5 Best LEGO Chess Sets Reviews of 2021 Parents Should Buy

Children love LEGO, it is only a fact. However, a rising number of children also love chess! LEGO chess sets are ideal as a present for the kid who loves both chess and LEGO or to get your child who’s reluctant to sit down on the table and requires just a bit of extra encouragement. The enjoyable LEGO bits could just give them the boost of inspiration required to eventually sit down and have an interest in the match!

If you are already beginning to feel overwhelmed only from the brief collection of all LEGO chess collections on the current market, do not worry! The hard work is already done for you. We have assembled the very best of the best here on this listing, which means you don’t need to sort through them on your own.

List of 5 Best LEGO Chess Sets Reviews

1. LEGO Iconic Chess Set

5 Best LEGO Chess Sets Reviews of 2021 Parents Should Buy 1

The LEGO Iconic Chess Set is also, as its title suggests, nothing short of iconic. It’s among the very hands-on LEGO chess sets available, in substantial part as a result of its refusal to incorporate any minifigures in any way! That is correct, if you would like to play The LEGO Iconic Chess Place, you must construct it all-board and bits – from scratch. This collection is for the authentic LEGO enthusiast!

The neat thing about the LEGO Iconic Chess Collection is that it actually comprises an integrated storage area inside the chessboard itself. There, you can save your chess pieces when you are not using them or your own checker’s pieces. So, did we say you may also play checkers with this particular board?

It is an excellent all in 1 set, and you’re going to feel a fantastic sense of achievement as soon as you’ve completed building the collection, understanding that you generated each of the bits and the plank out of practically nothing!

2. LEGO Kingdoms Chess Set

5 Best LEGO Chess Sets Reviews of 2021 Parents Should Buy 2

Construct all 32 royal personalities, then the white and black baseplate plank! Set your military set up with their firearms and weapons, then struggle with your opponent at a timeless game of chess — LEGO┬« style! It contains a storage container!

3. LEGO Pirates Chess Set

5 Best LEGO Chess Sets Reviews of 2021 Parents Should Buy 3

Arrrthere be a Pirates Chess Set off the port bow! Construct the fun beach-themed plank, construct the 32 vibrant, brick-built playing bits, and get started learning this traditional strategy game with your friends and loved ones!

This fun set contains pirates and Bluecoats, which you may easily move across the board. Now hoist the mainsail and then prepare for success, me hearties! The set comprises 20 minifigures with various accessories and weapons.

4. Lego Knights Kingdom Chess Set

5 Best LEGO Chess Sets Reviews of 2021 Parents Should Buy 4

If you would like something somewhat more Medieval, the LEGO Knights Kingdom Chess Set could be just the item for you personally! This is really a rare LEGO chess set that has become harder and harder to discover, therefore it might be a fantastic present for a lucky kid or even a collector of all things LEGO. Be informed, the cost will represent its rarity, which is among the costlier LEGO chess collections on our listing.

5. LEGO Vikings Chess Set

5 Best LEGO Chess Sets Reviews of 2021 Parents Should Buy 5

This LEGO chess match is among the coolest and trendiest with this listing. Pirates had their 15 minutes of popularity a couple of years before, but today the hottest seafaring pillagers would be the Vikings!

The LEGO Vikings Chess Set includes all the lengthy struggle axes and horned helmets you would expect to see at this set. The intriguing thing about this group is that both arenas are included in Vikings, instead of featuring Vikings participated in conflict against one of the historic enemies.

With this place, the Red collection of Vikings is facing off from the Blue group of Vikings, for some unknown crime or presumed violation of Viking manners. The chessboard is premade for you personally and can be comprised of a simple, horizontal, black and white baseplate, without an excess set-dressing without inside storage constructed in.


LEGO chess sets are a terrific gift that any kid would be thrilled to own. They are also perfect for collectors and adults. With a lot of customization options, there is a LEGO boxing work out there for everyone, regardless of what or how diverse your pursuits may be.

Not only are they a great deal of pleasure, but we believe LEGO chess sets may also be emotionally beneficial. We already know more about the psychological benefits the sport of chess can supply, but the additional aspect of creating your own chess set from LEGO pieces adds much more imagination that fosters creativity in kids and grownups alike.

The practice of constructing the pair exercises your mind and enjoying the game subsequently keeps it in form. LEGO chess sets are a terrific way to enlarge your creativity while having fun, and we highly recommend them for everyone!

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