9 Best LEGO Train Sets Reviews in 2021 Parents Can Buy

Train sets from LEGO are very popular and timeless toys among children of all ages. It’s easy to spend hours of fun piecing these intricate places together. During this time, LEGO has generated dozens of special train collections that fit with numerous levels of power capacities.

Out of all of the products you will find stashed in the current market, these 9 would be the best Lego train sets you could get your hands on for this stage. They’re beyond enjoyable to play, and placing them together is a breeze because directions arrive included.

List of 9 Best LEGO Train Set Reviews

1. LEGO City Passenger Train 60197 Building Kit

9 Best LEGO Train Sets Reviews in 2021 Parents Can Buy 1

This Lego City passenger train set is simple for kids ages six to 12. The train comprises a Bluetooth remote to push the train. The kit includes 677 bits and requires batteries to get the job done.

When the passenger train is assembled together, you can eliminate the auto roofs that play the Minifigures within the cars. The round track comprises four straight bits and 16 curved bits. A stage and train sign is included also!

2. LEGO City High-speed Passenger Train 60051 Train

9 Best LEGO Train Sets Reviews in 2021 Parents Can Buy 2

The High-Speed Passenger Train out of the LEGO City Trains lineup is an enjoyable and complicated working train collection. The collection includes a motorized high-speed rail using a slick, aerodynamic appearance plus high-speed power contact points.

The roofs of this train are removable and also the train automobiles include sets and tables. The train works using a distinctive 8-channel, 7-speed infrared remote controller. This collection has everything required for the train up and running, such as a whole circular track finish with 16 curved rails and four straight rails.

There is a way channel that sits at the center of the train paths, composed of a little platform with two bench seats, a train map for LEGO City, a railroad warning signal with attached lights along with a bike to cross over the paths.

The set includes three exceptional LEGO Minifigures, such as a train driver that sits at the driver’s cabin, a train traveler along with also a cyclist for the manner channel. This high-speed LEGO train set is a contemporary twist on a timeless favorite.

3. LEGO Creator Maersk Train

9 Best LEGO Train Sets Reviews in 2021 Parents Can Buy 3

With this collection, you’re certainly going to get your money’s worth. There are approximately 1,237 pieces accessible, such as two wagons, three containers, a shunter truck, and a trailer. While no engine comes contained in this group, the rail can readily be fitted with a motor that will boost its capabilities. What’s more, since the details are extremely intricate, the train with all its elements functions as a replica of the actual Maersk diesel-electric cargo train.

4. LEGO City Cargo Train 60198 Remote Control Train

9 Best LEGO Train Sets Reviews in 2021 Parents Can Buy 4

This remote-control train sets contains 1226 bits and is a great selection for children ages six to 12. This can be a complex set, that has a freight train with four automobiles. There’s also a control center, a swimmer, as well as an armored vehicle.

The set includes six mini-figures, including a robber and a safety officer! Acting out a large heist for this train set is entertaining for children of all ages. This set is large enough to get hours of fun creating and hours of pleasure with the final product.

5. LEGO® Disney® The Lone Ranger Constitution Train

9 Best LEGO Train Sets Reviews in 2021 Parents Can Buy 5

A unique in the Disney film The Lone Ranger, this Constitution Train Chase collection from LEGO is an incredible total of 699 pieces. The Constitution train is an impressive locomotive with exceptional detailing, such as a coal car using a secret hideout to get mini-figures, an attached noodle having a rotating gun along with a classic prison-style prison lane.

The collection includes seven mini-figure characters in the film along with the Lone Ranger’s horse, Silver, and many weapons to attach into the palms of mini-figures. This train set is a remarkable launch in the LEGO brand.

6. LEGO City 60098 Heavy-haul Train

9 Best LEGO Train Sets Reviews in 2021 Parents Can Buy 6

If you like trains and Lego, then you can’t go wrong with this collection. Each one of the parts seems fantastic, and they’re really simple to assemble. The freight train includes a traditional European design. To make matters more interesting, this set includes five mini-figure employees.

One of these is a lady, which means you should have no problem with coming up with lines. It is possible to add lights if you prefer since the motor has sufficient power to encourage them and propel the train at elevated rates.

7. LegoTM Horizon Express Train

9 Best LEGO Train Sets Reviews in 2021 Parents Can Buy 7

Though the Lego Horizon Express doesn’t include power and tracks functions are an update sold individually, this is a superb train for adults and teenagers to construct.

This train is similar to a version or more than a typical train collection. It’s contained in the list since it’s complicated, and contractors love it! You receive six mini-figures using the pair and some excellent accessories.

The train includes a sliding glass door in the toilet, which you can see by lifting the roof from the locomotive. There are 1352 bits on this collection.

8. LEGO Creator Emerald Night Train

9 Best LEGO Train Sets Reviews in 2021 Parents Can Buy 8

The Emerald Night train collection in the LEGO Creator line includes a potent look. The rail itself is a locomotive design and can be leaking with amazing details, including a working steam locomotive, a furnace, and a dining room with a detachable roof, opening doors and tender along with an extraordinarily thorough inside.

When in motion, the locomotive’s wheels go piston-style, which makes this LEGO train a very unique one. The Emerald Night train collection is among the very detailed sets LEGO has released, which makes it a popular thing amongst LEGO collectors and train fans alike.

9. Lego Metroliner Train Set

9 Best LEGO Train Sets Reviews in 2021 Parents Can Buy 9

Deluxe is the expression that best describes this collection, and it’s obvious to see that the manufacturers actually got creative when they have been designing it.

Among the coolest things about the rail is that its realistic information and lights that turn on if it’s in movement. Other elements include a functioning motor, a railroad system, 11 passengers, steering wagons, an oval track, a bag cart, and two bicycles.


This listing comprises train sets for ages toddler around mature. Irrespective of the skill level, Lego is appreciated by everybody involved with the construct. It is irrelevant if there are lots of colorful pieces or simply a few, everybody would like to play with Lego!

In general, it’s safe to state you could not go wrong with all the collections listed above. All of them offer exceptional experience and more than enough pieces to construct something amazing. Whether you’re a long-established collector or a newcomer from the collecting world, in our view, your collection won’t be complete if you don’t have some of them.