Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Truck Sets Reviews in 2024

LEGO Fire trucks are a few of the best choices when you’re searching for toys. Every child loves this kind of playing since it is busy rather than bores.

Playing LEGO fire trucks enhances children’s spatial awareness and provides them the chance to become physically active. Additionally, if the plan is excellent, they’ll enjoy it more.

To assist you to make the ideal option, we have constructed a listing of the best LEGO fire truck toys for children. Every one of those toys will occupy your kids for hours on a daily basis.

List of 9 Best LEGO Fire Truck Sets Reviews

1. LEGO City Fire Truck

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Truck Sets Reviews in 2024 1

Get to your action channels! There is a fire in LEGO® City and the firefighters will need to hurry into the scene within their incredible Fire Truck! Connect the hose, then extend the ladder and match up in firefighting equipment. Then it is time to catch, climb the ladder and extinguish this flame! It contains 2 firefighter minifigures with various accessories.

2. LEGO City Fire Ladder Truck

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Truck Sets Reviews in 2024 2

Hop from the Fire Ladder Truck and rush into the scene! Stretch the ladder and then put out the flame. Utilize the exceptional stud-shooting hose to combat the blaze and combat the flames onto the floor together with all the fire extinguishers. Maintain the petroleum barrel from bursting! It is your choice to safeguard the city!

3. LEGO City Fire Chief Response Truck

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Truck Sets Reviews in 2024 3

Give youthful firefighters a deal using a detail-rich fire truck building toy collection, featured from the new-for-2019 TV series. This cool LEGO® City 60231 Fire Chief Response Truck toy comes with a brick-built fire truck with a detachable cage, opening roof along with a display in the taxi, an electric box with buildable fire component and opening doors, a water cannon with water tank, and 2 minifigures.

Give any LEGO builder a remarkable building encounter with Directions PLUS, available from the LEGO Life program for tablets and smartphones. The easy-to-use, instinctive building instructions allow them to rotate and picture their production utilizing the distinctive ghost manner as they move. Directions PLUS can also be great for younger contractors, directing them throughout the construction process to get a better sense of freedom and accomplishment.

4. LEGO City 4X4 Fire Truck

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Truck Sets Reviews in 2024 4

The tree is constructed on a mild green 4×4 baseplate using five brown 2×2 curved bricks piled on each other. Above that is a bit with four brief rods that bend upward on each side. Two of them have a green big foliage bit’ on another hand, with a few of these encouraging two flame bits.

Above this is just another brown 2×2 circular brick, and yet another pair of leaves, even though a lighter color, and with just 1 fire bit. This lasts again, although contains four smaller foliage pieces instead of big ones. All these have two flames on these. The shrub is completed with a mild green 2×2 round piece.

The foundation of this fire truck is dark gray. Additionally, it has some mild rock-gray bits, in addition to light gray wheel hubs and tires that are black. Yellow wheel guards move on top of them, and above light gray axles. The driver’s part of this truck has a yellowish seat and steering wheel, in addition to a yellow cup onto the dashboard.

It’s 1x3x1 red doors and a 2x6x2 transparent blue windshield using mirrors that are white. It’s a red roof with a flame sticker, along with a blue light bar on the very top. Front of the segment has blue and yellow headlights plus a white license plate showing ‘JM 4208’. Behind this is a control panel segment separated by a 3x4x1 wall bit.

5. LEGO City Downtown Fire Brigade

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Truck Sets Reviews in 2024 5

Protect the citizens of LEGO® City using the unbelievable 60216 Downtown Fire Brigade collection, with a massive fire pit truck using new-for-January-2019 working light and solid brick, extending the aerodynamic ladder and fire hose using a new-for-January-2019 pump with water jet’ function.

This thrilling group also comes with a 3-level construction with roof, structure area with fencing, falling lamppost along with a porta-toilet with detachable front and top, and a freestanding crane with rotating arm and also working winch.

There is also a flame helicopter with opening cockpit and R.O.S.-T3 that the ROV, both using a new-for-January-2019 3-stud shooter, and a motorbike with distance for warning lights, and 7 minifigures.

6. LEGO City Fire Engine Set

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Truck Sets Reviews in 2024 6

The deserted house away from the town is on fire! Hurry to the scene using the Significant Fire Engine! Assist the firefighters to prepare the motor by extending the outriggers, then rotate the ladder in place and fire the exceptional stud-shooting hose to douse the fires. Guard yourself in the flame together with the gear from the vehicle. Be a hero in LEGO® City!

7. LEGO Duplo Town Fire Truck

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Truck Sets Reviews in 2024 7

Jump on the LEGO® DUPLO® Fire Truck and save the day! Hurry to the burning building and assist the firefighter winch up himself at the crane. When he is high enough to handle the flames, then use the hose to put out the flame.

Then climb through the window to ensure that the construction is clear. Young kids will adore creating endless rescue experiences with this simple to construct place, designed to promote early building abilities.

Use this collection to speak with kids about fire safety and the significant job of firefighters in our communities. DUPLO bricks are designed to be safe and fun for smaller hands. It contains a firefighter LEGO DUPLO figure.

8. LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Truck

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Truck Sets Reviews in 2024 8

Perform real-life situations at LEGO® DUPLO® Town: a familiar world with contemporary DUPLO figures. Help your little firefighter dash to the rescue at the 10901 Fire Truck for children with flashing blue light and siren noise!

This fire truck toy is simple to construct with an opening drawer plus a ladder. Toddlers will love to assist the firefighter rescue the cat out of your buildable tree! It contains 2 DUPLO amounts along with a kitty figure.

9. LEGO City Great Vehicles

Top 9 Best LEGO Fire Truck Sets Reviews in 2024 9

The jet engine is on fire and has to be set out, quickly! Hurry to the scene at the Airport Fire Truck, stage the water cannon in the blaze and douse it with a burst of water.

If this does not take action, reel outside the side-mounted fire hose and also assist the firefighter direct more water on the flames. No fire is too large for the wonderful Airport Fire Truck!

Collect this and the rest of the vehicles at the Great Vehicles range! It contains 2 firefighter minifigures with various accessories.


Locating the ideal LEGO fire truck toys for children has a double function. During the fun, any child may learn valuable things about crisis services and how can they operate.

There are a whole lot of different LEGO toys available on the market. All of these are catered more towards schooling, however, the past couple of years have seen plenty of flexible model seeming. Anyone of those LEGO fire truck toys is a perfect present, also. We expect you will make the ideal decision to make your child happy.