9 Best Mongoose 24 Inch Bike For Girls 2024 – Awesome Picks

Learning how to ride a bike has been one of the most fun experiences in a child’s entire life. So many of our body parts incorporate in a new way and that makes the experience unique for us when we do it for the first time.

This is probably why many kids indulge in riding a bike for most of their childhood and consider it playtime. Well, to give them the best experience possible, we have a list of bikes for your little girl specifically that she might take a liking to.

Top Mongoose 24 Inch Bikes For Girls

1. Mongoose Girls Presto Bike

Mongoose Girls Presto Bike

Kids’ bikes are a great investment. They can use them to travel around and spend time out in nature. Plus, you save big time on bus tickets or petrol when they have to go to school. Well, this bike is a perfect fit for girls who come in the category of 5-7 years of age.

The wheel size here is 16 inches and the frame is made up of steel while the wheels are made out of plastic matching the overall look of the bike. There is a foot brake in this bike that helps with stopping instantly and confidently.

This will help with stopping the bike confidently and smoothly, reducing the risk of falls. The suspension type used here is the rigid type which helps with smooth rides.


  • The low stand-over frame of the bike helps one get on and off with ease.
  • The brakes used here are the coaster type and these are very easy to use.

2. Mongoose Legion BMX Bike

Mongoose Legion BMX Bike

This bike can be used by big kids and contains a wheel size of 20 inches. The frame is sturdy as it is made out of steel and is a perfect match for kids who are 48 inches tall. The bike contains only back brakes and gearing of 40x16T.

The steel forged single-piece cracks measure up to 170mm. This offers a great single-speed riding experience which can also be defined as simple but fun. The mag wheels are made out of aluminum and come with sealed bearings.

The product comes with four freestyle pegs, a chain guard, and a kickstand. In order to achieve secure stops, Alloy rear U-brakes are used and the Cable detangler is used for 360-degree handlebar spins.


  • The sturdy frame supports almost any trick that you are capable of throwing down.
  • The brakes used here are U-brakes.
  • The rims of the bike are made out of aluminum and magnesium.
  • The product weighs about 32 lbs.

3. Mongoose Silva Mountain Bike

Mongoose Silva Mountain Bike

The MTB frame used here for the frame is durable and strong. It comes with Hydroformed tubing. The suspension fork at the front of the product aids in reducing bumpy rides and thumps on the path or trail the biker chooses to take.

The rear V-brakes and the front brakes ensure immediate pause of the ride when pressed effectively. The rear derailleur of the brand Shimano ensures easy shifting and comes with 21 different speeds.

The rims of the bike are made out of light alloy material and the 26×2.1 inch tires (diameter x width) are capable of rolling over anything. The riser handlebars are strong and the involvement of the end plugs complete the entire look.


  • The tires are capable of rolling over anything that comes their way, making the perfect pair to ride over uneven trails.
  • The brakes are as effective as they come. They put an immediate stop if applied.
  • To give you a bump-free ride or at least in an attempt to eliminate all of them, a strong frame has been used.

4. Mongoose Status Mountain Bike

Mongoose Status Mountain Bike

The MTB frame used here for the frame is durable and strong. It comes with Hydroformed tubing. The suspension fork at the front of the product aids in reducing bumpy rides and thumps on the path or trail the biker chooses to take.

The wheels measure about 26 inches in total and are a perfect match for riders who are 64-74 inches tall. The speed shifters are a great way to change the gears on either side pretty smoothly.

There are 21 different speeds that the shifter consists of. The rear V-brakes and the front brakes ensure immediate pause of the ride when pressed effectively. The rims of the bike are durable and are made out of light alloys.


  • The tires that are of 26×2.125″ (diameter x width) measurements can roll over anything, making them a perfect fit for mountain biking.
  • The riser handlebars are a great look on the bike and with the involvement of the colored end plugs, the bike looks gorgeous.

5. Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX

Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX

The bike is a freestyle BMX that can be used by many children for showing off their skills. It offers all the things required for a beginner to start off on their ride. The bike is an ideal fit for riders who are about 4’8” – 5’4” tall.

The frame of the bike is a Hi-Ten steel one and the brake mounts can be detached if desired. The tube length of the bike is 20.25 inches. The steel cranks are single-piece forged ones and come with a 25T alloy chainring along with an American loose ball bottom bracket.

The wheelset is mounted on an aluminum single-wall rim and features the wheelset of about 20” x 2.3” tires. The aluminum U-brakes and brake levers are largely capable of providing speed control.


  • The brakes in this bike are a huge advantage to the rider as they stop the bike as soon as they are applied.
  • The frame of the bike is also pretty strong, allowing you to perform various tricks with it.

6. Mongoose Mountain-Bicycles Impasse

Mongoose Mountain-Bicycles Impasse

This bike is best fitted for adults. The wheel size is 29 inches, so teens could ride it with ease too. The suspension type of this product is dual, and it is ideal to take trips through the trails in mountain regions.

The frame of the product is pretty lightweight, so you can take it with you in a four-vehicle with ease. The lighter the bike is equal to a better experience as you do not have to struggle as much with riding it.

The aluminum frame also works as great material to build bikes with. With 21 different speeds, you are in for a wonderful experience. The bike is pretty durable too, so, feel free to use it on a daily basis.


  • The suspension frame is largely responsible for the comfort and excellent performance you get on this bike.
  • The suspension fork is also helpful when it comes to smoothing out bumps and increasing control.
  • The wheels have quick-release fronts that are helpful to stop immediately.

Buyer’s Guide To Help Buyers Purchase The Best Mongoose Bike For Girls In 2024

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While Mongoose is an excellent brand that puts effort into minimizing the risks of accidents, spills are still bound to happen. This is especially true when your child is just starting off to learn how to ride or either likes the adrenaline boost achieved from speeding.

Using knee pads, elbow pads, helmets, etc are great ways to tackle any huge injuries. And the brand Mongoose itself offers a great variety of such safety materials.


Suspension can be seen in some kids’ bikes and not in the rest. But the most common sort of suspension spotted is the front suspension and that too is not always used as kids are not heavy enough to activate the entire suspension system.

For older kids, however, it is best to get bikes with suspension, especially if they are intefrested in mounting biking. The suspension helps them get used to the different riding styles that might be helpful when riding up a mountain or down one.

Now, the suspension is costly. But do not get trapped with cheap products that offer this feature because they might compromise in a different place.


Gears are another important aspect of bikes. When you purchase a kid’s bike, you have to decide whether or not to get a geared bike. Gears help ride the bike at ease at different speeds and the direction traveling in, that is, uphill or downhill.

But just because they are helpful does not mean that they are easy to use. They are complicated and your child may not need that sort of complication just yet. Plus, many kids’ bikes only have a single gear, so, you may have to get them a new bike soon.

Now, looking on the positive side of this, just because the bike may have a single gear, your little one can learn how to use one first and then, move on to ride something more complex.


There are two types of brakes used in kids’ bikes, one is coaster brakes, which are the ones that are activated by peddling the other way, and then, we have hand brakes which are the ones used in most bikes and all adult bikes.

Coaster brakes require less maintenance than hand brakes. But remember that it is easy to master how to use hand brakes for kids too and it is great stimulation for the brain to use the brakes and pedal simultaneously.

We recommend getting hand brakes for your child in all cases.


When we consider the weight of the bike, we have to make sure that the bike weighs around 40% of your child’s total weight. Most adult bikes weigh around 20% of their weight but for kids, any more than 40% and you risk more falls and the struggle that comes with riding heavy bikes.

When it comes to bikes, the lighter, the better. But the better, the costlier. Meaning, light bikes are more expensive than averagely weighing bikes. So, be wary of light but cheap bikes that you might find.

As these may compromise in other parts that could be vital to you.


And here we are. In today’s article, we talked about all the potential bikes that are perfect for your baby girl. We are not only talking in terms of the model and the smooth working of the bike but also how safe it is.

You can choose any of these products and know that your little one will be very glad to have them but be mindful that there are a few things you should pay attention to when purchasing a bike for your girl/ girls.

Their safety is your first most priority and everyone falls a few times and that is okay. It is how they learn. But pay close attention to the brakes, suspension, gear, and weight of the bike to make sure that even if your child falls, she does not end up being hurt too gravely.


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How big should a bike be for a 3-year-old?

If your girl is around 3 years old and is 3’3” – 3’6” tall, you can consider getting her a bike with a wheel size 14”. If you cannot figure out the right size for her, just make sure that her feet reach the pedals and the ground without stretching her legs too much.

When can you give your child a bike to ride?

Your little girl can start riding a bike at any age, given that she has learned to walk well. Also, make sure that your child knows the area she will be riding in well enough to not get lost. The same applies to your little guys.

Is riding a bike physically helpful to kids?

Yes, riding a bike is great physical exercise for all ages. But for kids, it is a new stimulation and since it is new to most kids, they end up seeing this as a fun, unique experience. Riding a bike also gives kids a chance to bond with others performing the same activity and makes them go out and explore.

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