Similac Pro Sensitive Vs Similac Sensitive 2024 – Detailed Comparison

Being a reliable and trustworthy brand, Similac has gained quite some popularity for its milk formulas. All of these formulas are composed to help you with development and immunity. If your baby is having a digestion problem, you most probably are looking for these milk formulas.

Here, the most popular ones you must’ve encountered are either the Similac Pro Sensitive or Similac Sensitive.

Similac Pro Sensitive Vs. Similac Sensitive, the question is which one is better for what and how you should make a buying decision. For this purpose, what you need is a comprehensive research that can help you in understanding their usage and your individual requirements.

So, to save your day, this article incorporates a comparison based on nutrition, taste, composition, digestion, and smell. So, dive right in for more.


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The formula of the Pro Sensitive is by far the best selling point considering its overall ingredients and composition. Many pediatrics and doctors recommend this formula to anyone who has sensitive stomachs and wants something gentle.

It is designed to help you with immune support and strength. It incorporates a non-GMO formula without any artificial hormones for growth. The formula also has no palm oil, making it gentle for the stomach. This gives it an edge over other standard formulas.

When it comes to Similac sensitivity, the composition and formula are primarily focused on helping your baby deal with the fussiness that comes from gas. Considering that this gas comes from lactose intolerance, the formula is designed for babies with an age of 12 months and gastric issues.

However, always keep in mind that this formula is mild and can only help you with mild gastric issues. If there is some serious fussiness in your baby’s stomach, you should immediately consult the doctor.

Composition and Ingredients

Considering the fact that Similac Pro is an upgraded version, this one has only natural growth ingredients instead of artificial hormone growth ingredients. Some common ingredients you will find in this formula are corn syrup, soy oil, protein milk, sugar, coconut oil, taurine, minerals, and Vitamins (A, B, C, D, K).

Thereby, this formula is absolutely rich in nutrition and helps you with immune support ideally. So, this is the one for you if your main concern is to look for something that is natural and development-oriented.

In contrast, the Similac Sensitive is composed of mainly milk-based ingredients. As it is designed to help you with low fussiness, you will find that this formula has only mild ingredients such as lutein, DHA, and a lot of vitamins.

It has a proper combination of DHA and Vitamins that helps you with brain and eye development. Some common ingredients you will find in this formula are corn syrup, milk protein, sugar, coconut oil, Minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc), and vitamins (A, K, D, B1, B6, B).

Nutrition Value

baby Formula

Likewise, considering the quality formula of Similac Pro Sensitive, it is designed to help you with the nutritious value. It has a decent proportion of good calcium that makes your baby’s bones strong and keeps them energetic.

Likewise, the formula helps your baby to grow its eyes and brain, all thanks to the Vitamin E, Lutein, and DHA, as all of these ingredients have a developmental tendency. All in all, the formula complements your baby’s growth ideally.

As compared to other standard formulas from Similac, this Similac Sensitive has a major difference that can be seen easily. Considering its nutritional value, the fact that it has large proportions of calcium and magnesium makes it absolutely best for immune support and brain development.

In addition, the Linoleic acid incorporated in the formula not only helps you with brain and eye development but also prevents gastric fussiness and lactose intolerance.

Availability and Different Sizes

While buying milk for a baby, the first thing you should consider is the quantity of the pack that largely depends on the baby’s consumption. Hence, another advantage this Silicon Pro Sensitive has is that it comes in different sizes, so you can choose the one that compliments your personal consumption.

Also, the manufacturers have come up with small travel packs that you can carry on your trips conveniently. If you want to store a large amount, you can go for the value pack, having more than the usual quantity.

Similar to the Similac Pro Sensitive, the Similac Sensitive comes in different sizes that can help you in choosing the one that is ideal for your daily consumption. Here, this package has an edge as it is a bit less expensive than the former one with the same amount.

Hence, if you are going for a value pack that is a bit bigger than the usual amount, it would still be economical for you. However, this one doesn’t come in small travel packages that can be a downside of this one if compared with the Similac Pro.

Taste and Lactose Sensitivity

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Another important element of baby milk is the overall taste. Hence, you will be pleased to hear that the Similac Pro Sensitive has a mild taste that keeps it gentle for babies who don’t like the overpowering taste. However, if your baby likes a strong taste, this Pro Sensitivity is not the one for you.

The smell is also really mild and gentle. All in all, the Pro Sensitive formula remains a mild one. Similarly, it is a great alternative for you if your baby is sensitive to lactose and cannot digest dairy easily. Additionally, this formula is designed with more than usual nutrients, so you can use this milk absolutely without any worries about stomach sensitivity.

Talking about the Similac Sensitive, this one has a strong odor and a powerful taste that can be a problem for some. Now, this totally depends on the child whether he or she likes the powerful and overpowering taste or it is the other way around. On average, most babies like mild and gentle tastes and want minimum to no smell. So, this can be a problem for anyone who is considering this one as an option.

Similarly, as the formula of the Similac Sensitive is designed to fight gastric fussiness, it is absolutely well for lactose intolerance. It has a large proportion of lutein that is best known for fighting lactose and gas issues. So, you can ideally use it for fighting lactose sensitivity at a reasonable price range.

Similac Pro Sensitive

Similac Pro Sensitive


  • The composition is non-GMO and gluten-free, making it healthy and ideal for immune support.
  • It has developmental tendencies that help your brain and eyes develop.
  • It has been approved by IQVIA ProVoice and HMO.
  • This formula is used by hospitals and pediatrics across the USA.
  • It comes in varying sizes, so you can choose the right one as suggested by your daily consumption.
  • This formula can be a bit more expensive than any other standard competitor.
  • The smell and taste can be a bit too mild.


Similac Sensitive

Similac Sensitive


  • It is extremely easy to use and great value for money, considering the composition and amount.
  • The package has clear instructions for preparation, making it easy and convenient.
  • It comes in varying sizes at a low price.
  • It is primarily designed to help your baby’s digestion process while fighting gastric fussiness and lactose sensitivity.
  • The formula can be really overpowering in terms of taste and smell.
  • This composition can make some babies prone to constipation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are lactose-free formulas better?

These formulas are primarily designed for babies with lactose intolerance or gastric fussiness. Although this condition is rare in babies, it is still a critical condition for premature babies who are lacking in developing a defense against lactose. In contrast, if your baby has no condition of lactose intolerance, you don’t have to go for this type of formula.

Is Similac Pro Sensitive better than Similac Sensitive?

Although there are some similar ingredients incorporated in both formulas, you will find that these are designed for different purposes. The Similac Sensitive is designed for fighting lactose intolerance and gastric fussiness, having a blend of Vitamins, BF, and DHA.

Talking about the Similac Pro Sensitive, it is composed to help you with development, having a proportion of calcium, DHA, and lutein. So, choose the one that suits your requirements.

What is the cost-effective option, Similac Pro Sensitive Vs. Similac Sensitive?

Although both of the products are a bit more expensive than their competition in the market, the Similac Sensitive has a bit of an edge here. These formulas are absolutely composed to help you with immunity, development, and nutrition, making them a bit expensive. If you are considering budget-friendly options from these two, you should go for Similac Sensitive.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I hope that this comprehensive comparison will help you in choosing the right one that serves you well. Both the products, coming from Similac, are absolutely remarkable in their own league.

If your child is having some issues with the digestion of lactose, these compositions are the ones you should absolutely go for. However, always consider your individual requirements and consumption while making a buying decision.

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