Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Station Sets Reviews in 2021

In case you’ve got a kid who loves pretend play and construction, the newest LEGO Fire Station places are certain to supply them with endless amusement. If you think about how many pieces you’re getting and also the attention on the prolonged play, the cost is well worth it.

List of 9 Best LEGO Fire Station Sets Reviews

1. LEGO City Fire Station, Fire Rescue Tower

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Station Sets Reviews in 2021 1

Protect the citizens of LEGO® City using all the action-packed 60215 Fire Station, with a 3-level fire channel with office, comfort room and scout tower, little waterside dock and another garage with big opening front door plus a landing pad to your detachable scouting drone along with spinning rotors plus camera.

This trendy set also offers a fire off-road car using a stud-shooting fire hose plus new-for-January-2019 working light and solid brick, and a water scooter, 4 minifigures and a fire station pet figure.

2. LEGO City Downtown Fire Brigade

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Station Sets Reviews in 2021 2

Protect the citizens of LEGO® City using the unbelievable 60216 Downtown Fire Brigade collection, with a massive fire pit truck using new-for-January-2019 working light and solid brick, extending the aerodynamic ladder and fire hose using a new-for-January-2019 pump with water jet’ function.

This thrilling group also comes with a 3-level construction with roof, structure area with fencing, falling lamppost along with a porta-toilet with detachable front and top, and a freestanding crane with rotating arm and also working winch.

There is also a flame helicopter with opening cockpit and R.O.S.-T3 that the ROV, both using a new-for-January-2019 3-stud shooter, and a motorbike with distance for warning lights, and 7 minifigures.

3. Lego City Fire Station 60110

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Station Sets Reviews in 2021 3

Jump into the action and save the hot dog stand… and lunch! Be a hero in the LEGO Fire Station and rescue the hot dog stand out of the burning , using a fire truck with cherry picker, helicopter, fire chief’s car, 6 minifigures, and a puppy.

Assist the LEGO Minifigure firefighters to get the aircraft and truck loaded with equipment! It’s lunchtime, so have a slide down the pole in the firehouse and visit the hot dog stand.

In your way, give the firehouse dog his bone. Oh no, the hot dog stand is on fire! Pull out the fire hose and apply the exceptional stud-shooter to douse the fires and rescue the hot wings!

4. LEGO City Fire Station 7240

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Station Sets Reviews in 2021 4

The set is composed of the fire station, which will be three stories tall with the top floor being installed with a wall, the flame automobile and three Firemen each with various accessories representing distinct tools utilized by Firemen.

5. LEGO City Fire Station 60004

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Station Sets Reviews in 2021 5

It is a calm day at the 3-story LEGO® City Fire Station. The fire main sips his coffee in his office as a firefighter fixes the truck and the other carries a well-earned nap.

Spring into action once the alarm bell rings! Twist the firefighters down the rod, load them in the fire truck, aircraft and helicopter to save the day at LEGO City!

There is a lot of fun to be had in this huge building group with 3 vehicles, large, translucent windows and two garage doors that are adjoining. It contains 5 minifigures: a fire main, pilot, and 3 firefighters with various accessories.

6. LEGO City Fire Station 7945

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Station Sets Reviews in 2021 6

7945 Fire Station is a City set released in 2007. It features a Fire Station including the central channel, control area, and an alert space and 2 garages. Two distinct fire trucks are contained along with four Fireman Minifigures. The set comprises 600 pieces.

7. LEGO City Fire Station 7208

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Station Sets Reviews in 2021 7

These courageous fire-fighters are prepared to deal with any emergency in LEGO CITY! The alarm goes off in the Fire Station — there is a huge fire across the city! Quick, run from the dwelling quarters, then slide down the fireman’s pole and rush to the garage in which the fire truck and rescue truck are all waiting to proceed.

Place the flames and utilize the truck’s ladder and jump sheet to save anybody stuck upstairs! That is 1 emergency down. What about that kitten trapped in the tree? Construct a Fire Station, Fire Truck and Rescue Truck! The set comprises 4 firefighter minifigures and trendy accessories!

8. LEGO City Fire Emergency 60003

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Station Sets Reviews in 2021 8

The fire truck is mostly reddish. At the front is a seating area that matches one minifigure. On the flip side is a little ledge along with a yellow bar a minifigure can catch onto, enabling it to ride the fire truck when standing on the ledge. At the rear of the fire truck is a lengthy white ladder with a large grey and reddish mechanism used to boost it.

The construction is brown and gray with a red roof. It includes two bedrooms and a translucent door on the front, all which are wrapped up with one horizontal tan each, with every tan brick being published to resemble a wooden plank. The upper-left corner of the roof is shameful, to give it the look of being burnt, and there are flames in addition to it.

There’s a knob that could turn the flames backward and from sight to be a symbol of the fire being set out. Next to the building is really a streetlamp, a recycling bin, broom, and also a little barrel comprising a little flame element.

9. LEGO Creator Fire Brigade 10197

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Station Sets Reviews in 2021 9

The fire brigade pushes to the scene by this realistic and detailed 1930’s fire station. Designed to match with other modular structures such as 10182 Café Corner and 10185 Green Grocer, the channel comprises rare LEGO® bits and advanced construction methods.

It features a’30s-style fire truck, 4 mini-figures plus a fire-dog, an opening channel garage door, plus a detachable construction roof for inside access.

Additionally, it contains 2 fully-furnished floorings with fire-fighting appliances, tools such as the firemen’s helmets, fire-pole, ping-pong table, kitchen with fully-stocked refrigerator, sofa, bookshelf and a roof using a water-resistant and bell.


Our favorite is the Downtown Fire Brigade Building Kit, which will be something we’d typically purchase for kid’s birthday or Christmas because the preeminent present. Irrespective of which place you choose, I suggest establishing a committed LEGO-playing area so that you don’t lose bits — and also to protect your toes.