When Do Kids Stop Wearing Diapers?

Did you ever wonder when to give up your kid’s diaper? Whether you are a first-time mom or not, I bet you have puzzled over this question a hundred times.

Kids grow so fast. And as they outgrow their clothes, their nappies need to go up a size too! You have got to know when to change diaper size and choose the perfect fit. But as much as you want to keep your little one comfy, you have to get rid of those diapers eventually and dump them into the diaper pail forever!

When do Kids Stop Wearing Diapers, Then?

How Soon?

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It depends on how soon you start your child’s potty training. Although it can vary on every child, the average age ranges between 2 and 3 years old. So if your potty training goes well, you can take those diapers off time to time until you won’t have to use them ultimately.

This issue was actually no big deal until my kid reaches two years old. And as a mom, you’d probably be pondering about the same dilemma. But it can get a little worrying if your little one is almost three or perhaps, over three years old. It is inevitable to think whether it is normal to keep those nappies on for another year.

But, should you keep on using those diapers? Is it okay?

Well, it is certainly okay. Do know that some children are ready to potty train earlier and some can do it later. Not all children are mature enough to go potty training at the age of three or younger even more so. Boys usually take longer to potty train than girls and you might have to keep those nappies on for a while.

Then again, it varies from child to child no matter what the gender is. It always takes time until your child is ready. It is your responsibility as the parent to lead the proper training at the proper time.

Potty Train Your Child

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Besides the fact that you won’t be changing those dirty diapers anymore, early potty training develops a healthy hygiene habit for your child. It also plays a huge role in your child’s social and emotional development in the long run.

Getting your young toddler potty trained is no joke and you can’t always get it right the first time. Most parents usually rely on cultural norms or firsthand experiences to get through this challenging phase.

But as a rational parent, you know that there are no particular standards to adhere to. Nevertheless, you are determined to supervise your child until he or she is able to adapt to proper toilet manners.

Your child’s readiness is a major factor to consider. You, yourself, also have got to be fully prepared before you head on and proceed to the training.

And because it takes time, you can wait until you are both ready. But do you know there’s a greater advantage if you start the potty training early?

There sure is. No wonder most parents take initiative rather than waiting. Why don’t you do it, too? Here are some benefits of early potty training:

  • Your child develops self-control.
  • Because your child learns to apply the toilet etiquette, he becomes more independent and more responsible. You won’t have to clean up the mess from his dirty and smelly diapers because your child will know the right time and the right place to poop and pee.
  • It is better for your child’s health. As your child learns to use the toilet properly, he won’t have to use diapers all the time and it will prevent him from getting diaper rash or any other skin allergies.
  • It is a reflection of good parenting. As your training pays off and your child learns the proper toilet manners, others who see it would take delight in extending all the compliments to you. Good job!
  • You won’t have to worry when to go up a size in diapers ever again because you won’t be using them anymore!
  • You can save money. You won’t have to spend another penny on disposable or cloth diapers, wet wipes, creams, and other diapering essentials.

What About Night-time Nappies?

kids diapers at night

Once you’ve successfully potty trained your child, he is likely to be dry during the day than at night. Your child may still feel comfortable peeing or pooping in his nappy at night.

However, once your child gets used to potty training, you may expect your child to wake up dry or with a slightly damp diaper the next day.

If this gets going for a few mornings, that’s when you can try to take his nappies off at night.

During this process, you can gradually train your child to poop and pee before bedtime. You should help your young toddler understand why he needs to do this and not in his nappies anymore.

But, of course, this doesn’t succeed overnight. You have to be extra patient and be careful not to put so much pressure on your child.

There will also be times when your little one wets the bed. Don’t worry. This is actually normal for children up to five years of age. But in this case, you can still consider putting those night-time nappies on every now and then and place a waterproof pad or sheet on the bed.

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As we have discussed here, there is no specific age that tells you when your child should stop wearing diapers. It always depends on how soon you start your child’s potty training which can be around 2 to 3 years old or sometimes, older than that.

However, you don’t necessarily have to wait much longer until your child seems ready. You can always lead the way and start potty training sooner than or as long as it is fitting.

Potty training is the key to get those diapers out of your lives forever. Not only does it bring you more convenience, but also helps your child develop self-esteem, self-control, and a sense of responsibility. But, of course, it’s not always easy the first time and may still take a while until you get rid of those diapers completely.

We hope the information mentioned above has helped you and answered your concerns about wearing diapers. If you have other concerns or questions in mind, don’t hesitate to share them with us.