Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers – 2024 Comparison Guide

When a baby is born, they eat and drink from their mother’s breast, and it goes through the body and out of the diaper.

Diapers can be made of paper, plastic, or fabric. After diapers are collected, they go to a processing plant where all the materials get sorted and recycled for future use.

Types of Diapers: Paper vs Plastic vs Fabric

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Paper diapers were what started it all in 1887 when an inspired French professor came up with the idea of absorbing liquids into cellulose fibers that then turned into wood pulp which could be used as wipes. They became popular during World War II because of the cotton rations needed for bandages on war injuries. Only recently have paper diapers been given some time in the spotlight again thanks to companies like Seventh Generation and their chlorine-free diapers. These are not the most practical of options for parents though because even though they may be biodegradable, they last longer in landfills than plastic diapers do.

Plastic is your regular everyday diaper made out of polyethylene or polypropylene. They are waterproof but still breathable which means that moisture can still get out. Some brands include Huggies and Pampers.

Fabric is the new kid on the block when it comes to diapers. These breathable, stretchy, and lightweight diapers usually feature a water-resistant backing which makes them easy to use and take care of. They do not have any chemical fragrances or dyes so you can rest assured that your baby’s skin will be safe.

Pampers Swaddlers

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Pampers Swaddlers are the number one choice of hospitals for newborns because they feature an umbilical cord cut-out that makes it perfect for babies undergoing surgery. By offering superior comfort and safety along with premium softness, Swaddlers help keep your baby dry day or night, whatever their position may be. They also have everything you need in terms of absorbing wetness so you won’t have to use as many diaper changes throughout the day which means less risk of diaper rash.

Pampers Swaddlers vary starting at Newborn up to size 6, which covers infants between 6 to 35 pounds. Cruisers begin at size 3 and progress to size 7, which will cover 16 to 41 pounds of tiny babies.

Another distinctive feature that these diapers have is the stripe of wetness. It’s difficult to tell whether your baby has an unwashed diaper! There isn’t a lot of urine production, which means that the diaper won’t appear bulky when it’s wet. But, with this awesome stripe of wetness, it will change color when your baby’s diaper is wet. This will help to avoid unneeded changes. This also lets you change your baby’s diaper as soon as they’re wet, to prevent diaper irritation!

What’s also good about these is that they are pretty affordable at the start. You may be using more than 10 diapers a day and these are a super option for those on a budget. You need to focus on your babies well being and your money too. The diapers were specially designed with night changing in mind and they feature special grooves that will evenly distribute urine and you won’t have a super-soaked diaper in one spot.

What else would we highlight with these diapers that they are super soft and they won’t scratch or itch your little loved one? The baby will stay dry and happy all the time and the special liner that absorbs wetness and leaves the skin dry is a big plus for any wetness or possible rashes.

Pampers Cruisers

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Pampers Cruisers are the same as Pampers Swaddlers with the only difference being that Cruisers are made for active babies! They are designed to stay dry for up to 12 hours, perfect for outings and naps. Whether your baby is crawling or running around, their diaper will not fall off.

If you notice leaks at night time it’s because of two main reasons: Not enough absorbency: Sometimes parents don’t realize how much liquid the baby can hold. For nighttime changes, make sure your baby has more than just one wetness indicator which means that they might need an extra booster during their nap or overnight time. Soiled diapers: When you notice that there’s poop in between changes try changing them more frequently as babies often poop after every meal.

Here’s what you need to know about Pampers Cruisers: They are waterproof and breathable, like all diapers. They feature a 3-Way fit which makes the diaper looks small but it actually has a three-way fit that flexes at the waist, legs, and bottom. This ensures that no matter how active your baby is during their nap or overnight time, their diaper will not fall off.

Cruisers have lots of stretchy tabs on both sides for easy fastening and refastening when you need to make them smaller or bigger. They feature the wetness indicator stripe in the front to let you know when it’s time for a change! Cruisers offer less bulk which means more comfort, especially if your little one is crawling around the house all day long. There are four different sizes available ranging from size 3 to size 7 diapers that weigh 16 to 41 pounds.

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Cruisers have soft sides to help stretch and move with your child. They’re stretchy but they’re not prone to excessive sagging! Everyone doesn’t want to see a diaper that is sagging on their child. Cruisers are able to stop unsightly sagging.  Cruisers are designed to hold more fluid and prevent leaks overnight. The elastic waistband on the legs keeps in all of it and helps to provide a great fit every time!

Cruisers are ideal for active babies, as they have lots of stretchy tabs that make them easy to refasten. They also flex with your baby’s movements so they will always be comfortable during those light or heavy naps! When you need an extra booster, don’t worry about using bulky diapers as Cruisers are designed with less bulk, meaning more comfort for your baby. For nighttime changes, Pampers Cruisers offers 12 hours of protection which means fewer changes throughout the night.


For smaller babies the Pampers Swaddlers are ideal. If you have a crawling or running baby then the cruisers are best, they are designed for ease of movement and comfort. Either way these are cheaper than other brands at around 2 dollars a diaper depending on where you buy them. These diapers also come in cute designs if that matters to you.