12 Best Safest Pocket Knife for Kids 2024 – Buying Guide

Should we teach children how to use knives from a young age, responsibility when using them? Yes. Most pocket knives for kids are made of wood or plastic, ensuring a safety index for children. Children will be more excited about self-serving themselves like cutting fruits, helping mothers cook…

Safest Pocket Knife for Kids

Comparison Table of Top Picks

List of 12 Best Safest Pocket Knife for Kids

1. Spyderco PLKIT1 Delica 4 Knife Kit with Folding Plastic Blade Drop Point – Our Top Pick

Spyderco PLKIT1 Delica 4 Knife Kit with Folding Plastic Blade Drop Point

This Spyderco thing Is an Excellent Folding Blade Knife. Is the model Plastic Knife Bundle NEW. This Spyderco thing is Glow-In-The-Dark. The knife can be customized with paints for a truly unique finished item.

The Spyderco Knife kit enables kids seven and up to build their very own folding knife. This is a great way for adults to teach youngsters about the function and safe handling of a folding knife without safety concerns.

2. Theo Klein Toy Swiss Army Knife – Best Compact

Theo Klein Toy Swiss Army Knife

The ever-popular Swiss Army knife at a child version. Like the real thing – could snap onto a belt. Comes with a plastic spoon, fork, knife, blade, and a small saw.

Compact, agile, and ready to face any adventure head-on. Bring this knife with you on your daily adventures without sacrificing space.

3. Wooden Pocket Knife Kit USA Tin Box-Seasonal Toys

Wooden Pocket Knife Kit USA Tin Box-Seasonal Toys

Neat tin involves a real Wooden Pocket Knife Kit! Just follow the instructions to make a real knife with nine parts. It is a fantastic introduction to craft woodworking.

The timber blades are firmly unsharpened and rounded for little hands-on. Our high-quality Pocket Knife Kit is created in America. A special gift for your cub scout, boy scout, cowboy, or camping enthusiast.

4. Channel Craft, JJ’s Pocket Knife – Introduction to Woodworking

Channel Craft, JJ's Pocket Knife

This precision laser-cut woodcraft kit is a fantastic introduction to the area of woodworking. The wooden pieces snap together, or to get more innovative fun, use a bit of glue, sandpaper, paint, and wood stain.

This pocket knife for kid kit includes six beautiful wood bits, three metal pins, and a complete set of instructions, all housed in a classic tin case with a hinged lid.

5. Opinel Stainless Steel Locking Folding

Opinel Stainless Steel Locking Folding

Perfect for picnics, the Opinel Round Ended Knife is the go-to man for slicing apples or gourmet cheese on the go. A folding design and rounded tip boost your level of safety, whereas the stainless steel blade and quality handle ensure you’ll get this knife for years to come.

6.  Spyderco Dragonfly Wooden Knife Kit Gift Tin

Spyderco Dragonfly Wooden Knife Kit Gift Tin

Educate Spyderco children about how pocket knives operate and enjoy a fun family job at the same time. This easily assembled kit yields a full size 4004084 of the Dragonfly pocket knife that folds exactly like the true thing, but is entirely made of wood and has no sharp edges or points.

For ages 7 and up, this entertaining kit includes complete step-by-step instructions. Great for almost any new knife fan of any age to learn about the intricacy of knife construction.

7. JJ’s LockBack Wooden Pocket Knife Kit

JJ's LockBack Wooden Pocket Knife Kit

JJ’s Lockback Knife Kit made in the USA. No other knife kit is US-made and conforms to US standards for toys. Great way to teach knife safety and proper handling.

Comes as a kit with all components needed to construct a functioning, spring action lock back knife. Blade advantage rather than sharpened.

This toy is an excellent craft project. STEM principles of mechanical cam action and locking mechanism are learned when building.

8. Morakniv Rookie Fixed Blade Safe Knife for Kids with Blunt Tip

Morakniv Rookie Fixed Blade Safe Knife for Kids with Blunt Tip

Safety first – the Morakniv rookie is the perfect choice for the kids knife user. The beginner knife is a brand new sibling into the popular Morakniv Scout knives. This new M-12991 has a much more rounded safety tip to boost security even further. Along with the finger Guard – which prevents the hands from slipping onto the blade – the rookie is a suitable entrance knife for children’s woodcarving.

The small, spindle-shaped handle is a good size for children’s hands along the pure timber is extra nice to hold and work with. Stainless steel blade. A Black polypropylene sheath retains both the knife and is user-friendly when the knife’s not being used.

9.  JJ’s Knife Kit JJ6 Fixed Blade

JJ's Knife Kit JJ6 Fixed Blade

JJ”s Knife Kit – 2 Blade Over Under Knife Kit. Model JJ6. Includes all parts needed to make a wooden 2-blade Over & Under the pocket knife. Kit includes 7 pieces of timber, 3 alloy pins, and an instruction card.

The blades that are included are unsharpened and have curved points. Kit includes small parts. Adult supervision is required. Not suggested for kids under 7 years old.

10. RKT Nathan’s Knife Kit: Wooden Pocket Knife

RKT Nathan's Knife Kit: Wooden Pocket Knife

Nathan’s Knife Kit has been adopted as the go-to teaching tool to instal knife security and responsibility for youth worldwide. Award-winning, Oregon based designer, Glenn Klecker and his son Nathan, developed this timber knife apparel as a family crafts job that isn’t only a fantastic engineering lesson in the way the folding knife works, but also a creative woodworking project which may be painted, stained, or drawn on for pleasure.

11.  Klecker Knives Trigger Knife Kit

Klecker Knives Trigger Knife Kit

Use this kit to help teach your kid knife safety and accountable knife possession skills. Made from PVC plastic just like model automobiles and aeroplanes are. All edges are rounded for security, similar to a plastic butter knife.

12. Kai Little Chef Club Children’s Stainless Steel Knife

Kai Little Chef Club Children's Stainless Steel Knife

Easy to hold sounds like a much safer choice than anything else that I have in my kitchen and the children love helping in the kitchen.


What is the appropriate age to give a pocket knife to a kid?

You can give your kids their first pocket knives when they are between 5 or 7 years of age. It is recommended that you supervise the kids when doing this. The most important thing is that it’s made for children and that it has a rounded tip. Entrusting your kid with a pocket knife depends a lot on the child’s maturity and ability to take responsibility.

Are pocket knifes safe for kids?

Kids’ pocket knives are generally made out of plastic and wood, so they are safe. Serrated edges will ensure that your child is safe. Plastic and wooden knives are great for cutting fruits and vegetables and will serve your child’s purposes.

Which is the best pocket knife for beginners?

We recommend Morakniv rookie fixed blade. It is an excellent option for a beginner blade since it has a rounded tip and finger guard, which is excellent for cut prevention. Safety is the most important thing for beginners, so when you decide to purchase this product for your kid, make sure you take all necessary precautions.

What are the benefits of kids’ pocket knives?

When supervised, pocket knives are a great gift that will teach your kid the difference between toy and tool. Kids learn a lot about responsibility when they get such an important gift. It boasts a child’s independence and, over time, increases its physical dexterity. Oversee your children and teach them how to use these knives as they will be a vital tool in their lives.

What is the crucial feature to consider when buying my child a pocket knife?

Safety should always come first, so look for features such as safety tips, serrated edges, and finger guards. A folding knife is a great option to save space and can easily fit in pockets or on a child’s belt.


You will feel more secure when you let your children touch and learn how to protect themselves when using sharp objects. Pocket knives for kids will help parents teach them that. Hopefully, with 12 pocket knife products for kids introduced above, you will have the choice suitable for your child’s age.

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