15 Best Lego BIONICLE Sets 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Bionicle is a remarkably common selection of Lego building toys aimed at 8 to 16-year-old children. Different from before Lego topics, it’s the advantage of an original narrative that unfolds to a multimedia spectrum that expands as the subject develops.

You will find such a huge range of Bionicle sets in the marketplace in which the normal parent might easily become confused by the sheer quantity of choice. In this short article, we emphasize 15 of that which we regard as the very best LEGO Bionicle games. The list contains a number of the first Bionicle games, but also lots of quite new Bionicle sets.

List of 15 Best Lego BIONICLE Sets Reviews

1. Lego 8538 Muaka & Kane-Ra

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Muaka, the tiger Rahi, is black and yellow. If you squeeze its neck, then its mind starts forwards, its mouth snaps closed fast, then its mind retracts. It pushes around on a pair of treads and includes a set of sharp, yellow claws. It’s two masks attached to the arms. If both of the masks pulled off, together with the axle that can it be attached to, then the arm will probably fall off.

Kane-Ra, the bull Rahi, is black and red. It’s similar attributes to Muaka. The only difference, apart from the various color scheme, would be the horns on its head and hooves on its own feet. Both variations can be combined to make a Kuma-Nui.

2. LEGO Bionicle Legends MATA NUI

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The Legend of Mata Nui is a 3D action-adventure platformer. Combat with Makuta’s animals is triumphed, with all the Toa shooting lasers from their own tools. Some animals will spawn greatly out of nests, which has to be destroyed to stem the wave.

Mask powers are just another core part of gameplay and span a vast assortment of applications that have to be placed toward solving puzzles.

3. Lego Bionicle Boxed Set Exo-Toa 8557

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Exo-Toa is armored suits that could be worn from the 2001 Toa Mata along with the 2002 Toa Nuva. But, neither Pohatu figure will match without complete reconstruction, and minor alterations are necessary to get Onua Mata to match.

The Toa attempted to utilize the suits to conquer the Bahrag but took them off once they recognized using them decreased their electricity. The Exo-Toa (unpiloted) afterward made an attempt to conquer the Bohrok-Kal but neglected and were ruined.

After a Toa dons the Exo-Toa armor, he wields more power than being on Mata Nui has ever known! Hidden underground for centuries, the Exo-Toa comes with a powerful claw arm and an electro-missile that actually fires. But will the energy of this Exo-Toa be sufficient to conquer the Bahrag?

4. Lego Bionicle Bohrok-Kal Kohrak-Kal

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8575 Kohrak-Kal is a BIONICLE set published in January 2003. It comprises Kohrak-Kal, who had been the Bohrok-Kal of Sonic. Particular versions of this set also contained a little CD-ROM with trailers, information, and much more. Like another Bohrok-Kal Kohrak-Kal came with a Krana-Kal.

Kohrak-Kal’s instrument is a sonic guard. It may alter its speed of vibration nearly immediately, forming a dense sonic barrier that could repel most kinds of assault. It’s even more striking when used in assault mode — bursts of sonic emanations may deafen a competition or when utilized at greater intensity can cause just about any goal to shatter and stress.

5. LEGO Bionicle: Red TOA Vakama

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8601 Toa Vakama was a 49-bit BIONICLE set released in 2004. His arms could be moved by turning a gear on his back. Vakama comes with a Kanoka Disc Launcher plus a Toa-Disk.

Toa Metru of Fire and guardian of Ta-Metru, Vakama utilizes his disc launcher and Fantastic Mask of Concealment to overcome threats to Metru Nui. His odd dreams of the future lead the Toa on dangerous quests to the darkest regions of the town of legends.

6. LEGO Battle of Metru NUI

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This set is really a playset with two minifigures. It comes with every one of the Toa Hordika minifigures and seven Visorak minifigures. Additionally, it will come with a massive Kahgarak (when compared with these minifigures) with a gold Visorak headset that may fire the smaller Visorak.

7. LEGO Bionicle Brutaka

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Brutaka premiered in mid-2006 as a large-boxed set. He included 193 pieces. He along with another 2006 Titans were the first to reevaluate the brand new shin braces, utilizing the newest ball-joints along with a piston for extra support. Brutaka’s parts can be united with those of Axonn to construct Botar, whose directions could be discovered on BIONICLE.

The bits out of Brutaka, Axonn, and Vezon, and Fenrakk may also combine in the Kardas Dragon using the directions on BIONICLE or people packed with the pieces of the three at a particular variant Kardas Dragon collection available at Target or some LEGO shop.

8. LEGO Bionicle 8927: Toa Terrain Crawler

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The Toa Terrain Crawler will be the most important focus of this set. It is made of three chief segments, which are front, which includes the piloting region, along with the center and rear, which is employed to comprise both Toa or even Barraki.

The leading part is an oversize version of Hahli Mahri’s mask, The Kanohi Faxon, Mask of all Kindred, with windows was that the eye pit was, and many tentacles and weapons attached for good measure.

Mounted on the center sections are equally a working Cordak Blaster, along with a claw apparatus for catching air spheres. At the conclusion of the end, segments have located some kind of engine, in addition to many tentacles and spikes.

9. Lego Bionicle Mazeka Limited Edition Vehicle

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8954 Mazeka is a BIONICLE set published in July 2008. It had been exclusive to Wal-Mart and LEGO Retail Stores in the United States. It Includes the Ko-Matoran Mazeka and his Swamp Strider with a modified Midak world launcher.

Mazeka travels to Karda Nui on his Helryx Swamp Strider to attack for the Purchase of Mata Nui! This courageous Matoran dares any threat to halt the evil Brotherhood of Makuta. His Midak sky blaster turret rotates 360 degrees and comes with 9 mild spheres. Adjust the bottoms of this swamp strider, load your sky blaster and prepare for battle!

10. LEGO Bionicle Baranus

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8994 Baranus V7 is a chariot kind BIONICLE sets. It Has an Agori of those missing Iron Tribe, Sahmad, along with a ferocious two-headed monster called a Spikit. The Spikit is green, white, silver and black. The monster’s spine piece was initially utilized as Gresh’s leaf blade. The Sahmad figure includes a Thornax launcher in 1 hand and a whip in another.

The wicked Sahmad steers the Baranus V7 to conflict pulled with a barbarous, two-headed Spikit! Equipped with a series, whip, and spiked Thornax launcher, Sahmad strikes fears into his rivals in the stadium. Includes figure, automobile, and two-headed Spikit.

11. LEGO Skrall 7136

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This collection includes 21 pieces to construct a Skrall. It conveys a black sword with it. The final bit of this set is that the sword pommel of this gold armor, to be fitted on 7116 Tahu. The majority of the bits are black.

Defeated but not ruined, the Skrall are all set to take revenge on Mata Nui, the Glatorian warriors, as well as also the Agori villagers they shield. When the undisputed masters of the village of Roxtus, the staying Skrall roam the desert seeking victims.

Skrall is arrogant, vicious, savage, fears nothing, and cares about much less. They are amazingly skilled boxers, both with and without weapons. What they might lack in a technique that they make up for with absolute bludgeoning strength and power.

12. LEGO Bionicle Tahu – Master of Fire

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Tahu is a gold and red titan-sized figure composed of 89 bits. It includes fresh armor bits in gold onto his arms and legs. A liveaboard for Tahu is made from Hero Factory fire pieces and fresh blade components, it may also be utilized as swords for Tahu.

Two gold Hero Factory Brain Attack knives function as Tahu’s firearms. Also contained in this collection are just two-thirds of Fire (Red and Gold) and also one in translucent orange at 5002941 BIONICLE Hero Package. Additionally included is a spring greenish-yellow Skull Spider.

13. LEGO Bionicle Umarak the Hunter

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Umarak is equipped with lots of different weapons, such as a huge Bone Hunting Bow Shooter, also like a blade, a spare ammunition cartridge, and shoulder pauldrons which could detach to become a Shadow Trap. He also conveys the Hunter Mask and contains the Mask of Control.

Turning a knob on Umarak’s rear causes his waist to swing. By pushing down on the rear of the body’s eyestalk, his mask will fly.

Umarak comes with his Bone Hunting Bow Shooter that may take green studs, a sword that may be attached to his upper leg, an excess rate reloader for your bow, along his shoulder pauldrons could be flipped into a Shadow Trap with a few additional pieces included with this pair.

Umarak can combine with any of those additional six Elemental Creatures published in early 2016 throughout the bit of Unification attached to his spine.

14. LEGO Bionicle Axalara T9

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At the final struggle between the armies of Makuta and the Toa, Lewa profits a powerful new weapon at the Axalara T9 battlecruiser. Its equipped with double Midak Skyblasters, shields, and lasers, that this item is as deadly as they come. As a result of a new set of armor, Lewa is prepared to ride into battle.

Apart from a particular variant Lewa, the Axalara T9 has lots of unique features. The gears on both sides may open and shut the tri-arms, the landing gear can be raised and lowered, and the sides may open to show the Midak Skyblasters. On top of that, the handle under could be used to fly this BIONICLE place right into conflict!

15. LEGO Bionicle Uxar Creature of Jungle

15 Best Lego BIONICLE Sets 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 15

Uxar is a beetle-like monster. Its color scheme is composed of silver, trans apple green, bright yellow, black, white, and green. From the group, it also comprises a shadow snare, among Umarak’s minions.


What is the appropriate age for LEGO Bionicle sets?

Bionicle sets are mostly advertised for children between eight and sixteen years of age. This building set contains Throwbots and RoboRiders.

Are LEGO Bionicle sets rare?

Yes, they are since LEGO stopped production of these sets back in 2010. However, they made a big comeback in 2024 after many collectors showed interest in it. Rare sets are also quite valuable and can be sold for a high price when you sell them secondhand.

How many pieces do you get in the Bionicle LEGO set?

There are various options with different piece numbers to choose from. The biggest set is Bionicle Brutaka. This is a 193 piece set that is sure to keep your child busy for numerous hours.

How many Bionical LEGO sets exist?

There are approximately 240 Bionical LEGO sets. This doesn’t include spare parts, extra parts, or extra ammo.

Are LEGO sets beneficial for children?

They absolutely are. LEGO sets help in children’s cognitive and fine motor skills development. It also increases kids’ focus and social skills. Many studies have shown that LEGO building sets can help kids diagnosed with ADHD. It is a great therapy for autistic kids and helps with their communication skills and development.


These men are so much pleasure, not just to develop but to perform with. As they are a part of a bigger world, children can re-enact each of their experiences. There could be after versions of this Toa published, but the originals are a few of the ideal.

I hope this guide helps you in locating the very best LEGO BIONICLE sets. Should you disagree with this listing or need to add to it, please comment below with your favorite collections from the BIONICLE universe.

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