7 Best Pregnancy-Safe Self-Tanners 2022 – Reviews And Buying Guide

Pregnancy does not mean you have to walk around the house for 9 months looking like a pale creature. You can still get tanned and enjoy some color. However, if you do not want a lousy tanning job, or put yourself in danger and need a healthy glow that is good for your baby, then get yourself some of the best pregnancy-safe self-tanners in 2022.

Our Pick
St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse, Lightweight Self Tanner for a Trusted Natural...
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Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam, Dark, 7.04 Fl Oz
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Miami Gorgeous Self Tanning Mousse LaPlaya Glow Instant Self Tanner Bronzing Mousse to Tan Skin...
St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse, Lightweight Self Tanner for a Trusted Natural...
Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam, Dark, 7.04 Fl Oz
Miami Gorgeous Self Tanning Mousse LaPlaya Glow Instant Self Tanner Bronzing Mousse to Tan Skin...
Our Pick
St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse, Lightweight Self Tanner for a Trusted Natural...
St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse, Lightweight Self Tanner for a Trusted Natural...
Amazon's Choice
Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam, Dark, 7.04 Fl Oz
Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam, Dark, 7.04 Fl Oz
Don't Miss
Miami Gorgeous Self Tanning Mousse LaPlaya Glow Instant Self Tanner Bronzing Mousse to Tan Skin...
Miami Gorgeous Self Tanning Mousse LaPlaya Glow Instant Self Tanner Bronzing Mousse to Tan Skin...

The products that you buy off the rack may not be safe for you, but if you buy a pregnancy-safe product, it will make you look good without endangering you. Therefore, I have shared the 3 best pregnancy-safe self-tanners in 2022 in this article so that you can look good without facing any side effects.

Our Best Pregnancy-Safe Self-Tanners

1. St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse

St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse


The St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse is not any off-the-rack type of product. This tanning spray is one of the best self-tanners present in the market that are made specifically for pregnant women. It comes in a small bottle that weighs 9 oz.

In addition to that, there is a pump at the top of the bottle that makes easy application possible. This self-tanner has a vegan-friendly formula, meaning no animals were harmed during the production of this product. Moreover, it is also safe from all harmful chemicals such as Formaldehyde, and beta-carotene, etc. before applying the spray on your skin, make sure you have showered, exfoliated, and moisturized your skin properly. Skin prep is the key to attaining an even tan.

This self-tanner is one of the best as it gives even and beautiful results every time. If you want a slightly tanned look, leave the tanner on your skin for one hour. For a medium-tanned look, you need to leave it for two hours. However, if you desire to get a darker tan, then you need to leave the spray for 3 hours on your skin. This was my favorite perk; you can get light to dark tan from this one product. Moreover, this product is suitable for all skin types, so that is another perk.

  • Weighs 9 oz
  • Easy application
  • Provides light to dark tan
  • Vegan-friendly formula
  • All skin types
  • Comes off slightly with a shower


The St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse is the best option if you want to invest in good quality and pregnancy-friendly self-tanner. This is a very gentle product that will not harm your baby. Moreover, it comes with a vegan-friendly formula. In addition to that, it allows you to attain a darker shade easily by leaving the product on for a longer time.

2. Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam


This self-tanning foam is hands down one of the best in the market, and the plus side is that it is even safe for pregnant women. The Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam comes in a sleek black bottle that has 7.04 fl oz worth of product. The bottle has a lid to prevent wastage of product. Moreover, it comes with a pump at the top of the bottle to get the required amount of product.

The reason I love the Bondi Sands so much is that this product comes with an amazing formula. The manufacturers have used aloe vera and coconut oil in the production of this tanning foam. Both of these products are known to improve the health of the skin, so you can expect a rather healthy glow on your body after using this product. In addition to that, the formula also has argan oil which protects from sun damage and is proven to be a fantastic product for the skin.

It is due to the presence of all of these ingredients that this product has been called a pregnancy-safe self-tanner. The minimum required amount of time for this product to work is one hour. After leaving it for one hour on the skin, you will be shocked to see flawless results without any streaks. Another thing that I loved about this tanning foam is that it comes in 4 different shades, so whether you want a lighter tan or a darker one, you can easily find a suitable product.

  • Available in 4 shades
  • Aloe vera, coconut, and argan formula
  • No streaks
  • Comes with a pump
  • Affordable cost
  • Only for normal skin


If you want a tanned look without spending an insane amount of money, you need the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in your life. This product is amazing as it has been manufactured with aloe vera, argan oil, and coconut. Moreover, it comes in 4 different shades, so you can easily find one according to your preference.

3. Miami Gorgeous Self Tanning Mousse

Miami Gorgeous Self Tanning Mousse


The Miami Gorgeous Self Tanning Mousse has to be one of the best pregnancy-safe self-tanners in 2022. This self-tanner comes in a small and compact bottle that has 4.2 fl oz worth of product. The lid and the pump present at the top of the bottle ensure easy application and no wastage of product. You can bid farewell to streaky, orange tan, and pale skin as this product will give you a beautiful bronzed look.

In addition to that, this self-tanning mousse comes with the best formula that will give every pregnant woman a beautiful glow without compromising their safety. It has been manufactured with a blend of argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and pure vitamins. The usage of natural oils and pure vitamins is the reason this product has been listed among the best pregnancy-safe self-tanners in 2022.

A single use of this product will bring a healthy and radiant glow to your body. The best feature that made me love this product is that it is vegan friendly, gluten-free, and eco-friendly. So, neither were any animals harmed during the making nor will you be contributing to environmental pollution. Moreover, the bottle contains enough product that will give you up to 10 to 12 full-body uses.

  • 10 to 12 full body uses
  • Vegan friendly
  • Natural oil and pure vitamins
  • Compact bottle
  • Easy application
  • Has a slight smell


If you are tired of the blotchy tan, then get the Miami Gorgeous Self Tanning Mousse for yourself and enjoy a perfect and bronzed tan. This tanning mousse has been made with all-natural oils and pure vitamins that make it a perfect fit for pregnant women. Moreover, there is more than enough product in the bottle to last you up to 12 uses, so that is another perk.

Buying Guide

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Getting a tan through the sun is the best way to give some color to your skin. However, a pregnant woman can not lay around and sunbathe all day to get a tan, nor is it healthy for the unborn baby. You can not walk around looking like a pale slice of bread all 9 months. Therefore, there is only one viable option left, using the best pregnancy-safe self-tanners.

Using a self-tanner or knowing how to use one is not a problem. The real problem is finding out which self-tanner is safe during pregnancy and which one is best for you. I have listed some factors below that will help you find some of the best pregnancy-safe self-tanners in 2022 for yourself.

Formula Of The Self-Tanner

The first thing that you need to check in a self-tanner is the long list of ingredients that have been used in the formula. The formula of the self-tanner determines whether it is healthy for a pregnant woman or not. If you get yourself a product that comes with Formaldehyde or beta-carotene, it will be harmful to you and your baby.

The ideal ingredients for a self-tanner that is made for pregnant women are aloe vera, olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, and pure vitamins. All of these ingredients are natural, and they are known for improving the health of the skin and providing a fresh look. Therefore, their usage will not be harmful to you or your baby. Make sure to closely check the list of ingredients and the formula of the self-tanner before you spend your money. Stay away from any product that has any toxic ingredients.


Vegan-friendly products mean that during or after the production, the product has not been tested on any animals. Most people prefer using self-tanners that are free from animal cruelty. So, if you do not want to use an animal-tested self-tanner, get yourself one that is vegan-friendly.

Quantity Of The Self-Tanner

This is another important factor to consider before you buy a self-tanner. The quantity of a self-tanner determines how many times you will be able to use the product before it runs out. If you buy an expensive self-tanner that only gives you a single-use, that money will be wasted as you will not be able to retouch your tan after a week.

On the other hand, if you get a self-tanner that gives you 5 or more uses, you will be able to retouch your tan after weeks without spending any extra money. Therefore, make sure to get a self-tanner that has at least 4.0 fl oz worth of product or more than this.

Easy Application

For pregnant women, every product that has easy application is the best one. As you do not have the energy to sit around all day for a self-tanning session, make sure to get yourself a self-tanner that has an easy and simple application. The best way for that is to get a self-tanner that comes with a pump or a nozzle. This way, you will be able to pump out the required amount of product without any wastage.

Skin Type

Everyone knows that when it comes to skin-related products, not every product is suitable for every type of skin. The same is the case with self-tanners; not every self-tanner is suitable for all skin types. Some are best for normal skins, while some work for all skin types. Therefore before you invest your money in a self-tanner, make sure to check if it is suitable for your skin type or not.


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Can I use a fake tan while pregnant?

Yes, you can use a fake tan during your pregnancy, but you have to be very careful. During pregnancy, spray tans are not recommended. Tanning mousse and lotion are ideal for pregnant women. However, you need to make sure that the self-tanner you use does not have any harmful or toxic ingredients and is made from all-natural ingredients.

What self-tanners are safe during pregnancy?

There are many self-tanners that are specifically for pregnant women with safe and natural ingredients. Some of them are Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam and Miami Gorgeous Self Tanning Mousse. Both of these are manufactured with all-natural oils and pure vitamins that make them the best and safe product for pregnant women.

How do you fake tan when pregnant?

The best way to fake tan during pregnancy is to get a pregnancy-safe tanning mousse or tanning lotion. Make sure to stay away from tanning sprays as they may be harmful to the baby. Make sure to prep your skin before applying the product. In addition to that, you need to make sure to apply some vaseline on your eyes and lips to keep the product away from these areas.


Self-tanning is the best way to get a healthy and natural-like tan during pregnancy. Now that you know which products are the best and will give you a great tan during pregnancy, it is time for you to pick one for yourself. The buying guide will help you locate the best product. However, if you still can not decide, here is my top recommendation.

St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse comes in a 9 oz bottle, easy application, and is suitable for all skin types.

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