12 Best Cough Syrup For Kids 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Coughs and colds are extremely common in kids and toddlers. As a parent, then you also should choose the responsibility to assist your children to handle their flu symptoms together with the very best cough syrup for kids, and also you must have them to meet parenting requirements.

List of 12 Best Cough Syrups For Kids

1. Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Cough Syrup

Zarbees natural cought syrup2

Regardless of the moment, soothe your kid’s coughs with effective and safe Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Cough Syrup with Dark Honey Day & Night Value Package. This handy value package comprises both night and day Children’s Cough Syrups for around-the-clock calming.

Both formulations comprise a proprietary combination of organic dark honey to soothe and coat the throat, so helping to calm kids’ coughs related to hoarseness, dry throat, and blisters. The nighttime formula comprises melatonin, a non-habit forming and bronchial component, to help encourage peaceful sleep.

2. Boiron Children’s Chestal Honey Cough Syrup

Boiron Children's Chestal Honey Cough Syrup

Children’s Chestal Honey helps alleviate all kinds of common coughs. To begin with, the pure goodness of honey in Chestal Honey coats and soothes your throat.

Afterward, the mix of secure homeopathic medications gets to function loosening chest congestion hence making all kinds of ordinary coughs more effective to get a quicker recovery.

3. Kids Cold and Mucus Day and Night Value Pack by Hyland’s 4Kids

Kids Cold and Mucus Day and Night

When cold season arrives, it appears like every kid gets you. Colds make children feel horrible, and when mucus builds up in their system, it is hard to breathe.

Fortunately, Hyland’s comes to the rescue with 4 Kids Cold’n Mucus Day & Night medications. Hyland’s 4 Kids Cold’n Mucus assists your system loosen congestion, split mucus, also speeds recovery, so children can feel like themselves again.

4. Mucinex Children’s Multi-Symptom Cold Relief Liquid

Mucinex Children’s Multi-Symptom Cold Relief Liquid

A stuffy nose + cough + chest congestion = a unhappy camper. If your kid becomes sick with over 1 symptom, relieve what is bothering your child with Children’s Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold Liquid in Very Berry Flavor.

Don’t take greater than 6 doses in any 24-hour period; quantify just with dosing cup provided; do not utilize dosing cup together with different goods; dose as follows or as directed by a physician; ml = milliliter. Kids 6 Years to Under 12 Years: 10 ml every four hours. Kids 4 Years to Under 6 Years: 5 ml every four hours.

5. Maty’s Organic Children’s Cough Syrup

Maty's Organic Children's Cough Syrup

When conventional medicine did not work for the infant girl, Maty’s mother turned into Mother Nature to make pure, whole-food based treatments directly out of her kitchen! Each component at Maty’s Organic Children’s Cough Syrup is thoughtfully chosen because of its curative properties.

Made with natural honey, cinnamon, zinc and much more it operates quickly and softly to soothe your child’s cough. Packed with 10 immune boosting ingredients at each spoonful, there is guaranteed to be sunny sky ahead.

6. Little Remedies Honey Cough Syrup

Little Remedies Honey Cough Syrup

Little Remedies Honey Cough Syrup is 100 percent organic and soothes coughs night and day. This item comprises no alcohol. As a parent, it is the small things that thing. Your baby’s small giggles, small steps, and small sniffles.

Being there with just a little hug and a little song. Loving touches and attention to detail extend into whatever that you do. Little things matter to us also. Little Remedies designs secure and dependable solutions only for babies.

7. Mucinex Children’s Congestion & Cough Liquid

Mucinex Children’s Congestion & Cough Liquid

Next time your child is fighting chest congestion, a stuffy nose, cough and, obviously, extra mucus, and relieve each one these symptoms in a fast dose — using Mucinex Children’s Cough & Congestion Liquid in Very Berry Flavor. Use as directed.

8. Dr. Cocoa Cough and Cold Medicine for Kids

Dr. Cocoa Cough and Cold Medicine for Kids

Relieves coughs to get up to eight hours without inducing drowsiness in children. Children hate feeling ill. However, they also hate taking medication that does not taste great. That is the reason why there’s Dr. Cocoa.

It is the safe, powerful children’s cold and cough medication with a tasty chocolate flavor. Your little one will love the rich, calming, real cocoa flavor, and you’re going to adore the cough relief it offers.

The active ingredients at Dr. Cocoa have been shown to alleviate cold and cough symptoms, also it is dye-free, alcohol-free, and gluten-free.

9. Liquid Childrens Cough Drops for Congestion

Liquid Childrens Cough Drops for Congestion

Offer your children medication that may allow them to breathe better and cough less. Breathe easy with Breathe EZ, a natural herbal combination and strong respiratory aid which will help treat seasonal allergies.

Safe and non-habit forming, and that this children allergy medication is full of time-tested and proven all-natural herbs to fight seasonal allergy distress, also it serves as a multi-use formulation, such as cough syrup and immunity booster.

You can breathe easy knowing your kids do exactly the exact thanks to this JoySpring organic Breathe EZ liquid drops.

10. Naturade Children’s Cough Syrup

Naturade, Children's Cough Syrup

Naturade Children’s Expectorant (Alcohol-Free) is an alcohol-free formula which can help loosen phlegm; thin bronchial secretions to rid the bronchial passageway of bothersome mucus and may alleviate sore throat due to excessive coughing.

Children’s Cough Syrup, Expectorant Herbal Formula which helps loosen mucus and relieve minor sore throat due to excessive coughing. Formulated for Children.

11. Helixia Prospan Children’s Cough Syrup

Helixia Prospan Children’s Cough Syrup

HelixiaTM Cough Prospan for kids is a clinically verified cough syrup that may be utilized in kids ages 1 to 11. Produced from a naturally-sourced medicinal component, this non-drowsy formulation for kids is free from sucrose, gluten, dyes and alcohol.

12. Children’s Robitussin Honey Cough + Chest Congestion DM

Robitussin Honey Cough

This new dynamic duo blends real, natural honey and efficient cough relief of Robitussin you trust. NEW Children’s Robitussin Honey Cough + Chest Congestion DM is formulated with Authentic Source Licensed Honey and soothes children’s throats on contact.

With a proven suppressant to quiet cough along with a powerful expectorant to thin and loosen mucus, Children’s Robitussin Honey cough syrup sends cold and cough symptoms packaging.


Cough Syrups

Are cough syrups safe for my child?

Children cough syrups don’t have any immediate risks. The cough that kids experience does not cause any type of significant complications, so taking syrup should not be dangerous. You should, however, always consult your child’s health care provider to avoid any unnecessary risks.

Will cough and cold medicine work for my child?

Yes, it will. Syrups can ease the children’s cough and reduce the cold symptoms. It will also save parents and caregivers a lot of nerves during the nights. Do not give children cough medicine that is labeled for adults only.

Can my 5-year-old take cough medicine?

It is not recommended for children below 4 to take this medication. Kids from 4 to 6 years old should take cough medicine only if the doctor recommends it. Be careful with dosing as it can cause multiple side effects, and always contact your medical expert.

Can cough syrup mix with other medications?

You shouldn’t mix medications. For example, if you give your child a fever medicament containing acetaminophen and mix it with cough syrup that includes it, you risk an overdose. You might give the child a double dose of medication by not informing yourself, so be careful and always read the ingredients.

What are the dangers and side effects of cough syrup?

Cough syrups can cause excessive sweating and paranoia. Restlessness and nausea, alongside belly pain, are very common. Bear in mind these side effects happen as a result of taking large quantities or overdosing. Always consult your medical expert before using these products.

Which dose of syrup is suitable for a child?

FDA recommends that all cough medicine manufacturers provide you with syringes, cups, or spoons as dosing tools. The smartest thing you should do is to consult a doctor or pharmacist. They will instruct you on the proper dosage.


It needs to be highlighted that providing your child cough syrup ought to be carried out only if the coughing and other symptoms are very persistent. With the recommendation of their youngster’s physicians naturally.

In case the coughing reaches the point you need to administer cough syrup for your kid, the goods in our review will be ideal. Just choose the one which is acceptable for your kid taking into account their age and the signs.

If you are looking to prevent all this, check out our review for the Best Immune Boosters for Kids.

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