10 Safest and Best Space Heater for Baby Room 2024 – Review & Buying Guide

During cold, cold days, keeping children warm is what keeps parents worried. Because babies are able to catch pneumonia or colds very quickly if their body is not warm enough.

Equipping your child’s space with a heater for baby room will make you feel more comfortable so that the room temperature is always stable.

Is A Space Heater Safe For Nursery?

If you apply the heater properly, most space heaters are all safe for a nursery. It is important to select a heater that’s UL or ETL analyzed so that they were used and analyzed to determine whether any flaws are found.

Best Space Heater for Baby Room

However, it is better than the heater is switched off whenever you aren’t present. Turning it off is important when you use a heater having a fan because those could dry out the air. If you would like to warm up the room for nighttime sleep, then turn the heater on before bedtime, and then turn it off completely once the desired temperature has been attained.

Afterwards, only close the bedroom door, which you ought to do anyway for optimum fire safety. Ensure windows are shut and think about adding blackout curtains which also block out the cold air coming in from the window.

List of 10 Best Heater For Baby Room Reviews

1. Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater, White – Editor’s Pick

Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater, White

Gently moisturizes and circulates all of the atmospheres around the infant. Heat and fan settings featuring car or continuous airflow.

Advanced safety features such as the cool-touch exterior, tip-over protection, and automatic security shut-off system for worry-free use. Curiosity-proof kid lock switch and coated cord storage is hidden in the base.

Tempa - Heater for baby room is like other heaters - constructed with the requirements of parents and baby in mind. Tempa provides gentle yet powerful vortex heat flow that keeps a comfortable temperature. Effective heat flow means the heater can be placed anywhere in the room and keep baby comfy.

Babies don't have time to worry about sharp edges, pinch points, droopy strings and unlocked controls. That is why we designed all our Vornadobaby products the way we did...for Baby.

It's a parent's job to worry about things. Worry about keeping Baby safe and comfy. When to change a filter. Add water. Fix a setting. How to find their way in the dark or even getting baby to sleep. That is why we designed all our Vornadobaby products the way we did...to help parents worry less.

2. Tangkula Oil Radiator, 1500W Portable Compact Electric Space Heater - Best Oil Radiator

Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater, White

Tangkula - heater for infant room radiator heater may satisfy you all the demands you want. It is universally acknowledged as an unbelievable helper for cold immunity in winter, which is broadly utilized in medium to large rooms that require constant heat in the chilly seasons.

Little rooms, such as dorm rooms, dens and small offices, can be heated in no time. And you can be sure with its perfect security protection that when it is overheating, the heater will shut off immediately and automatically. The quiet operation will even win the applause from you and surprisingly, never neglect your zeal for quietness if you fall asleep or focus on your work.

It features portable for it's equipped with four heavy-duty caster wheels which make labour-efficient come true and you may move it hither and thither all-around your house. The body with rust-resistant metallic structure can stand for the evaluation of time. It can absolutely fulfil your purpose to your distance heating. Don't be afraid to buy it now!

3. Honeywell HCE840B HeatGenius Ceramic Heater Black Energy - Efficient 1500 Watt Heater

Honeywell HCE840B HeatGenius Ceramic Heater Black Energy Efficient 1500 Watt Custom Comfort

This heater for baby room is designed using 6 customized heat settings to give you control of your comfort. The bright & powerful ceramic heating capabilities enable you to warmth you, your area or your floor area together with the touch of a button.

This ceramic heater provides superior security & readily controlled relaxation, featuring six customized heat settings, a 2-hour auto-off heating stage timer, a quiet mode setting, tip-over and overheats protection, a cool touch housing and much more.

The NEW HeatPhase Timer is an auto-off quality that steps down four different heat levels until it shuts off. The timer may also be toggled to start at any given heat level needed. The NEW Quiet Mode feature employs a low heat setting and fan speed to generate a gentle "whitened" combined with soothing warmth. Portable heaters are a wise and easy way to add warmth to any space.

By turning your whole home thermostat several degrees and heating just the area you are in, a portable heater can help you to save money - giving you the ideal level of warmth you need, where you require it.

4. XPRIT Desktop Space Heater Cute Design Ceramic Heater w/Auto Oscillating Black

XPRIT Desktop Space Heater Cute Design Ceramic Heater w/Auto Oscillating Black

The design concept of the space heater is safety energy efficiency and reduced noises with compact dimensions and cute form. 500 W power rated, using PTC ceramic speedy heating with constant temperature, the heater heats up rapidly in 3 minutes.

Tip-over auto power-off, ABS flame retardant fabric, over-heat auto shut-off make more safety longer life and more conserving energy.

Maximum oscillate range angle of the heater are 55 levels. 45db lowish sound running state will not bother you resting and don’t be worried about your electricity bills (0.5kW*H).

Private electric space heater useful for short-distance private using a living room bedroom office and baby room. On account of this tip-over button is in the bottom of the heater so please place the heater onto the solid ground or surface, or else the heater can not be connected to the power source and won't operate.

5. Space Heater -Heater for Baby Room - Airdog Oscillating Portable Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

Space Heater -Heater for Baby Room

Airdog Portable Oscillating Space Heater is the stylish heating selections for restricted areas, for example, your office cubic, bedroom, infant room and much more. It features a quiet and hot experience with three settings: maximum 950W high warmth / 450W low heat/Fan Only. The strong PTC ceramic heating element and 45-degree wide-angle swing allows a fast 2-seconds heating system.

Airdog is building around the security: dual over-heat protection (temperature detector +fuse), tipping over automatic shut off, and also the best in class fire-retardant (V0) plastic housing. Stylish space heater selections for confined areas like your office cubical, bedroom, baby room and much more.

This portable heater is acceptable for a distance of approximately 50sq. Ft. Space heater for baby room for use offers comfy baby warmth with peace of mind. The modern and clean-cut layout fits into any design ambience.

This electrical heater delivers a quiet and warm encounter with three settings: maximum 950W high heat/ 450W low heat/ Fan Only. This space heater has a strong PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic heating element and 45-degree broad-angle swing enables the rapid 2-second heating system.

This Airdog Space Heater includes a Temperature Sensor Over-Heat Protector that offers double protection (temperature sensor + fuse). This heater has an anti-falling role where it will automatically shut off if accidentally tipped over and has a very best in class fire-retardant (V0) plastic casing. 1 additional switch on the rear of it.

6. Lasko Model 100 MyHeat Personal Space Heater, Black - Best Low-power Heater

Lasko Model 100 MyHeat Personal Space Heater, Black

Lasko's my heating personal heater series provides concentrated private warmth that is ideal for your desktop or by your favourite easy chair. Provides safe ceramic heat while just using budget-friendly 200 watts of power.

Makes this distance heater perfect for the desktop, kitchen counter. The compact, ceramic heating element warms up and the built-in fan softly spreads the hot air. Makes this space heater perfect for the desktop, kitchen counter.

Measuring just over 6″ tall this useful heater is great around the house or home office. Provides energy-efficient warmth in a miniature package.

As a result of the power of ceramic heat and fan-powered shipping. Overheat protection ensures the space heater doesn't overheat even when left for an extended amount of time. The space heater also features a cool-touch exterior.

7. Ceramic Space Heater Fan 1200W Electric PTC Heaters

Ceramic Space Heater Fan 1200W Electric PTC Heaters

Hot wind, Warm breeze and Natural breeze for your choice, you can place the desired temperature (16-37℃/60-99℉) by pressing'+' or'-' button and keep constant temperature because of the thermostat that this purpose makes energy saving, comfortable and sleep with confidence.

Equipped using a LED display screen, help you see the temperature clearly and set your desired temperature level directly, the amount displayed is current temperature surrounds the heater. Wider heating area, designed with PTC heater and nice mesh vents, can heat your space (up to 20㎡/215sq. Feet ) fast and evenly.

ETL certificated this heater for infant room will auto power off if the internal temperature up to 117℃/ / 243℉ or automobile power-off if this heater tipped over. Perfect for living room, bedroom, baby room, kitchen, office desktop, floor, etc. It's portable in size, easy to carry around because of this recessed carry handle on the rear. 36 Months guarantee.

8. PureGuardian HTR410B Oscillating Whole Room Space Heater Tower

PureGuardian HTR410B Oscillating Whole Room Space Heater Tower

The Pure Guardian All-Season 2-in-1 Tower Heater and Fan, with remote controller, provides warmth on chilly days. Use the fan-only style to get a cool breeze on those warmer days.

Designed for home or office usage, the slender 27″ tower takes up hardly any space however can quickly warm a whole room. The interior layout propels cool or warm air evenly across the room, offering 80 degrees of oscillating movement. The powerful 1500 watt maximum heat output provides quick, soothing heat and lets you program your perfect room temperature from the heat mode.

The timer can be set to turn off after a few hours of use and the unit is equipped with automatic shut-off quality that turns it off after 12 hours of constant use for security functions. A remote is included for easy and quick management and a built-in transport handle allows for easy transfer between chambers.

9. DeLonghi EW7707CM Comfort Temp Full Room Radiant Heater

DeLonghi EW7707CM Comfort Temp Full Room Radiant Heater

Effectively and efficiently heat any room of the house with the DeLonghi ComforTemp portable oil-filled radiator. Worried about your electric bill? This heater saves you money by automatically maintaining the best room temperature.

Only press on the ComforTemp button for the ultimate in energy savings. The heater produces the most amount of radiant warmth while ensuring a very low surface temperature. The user-friendly control panel offers an adjustable thermostat and three heat settings to customize your heating requirements. Safety highlights of heater for infant room include a gently rounded design and thermal cut-off.

By heating only space you are in, you can decrease your thermostat and decrease your electricity bills. Enjoy peace of mind, De'Longhi safety features include a thermal shut off that prevents overheating. Only De'Longhi has patented SmartSnap pre-assembled wheels which need no assembly and ensures it is effortless to manoeuvre from room to room.

Cuts your prices by automatically keeping the optimal temperature and power settings. The petroleum system is permanently sealed, so you never need to worry about refilling the heater.

10. Instant Plug-in Ceramic Space Heater, Adjustable Thermostat, Overheat Protection

Instant Plug-in Ceramic Space Heater

For a very small size, the Insta Heater packs a huge punch. The key is powerful Thermal Flow technologies, which circulated warmth effectively a cold room gets warm and toasty in minutes. With built-in safety features like auto shut off and stay-cool plastic casing, so you don't need to be concerned about security.

Plus, there are no messy wires to deal with, just plug the Insta Heater into any three-prong socket, sit back and enjoy the heat. Warm-up any area in your house safely and efficiently utilizing Thermal Flow technology. 600W power with auto shut off and keep trendy plastic housing.

The wonderful wall heater that plugs into your socket Use in the bathroom, garage, office, shed, dorm and nursery Fast, easy and secure warmth, anywhere and everywhere. No more wire-no hassle.

Thermal induction: automatically senses the indoor temperature, automatically stops when the indoor temperature reaches the temperature determined by the heater. ETL Listed Space Heater&Mini Heaters using Adjustable Thermostat: 1-12 hours programmable Timer allows you to place the time you need .270 degrees encircles, appropriate for any location.

PTC/CERAMIC heater elements: Ceramic space heaters are fast to heat, produce abundant warmth without open coils and therefore are long-lasting 4. Security: Automatic overheat system will shut off the unit as soon as the parts of the heater overheat.

600W power with auto shut off and keep trendy plastic casing. Use in the bathroom, garage, office, discard, dorm and nursery.


Best Space Heater for Baby Room

Which heater is safest for the baby room?

Typically the safest options are oil heaters. Modern heaters have various forms of overheat protection. Make sure to put the heater at the ideal temperature to ensure your baby’s comfort. Also, it is wise to hide the electrical chords away from your kid’s reach.

What temperature is ideal for the baby room?

Babies are really sensitive, especially when they are only a couple of weeks old. You want to put the ideal temperature in their room. It shouldn’t be too cold or too hot. Experts recommend that you tune it somewhere between 68 and 72 degrees.

Should I leave the space heater turned on during the night?

Modern heaters have top-notch thermostats, so it is absolutely safe to leave them on during the night. You can also find the products that have built-in automatic on/off switches.

Which heater will spend the least energy?

There are many heaters that will save you energy while keeping you sufficiently warm. Our recommendation is Honeywell HCE840B Heat Genius which is an excellent cost-efficient solution for your baby’s room.

Is there a way to babyproof a space heater?

Space heaters that we listed are absolutely safe for your child’s room. However, there are ways you can protect your baby further. There are models that do not get hot on the touch, which is a great way to protect your kid from burns and other types of injuries. When setting up the heater, pay attention because you want to keep it out of your kid’s reach.


The selection of heater for the baby room is of good quality to ensure warmth and moderate heat so that your baby's skin is not dry or dehydrated. You should consult the information and assessments of experienced customers to choose the best heater for the baby room.

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