9 Best BB Guns for 10-Year-Olds 2024 – Top Picks

If you are looking for the best BB guns for 10-year-olds then you have come to the right place. BB guns are great for kids to learn about gun safety and etiquette. Most BB guns are modeled on real firearms, but they are specifically designed for shooting only lead pellets. They shoot low-powered projectiles at lower velocities than air rifles or .22 caliber rimfire rifles. Due to the absence of high velocity, there is no danger to anybody else or property of anybody else.

You can buy BB guns for adults too but, do remember that they are intended only for target practice and plinking.

The history of BB Guns goes back to the 18th century. In 1797, a French inventor, Francois Affiliated unveiled a gun made from two pieces of bentwood with small holes for bullets which he named Batons De Baliste or Ballista – a weapon that could be used in military and sports events.  This gun worked on the basis of air pressure and did not have any spring. It was the first air-powered BB gun.

The American toy manufacturing companies had taken this idea of making guns for fun. The Daisy Manufacturing Company was one of them which invented a better version in 1882. They made the shape more like real firearms and they are still producing these types of products to date.

If you ask the question “are BB guns legal?” then the answer is yes, they are legal to own and shoot provided you follow all state laws.

They are not suitable for hunting or self-defense. So with all that in mind, here is our list of the best BB guns for kids and for 10-year-olds:

1. Daisy Outdoor Products Camo 35 Boxed

Daisy Outdoor Products Camo 35 Boxed


This Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo air rifle is a multi-pump pneumatic that delivers 625 fps with steel BBs or 500 fps with lead pellets. With its smoothbore barrel, this air rifle shoots BBs up to 50 yards and pellets up to 35 yards.

It features a molded stock and forearm with checkering for a sure grip, adjustable rear sight and blade front sight, and an ambidextrous raised cheekpiece. The pump action on this .177 caliber air rifle has been tested and is a great choice!

2. Crosman 760 Pumpmaster

Crosman 760 Pumpmaster


The Crosman 760 pump master is the perfect size for girls! This BB and pellet gun offers a compact design that is ideal for shooting in tight spaces. The rifle features a rifled steel barrel, synthetic stock and forearm, and ambidextrous safety. It shoots BBs or pellets at 625 feet per second with a 10-shot clip.

3. Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun

Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun


Daisy’s Red Ryder BB gun is a lever cocking spring air action pellet rifle that fires .177 caliber 4. 5mm BBs at a maximum velocity of 350 fps. The smooth bore steel barrel measures 22 inches in length, and the cross-bolt trigger block safety will keep you safe while shooting.

This air rifle features blade and ramp front sights, as well as an adjustable open rear sight for precise aiming. The overall length of the Red Ryder is 36.75 inches, with a maximum shooting distance of 195 yards. It has a 650 shot capacity and is another great choice for your kid’s first bb gun!

4. The Crosman VooDoo ASGM47

The Crosman VooDoo ASGM47


The Crosman VooDoo ASGM47 is a spring-powered single-shot shotgun. The Voodoo has been a top seller for Crosman for years. The new ASGM47 is the latest version, with upgraded features and performance.

The ASGM47 includes sling mounts and sling, as well as an improved magazine tube that holds 250 rounds instead of the original 200 round capacity. This airsoft shotgun is spring powered and shoots up to 390 FPS with 0.12g BBs (sold separately). It’s perfect for fun backyard shooting or competition events like 3-gun competitions where you can use it.

5. Walther P22

Walther P22


The Elite Force brand 6mm airsoft pistol is a great low-impact, fun-packed spring-powered weapon that’s perfect for backyard target practice. Made from high-strength polymer, this airsoft gun shoots 6mm plastic BBs at up to 260 fps. It includes an extra airsoft magazine and 400 6mm plastic BBs. Fixed front and rear sights are standard on this airsoft gun.

6. The Crosman Bolt Action .177

The Crosman Bolt Action .177


The Crosman Bolt Action .177-Caliber Pellet Rifle with Scope is a durable, synthetic black rifle that shoots pellets or steel BBs. It comes equipped with a rifled steel barrel and has variable control from 350 fps to 700 fps.

A cross-bolt safety ensures proper handling of the rifle, which also features an adjustable stock, loop slots for a sling, and dual aperture rear sight with windage & elevation adjustments. Removable magazine stores pellet clip and sight adjustment tool. Includes Firepower 5-shot pellet clip and BB reservoir holds up to 350 pellets.

7. The Umarex GLOCK 19

The Umarex GLOCK 19


The Umarex GLOCK 19 Gen3 CO2 pistol is a faithful replica of the real deal. This BB gun has a polymer frame with a metal slide, just like the genuine firearm. It features an integrated Weaver rail for mounting accessories, fixed sights, and officially licensed Glock markings on the slide.

This air pistol is powered by one 12-gram CO2 cartridge that’s inserted into the grip (not included). The magazine holds 16 steel BBs and slides into place easily for loading. Shooting at up to 410 FPS, this .177 caliber air pistol is suitable for kids is a great little bb pistol.

8. The Elite Force Walther PPK/S

The Elite Force Walther PPK/S


A great airsoft gun for beginners, the Elite Force Walther PPK/S is a single-action spring-powered BB pistol. It comes with an adjustable rear sight and fixed front sight. This airsoft gun has a rifled metal barrel that is great for accuracy and range. The removable magazine holds 10 rounds of 6mm plastic BBs. You can shoot up to 160 feet per second with this airsoft gun.

9. Daisy Outdoor Products Model 1938

Daisy Outdoor Products Model 1938


The Daisy Outdoor Products Model 1938 Red Ryder BB Gun is an authentic replica of the classic American BB gun. The lever-cocking, spring air action makes this gun easy to use and fun to shoot. It features a rifled steel smoothbore barrel for accuracy and durability. This 177 Caliber rifle has a 650 shot capacity with a velocity of 350 fps max velocity. Its synthetic stock and forearm are stained solid wood with blade front sight and adjustable rear sight.

Have you made up your mind yet? Not so fast! You need to consider a few things before you purchase the best BB guns for 10-year-olds:

The caliber of the gun

Most BB guns run on 0.177-inch diameter pellets. 0.177 inches is almost 3/8ths inch and is comparable to a .22 long rifle bullet. The more expensive models shoot pellets in smaller sizes, such as 0.20 or 0.22-inch diameter, which are 5/16th and 1/5th inches respectively. The larger caliber pellets travel faster and weigh more than smaller calibers.

Select a power source

Pellet guns can be spring-loaded, air piston (pneumatic), or CO2 (carbon dioxide) powered. Pressurized air and carbon dioxide are the two most popular power sources of BB guns. Air-piston pellet rifles provide higher velocities than spring rifles and CO2 models, which require no pumping or winding. They also release all their energy in one shot. Spring-powered rifles allow multiple shots without reloading and can be modified for increased power by increasing the size of the spring to fire harder-hitting ammunition such as 0.177 lead balls instead of lightweight pellets.

Select your barrel type

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The best BB guns for 10-year-olds will come with a choice of several barrel lengths and diameters, namely: bull barrels (longer); carbine (medium length) tapers to pistol grips; full rifle tapers to a pistol grip with a long foregrip for better balance.

Select your sighting system

The most common sighting systems on BB guns are fiber optic sights and open or adjustable iron sights. Fiber optic sights have a special tube of plastic that transmits light from the front sight to the rear sight along a channel formed by tiny glass beads which glow red in daylight and shine brightly under artificial illumination at night, allowing you to aim more precisely even in low-lighting conditions.

Open or adjustable iron sights make it easier to see your target but they require extra care when aiming as you can’t “aim through” them like you can with a scope on a rifle. It is advised not to use an open sight for hunting!

Buy a BB gun you can aim easily

The best BB gun for 10-year-olds must have a weight of 2 lbs. or less to avoid excessive fatigue from holding it up and cranking the cocking mechanism over and over again. It should also be as close as possible to your natural line of sight so that you don’t have to hold the firearm at an unusual angle in order to sight it properly.

All together

Finally, take into account price, quality, manufacturer’s reputation, and design. Quality is probably the most important factor because you want a pellet gun that will last through years of shooting without jamming or breaking down. A good brand name should come only after considering all other factors first since these are not cheap BB guns for 10-year-olds!

If you are a parent, consider these guidelines when choosing the best BB gun for your child:

Always supervise

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Always supervise your child. In fact, you should never let your child to be in possession of any firearm without proper supervision or instruction from an adult. The National Rifle Association points out that “hunting accidents alone account for at least 100 fatalities per year among children who otherwise would not have had access to firearms.”

This is more than the number of people murdered each year with rifles and shotguns (82 according to NCHS data). A young child won’t understand concepts like range safety, internal ballistics (the science behind how projectiles travel), or gun-cleaning procedures. So make sure they stay with an experienced shooter whenever possible.


Don’t buy a firearm that’s too large or heavy for your child to handle. The best BB gun for 10-year-olds must not be so heavy they can’t support it or so long they have trouble keeping the muzzle on target. If the safety is hard for them to reach, if their face is pressed up against the stock because of its length, or if it pulls their arms back as they shoot (forcing them to cock their wrists unnaturally), then you’re asking for problems.

Use age-appropriate ammunition

You should be aware that BB guns and pellet guns are used today by many junior shooters under the age of 18. In many states, young children as young as 10 or 11 years of age who are properly supervised by an adult can shoot very powerful break-barrel air rifles capable of producing 50 ft-lbs. or more.

The best BB gun for 10-year-olds should be lightweight, accurate, and easy to use. As a parent, you may want to get your child the most basic model possible; one that lets them learn about how it works and what its limitations are without spending too much on something they may quickly lose interest in and leave behind.

When choosing a BB gun for a 10-year-old make sure you do not select anything that is too complex or expensive due to this being their first firearm. Remember that a high-end .177 caliber bb gun would usually cost roughly $200 or more which is too expensive for a first-time 10-year-old user.

They may be tempted to buy another one with higher specs down the road but that will depend on how much they enjoy using it which is why you should never force them to use it unless they are really interested in shooting guns. With all that, we wish you happy shooting and always stay safe.

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