty world, and their nail polishes are some of the best available in the market. Essie nail polishes come in many beautiful and stunning colors. The one that I have chosen is Angora Cardi, which is a beautiful and deep plum shade. This nail polish has to be one of the best pregnancy-safe nail polishes in 2024 for many reasons.

First of all, it comes with a formula that does not have any harmful and toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and toluene added in it. This is the major reason behind this nail polish being perfect for pregnant women.

Moreover, this nail polish has quite a quick-drying formula; this means that you no longer have to sit around with your fingers spread, trying to dry the nail polish. Another feature of this nail polish that I loved is that you do not need to apply multiple coats for the color to pop. Even after a single coat, you will get a vibrant shade.

In addition to that, it comes in a glass bottle, which has a lid that has a brush added on the inside. The bottle contains 0.5 fl oz of product. Moreover, thanks to the high quality, and a soft-bristled brush, the nail polish glides very smoothly on the nails. Whether you are looking for french tip nails or will apply it on the edges of your nails, the brush will apply the hue on your nails beautifully.

  • Multiple shades available
  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • Quick-drying formula
  • Glides on nails easily
  • Chips away after a while


If you are a pregnant woman who is looking for some beautiful shades of nail polishes, then you need Essie Nail Polish in your collection.

These nail polishes come in a glass bottle with a brush that applies the color smoothly. Moreover, you get a wide variety of shade options, and last but not least, due to the absence of harmful and toxic chemicals, this is the ideal nail polish for pregnant women.

Buying Guide

nail polish
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Applying nail polish is the simplest and easiest way to bring some color into your look and brighten up your day. Nail polishes not only make your hands look pretty, but also lift up pregnant women’s moods. However, it is critical to get only those nail polishes that are perfect for pregnant women.

A pregnant lady can not buy products from the rack of a local store, like any other person. As her needs are different, there are many things that she needs to consider in order to locate the best nail polish. I have shared all the factors in this article that set regular nail polishes apart from pregnancy-safe nail polishes.

Formula Of The Nail Paint

If you are a pregnant woman who is looking for some of the best pregnancy-safe nail polishes in 2024, then the first thing that you need to look for is the formula of the nail polish. Many nail polishes come with a formula that has toxic chemicals added to them. These chemicals are not harmful to a regular person.

However, for a pregnant woman, they can be quite damaging. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you make sure that you only spend your money on nail polishes that have pregnancy-safe formulas.

Some of the harmful chemicals that you need to stay away from include Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Phthalate, etc. All of these chemicals are generally present in beauty products but are dangerous for pregnant women. This is why you need to make sure that you do not purchase a nail polish that has any of these chemicals in its formula.


It is not rocket science that nail polish is applied with a brush. Many manufacturers added the brush in the lid of the nail polish, which makes application easier.

In addition to that, another factor that you need to look out for is that the brush should have soft bristles so that the nail polish applies smoothly. If the brush does not have soft bristles, then there will be streaks in the nail polish after you apply it to your nails. Always get nail polishes that have a soft brush.

Easy Application

When it comes to pregnant women, easy is the best way of doing things. The same is the case with nail polish; no pregnant woman wants to own and apply nail polish that gives them a tough time while applying. Make sure that you get yourself nail polishes that apply easily and smoothly on the nails. This way, you will not have to re-do the manicure over and over again.

Multiple Coats

Applying multiple coats of nail polish is not a problem for a regular person, but it can be quite frustrating for a heavily pregnant woman. This is why it is critical that you get yourself a set of nail polishes that give you vibrant color even after a single application.


This may not seem like a big issue, but let me paint an image for you. A pregnant woman is blowing on her nails for five minutes straight to dry out her nail polish.

Trust me that is not a scenario that you want to put yourself into. Therefore, it is highly important that you get yourself nail polishes that have a quick-drying formula. Otherwise, you will be stuck with sets of nail polishes that take 5 to 10 minutes to dry out.


nail polish
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What nail polish brands are safe for pregnancy?

There are many brands that are now manufacturing pregnancy-safe nail polishes for pregnant women. Some of those brands include Essie, Perfect Formula, and Zoya.

All of these brands have made sure to eliminate toxic and harmful chemicals from their formulas to make their nail polishes safe for pregnant women.

Can I paint my nails in the first trimester?

Yes, you can paint your nails in the first trimester. As a matter of fact, you can even paint them in the second and third trimesters.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind before applying the nail polish is to only use the products that are pregnancy-safe. Using the products that come with harmful chemicals can be damaging for pregnant women.

Is it safe to use nail polish remover while pregnant?

Yes, it is safe for you to use a nail polish remover during your pregnancy. However, similar to nail polishes, many nail polish removers also come with harmful chemicals used in their manufacturing.

So, you need to make sure that the nail polish remover you use during your pregnancy is free from all sorts of harmful and toxic chemicals.


The look of freshly manicured hands is unmatchable. Especially when you are pregnant, it is the little things that make a difference.

However, you need to be careful while purchasing, as you can not spend your money on any nail polish that you find in the market. You only need the best pregnancy-safe nail polishes. I have shared the best nail polishes in this article, and I am also sharing my top recommendation.

  1. Zoya Polish Quad Nail Polish is a set of 4 nail polishes that are free from harmful and toxic chemicals.

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