9 Best Baby Hair Clips 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Whether you’re searching for something for ordinary wear to keep hair from eyes, special events like a wedding or birthday celebration or to get a unique newborn photoshoot you’ve intended, there are all those adorable and affordable alternatives out there.

For many babies, the purpose of headbands is not to maintain banks from the face. It is for photographs and for appeasing parents-those items can be quite cute!

If your little one is in between sizes, choose the smaller size. And when your baby is growing quickly, re-tileable fashions are a favorite alternative. But be mindful once you’re picking a headband fashion.

Your baby shouldn’t ever use these unattended, and you must always eliminate them before placing your little one down to sleep. If the band can easily be dragged down, then the match is loose and must be stored until they are a bit bigger.

The listing of the best baby hair clips can allow you to find some fantastic alternatives for your son or daughter.

Our Picks for 2024

1. Baby Felt Flower Hair Clips Girls Hair Flower

9 Best Baby Hair Clips 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 1

The Yazon Mini Felt Rose Flower with Leaf is just another completely cute pair of baby hair accessories that are good to use on newborns around young kids. There is no problem with it because every fairly felt improved with leaf is connected to a clip – no more stressing about headband elongate or sizing.

You receive a whopping 32 bits per pair, two in all 16 colors, which means that your baby is going to have a color (two, really!) To match each outfit. These Yazon felt improved hair clips are handmade.

This collection is slightly bitted more expensive than others, but you receive so many clips to the wealth. One customer noted that two of her blossoms dropped off the clips after wearing them. These can require adult supervision because they may be a choking hazard when they come from the baby’s hair.

2. KOONY 16pc Hair Bows Flowers Mixed Design Hair Clips

9 Best Baby Hair Clips 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 2

The Loony Baby Mixed Design Hair Clips is a pair of 16 plastic clips with baby- and kid-appropriate blossom designs which will look adorable on any baby or toddler. Because they’re clips, they easily attach to some hair, or perhaps to an existing plain headband or hairdryer. They arrive in a mix of fun, bright colors. Kony baby hair accessories are specially intended for kids ages one through 10.

These clips aren’t meant for newborns. You need to use caution and adult supervision when young kids are wearing them because they can pose a choking hazard. Some customers have reported inconsistent quality with those clips, such as broken clips or improper liner on the clips, making them difficult to grasp the hair.

3. Baby Girls Grosgrain Ribbon Bows Hair Bow Clips Barrettes

9 Best Baby Hair Clips 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 3

The maximum bang for the buck, this $10 set provides you with 40 bow barrettes or 20 matching pairs in case you are using them for pigtails. They are created from grosgrain ribbon and come in 20 different vibrant and fun colors.

The hair bows are 3 inches in size and attached to alligator clips which should match kids of all ages. Use them babies all of the way through early youth. Besides hair, you are able to attach these barrettes into headbands, hats, or pretty much anything else you can consider.

Some customers have reported some of their hair bows falling apart, in addition to a few inconsistencies in sizing and how that these baby hair accessories have been assembled. Adult supervision may be needed together with babies and toddlers that are still more prone to putting things in their mouths.

4. Belle Beau Baby Girls Hair Bows

9 Best Baby Hair Clips 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 4

These handmade ribbon-lined clips out of Belle Beau are all made from alligator clips lined with ribbon and embellished with assorted layouts, from bowls to blossoms. You get eight bits per pair, and there are 22 different color collections available, each having an assortment of fashions in precisely the exact same color family.

These clips are made to match kids ages zero through six. Because of their clips rather than headbands, they could grow along with your kid for a longer time period. These baby hair accessories have been embellished with nontoxic glues.

Some customers are disappointed at the size of their bows, measuring about a single inch. The proportions are inclined to work better for newborns or young babies compared to older children.

Some customers have noticed their hair clips falling apart, but the manufacturer may replace them in certain scenarios. Adult supervision may be needed, because these may be a choking hazard, and they have little parts that may come back.

5. 4 Pack Pearl Hair Clips

9 Best Baby Hair Clips 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 5

If you would rather wear classic white pearls in your hair (and do not wish to break the bank on the clip fad), then publicist Sonya Casino urges this inexpensive collection of clips from Amazon. I wanted in on the fad but wasn’t keen to cover over a couple of bucks, these were the ideal gateway clips for me personally.

She has a special soft spot for all these snap- and body-style faux-pearl clips because they remind me of those clips that I wore as a child.

6. 10 Pcs Acrylic Resin Hair Barrettes

9 Best Baby Hair Clips 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 6

If you are ready to graduate from traditional to funkier clips, blogger Jen Pinkston of those Effortless Chic recommends this affordable selection package, including classic shapes in many different glistening colorways, such as more conventional tortoise-shell styles combined with dreamier pastels.

The price point of the ten-piece hair-clip package from Amazon enticed me, but the flexibility and color combinations are what’s kept me going back to them in my hair.

7. Acrylic Resin Hair Barrette Clips

9 Best Baby Hair Clips 2024 - Buying Guide & Reviews 7

Made from acrylic resin & metal, strong and durable substance makes them much fairly and exquisite. 16 Pcs Multi-Color Hair resin barrettes hair clips as image series, such as 8 Shades different Pattern!

These trend resin texture hair hooks are ideal for a dinner celebration, wedding celebration, daily using or alternative outside pursuits as well as ALL Event as you Love!!!


At what age should I start using hair clips for my baby?

There is no specific answer to this. Typically, kids of all ages can wear hair clips. However, a baby’s first hair generally falls off during the first couple of months of life, so the hair accessories are usually used only for photo sessions for aesthetics, not for functionality.

Are hair clips safe for babies?

Yes, they are. However, you should not leave an infant alone with hair accessories since they love putting everything in their mouth at this age. Whenever you leave your baby for a short period of time alone, make sure to remove hair clips to avoid strangulation risks.

Will hair clips work for babies with half-inch long hair?

Absolutely. These hair clips are designed to stay in place even for babies that are almost bald. Even a few strands of hair are enough to fixate these accessories on the spot.

Does my baby need hair clips?

Of course. These accessories are great for early photo sessions of your child. Apart from colorful aesthetics, these hair clips are functional and can tie your children’s hair so it does not irritate them while playing.

Which baby hair clips should I buy?

There is a colorful variation on the list above, and surely more than a few will suit your child’s needs. We recommend you Baby Felt Flower Hair Clips that come in the form of roses of different colors. It is a beautiful accessory that will surely look good in your baby’s photo album.


Nowadays, although the best baby hair clips which have been trending have been in many instances equally (or even more) glittery, blingy, and vibrant, they have definitely evolved. They are adorned with pearls, engineered in resin, and a number of them really literally make a statement — a rhinestone-encrusted one, no less.

Now, hair clips have become so hot it may be a bit daunting to determine where to begin if you are seeking to get in on the fad. But that is why you’ve got us.

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