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Handling things for your kids is surely not an easy job. And the task becomes even more difficult with toddlers. They have toys and they always keep things out of their place. Plus, there is no use talking to them. Because they don’t care. Therefore, the responsibility is yours.

Imagine you have guests coming over and your kids have made a mess at home. Can you arrange all the things before the guests arrive? It will be a difficult thing to do. However, you can throw all the things in boxes and cupboards and handle the mess.

Therefore, having storage drawers is a necessity. It will keep your home in order. Furthermore, they make things easier when you are expecting urgent guests.

But if you are not sure which one to buy, here is a short list for you.

Top Picks Best Storage Drawers For Your Kids Room

1. YITAHOME nightstand – 2 drawer storage

YITAHOME nightstand


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This is one elegant storage drawer that you can get for your kids. In a few easy steps, you can install it by yourself. Simply put them along the wall or on the side of the bed or wherever you want and replace the foldable bags with this wooden design. It will reduce your efforts of cleaning and it will look a lot better than foldable. So you will also be adding style to the room.

In addition to this, you will get two drawers of different heights. So you can keep things in order. The upper one is smaller in height so it is more suitable for compact things like remotes. The lower one has a higher height, which makes it suitable for toys or other things that will require more space. Furthermore, they have a sliding rail design that makes it quick to open and close.

Furthermore, this offers multifunctional design. Although you are getting two drawers where you can keep the things that’s not all. The top of the table is smooth and can hold weight. Therefore, you can also use it as a table to keep your books on it. Or you can place a lamp or a flower vase to improve the visuals of the room. The choice will be yours.

2. Winsome Halifax storage drawers, Black

Winsome Halifax storage drawers, Black


These drawers are suitable for both kids and adults. You can keep it to make the room look sophisticated. A completely wooden design with black finishing makes the drawers look decent and elegant and thus, adds style to the room therefore, there is no limitation to its use. You can utilize them the way you want. Keep clothes, remotes or files, they can hold anything.

There are a total of 5 drawers. Thus, you will have quite a space to keep your things. If you are buying it for younger kids, you can keep their clothes in it. Or you can also put their toys so that the room won’t look messy. Or you can keep it in your pantry to keep your kitchen in order.

The best thing about this storage drawer set is its removable casters. They will make mobility easier for you. So if you are having a gathering and need to move it to some other room, you can easily do so. No need to panic over some space. After moving it to the new location, you can remove the casters and you will be done. Keep things classy and elegant even with kids.

3. Starplast Rolling drawer storage cart

Starplast Rolling drawer storage cart


This is not just a storage drawer table but also a moveable cart. With toddlers, it is often difficult to keep things in order because they won’t sit in one place. Likewise, they throw things even on their way. So if they are playing in the living room, it is highly likely that they will move around the house and throw their toys along the way. Thus, you will be moving around your house cleaning up their mess.

Even if it is not the case, you can keep pencils, colors, and color books for your kids in these drawers. They have wheels so even kids can easily move them. So if they are playing with their friends, they won’t need to carry their notebooks and pencils one by one. Wherever they are playing or studying, you can move the drawers in that room.

Now you might be worrying about toddlers moving the cart? No, that won’t be the case because the wheels are lockable. Once you finish moving the cart, simply lock the casters and use the cart as a table or put it on the side.

4. Akro-Mils, 24 drawers plastic craft cabinet

Akro-Mils, 24 drawers plastic craft cabinet


This is a complete cabinet that will make our life super easy. The whole cabinet is made from plastic therefore, it will be lightweight. So you can easily move it. Although it is made from plastic, it can easily bear some weight. So you can keep your things without much thinking.

In addition to this, you can also mount it on the wall. This will create some extra space to arrange things. So if your kids love drawing, you can keep their colors in these drawers. This will make it easier to arrange different colors in different sections.

However, the best part is yet to come. All the drawers are transparent. Therefore, it will be easier to know where you keep things. s o if the kids are looking for color markers, you won’t need to open all the drawers. Thus, you can also use it in your kitchen to keep spices separate from each other.

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