11 Best Curly Hair Products for Kids 2024 – Buying Guide

When caring for a baby’s hair, especially for children with bobbing curly hair, it is easy to be frizzy or broken so, with the curly hair of children, mothers should choose curly hair products for kids. By choosing the right care products, children will have smooth and soft hair.

List of 11 Best Curly Hair Products for Kids

 Best Curly Hair Products for Kids

1.Hot Tot Hair Care For Babies Toddlers and Children Sweet Pea Curl Serum

Hot Tot Hair Care For Babies Toddlers and Children Sweet Pea Curl Serum, Ultra Light White Tea, Shea Butter Grape Seed Oil- Cruelty Free

  • Hot Tot Children’s Haircare’s Sweet Pea Curl Serum curly hair products for kids is ideal for all types of baby, toddler & children’s hair. Our normal formula smoothes frizz and softly defines curls. This ultra-light styling cream is rich in antioxidants and gives protection from environmental toxins.
  • Hot Tot Children’s Sweet Pea Curl Serum defines curls and softens frizz with ease. Our mild and moisturizing lotion were created specifically for toddlers and children and includes Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, White Teal Leaf Extract, and Vitamin B-5. Our Cabbage Patch-inspired signature fragrance is phthalate-free, making Sexy Tot a safe and luxurious option for children of all ages.
  • Hot Tot Children’s Sweet Pea Curl Serum has been tested to ensure it is safe and effective. Our specialized baby and children’s products are hypoallergenic, water-soluble, and totally free of gluten, soy, peanut, dairy, and GMO’s. Our ultra-gentle formula is pediatrician and dermatologist approved, making it a fantastic solution for children with sensitive skin, cradle cap, or eczema.

2. CurlyKids Mixed Hair HairCare Set Super Detangling Shampoo 8.0 Ounce

CurlyKids Mixed Hair HairCare Set Super Detangling Shampoo 8.0 Ounce

  • The CurlyKids Mixed Hair HairCare Collection is designed for curly, frizzy, kinky, and wavy hair. This collection includes CurlyKids Super Detangling Shampoo (8 oz), Super Detangling Conditioner (8 oz), Super Detangling Spray (6 oz), and Curly Crème Conditioner (6 ounces).
  • All items contain a tangle-free formulation that reduces breakage and promotes healthy hair growth. The shampoo, spray, and conditioners in this hair care collection are free of sulfate and paraben that may damage hair. Products from CurlyKids are made certain to contain the most active ingredients for all of the requirements of curly-haired kids.

3. Fairy Tales Curly-Q Daily Kid Styling Spray Gel

Fairy Tales Curly-Q Daily Kid Styling Spray Gel - Sulfate & Paraben Free - 8oz

  • Organic quinoa protein and rice amino acids help strengthen and define curls and waves. Avocado butter keeps moisture and increases elasticity. Murumuru butter smoothes frizz, enhances manageability and contours curls.

4. Shea Moisture Kids Curl Butter Cream Coconut & Hibiscus

Shea Moisture Kids Curl Butter Cream Coconut & Hibiscus 6 Ounce

  • This curl enhancing smoothie defines curls, reduces frizz and smoothes hair for a soft, silky texture. Neem oil controls frizz while adding brilliant shine.

5. Mixed Chicks Kids Leave-In Conditioner

Mixed Chicks Kids Leave-In Conditioner - Eliminate Frizz & Define Curls

  • Children Leave-in Conditioner is formulated with the lives of our little ones in your mind. Ease caring styling and for kids’ hair, while adding a soft-styled hold, reducing frizz & placing curls.
  • Curly hair products for kids styling product is colorless, fragrance and paraben-free, without the harsh chemicals. Normally on day 2, just re-wet and apply a little more leave-in before styling with fingers. No need to shampoo daily – leaving more time for both mommy and kid to play!
  • Mixed Chick’s goods include a manufacturer’s limited warranty when purchased through a licensed retailer. Mixed Chicks Kids Products are indicated with an’MFG’ (Manufacturing) date. This date is NOT an expiry date. All products are good for 18 months after opening.

6. Hip Peas Natural Curl Tamer

Hip Peas Natural Curl Tamer

  • Hip Peas curly hair products for kids is a lineup of natural & safe skincare and hair products for babies, toddlers, and kids. Our line includes hair care products as well as gentle bath and skincare products for the whole family.
  • Hip Peas goods are developed with the advice of clinicians and opinions from real-life parents (and children!). Our products are never tested on animals, packaged in highly pressurized plastic, and widely tested for efficacy and gentleness.
  • Hip Peas products are toxin-free and don’t contain parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, dyes, or synthetic colors. Instead, our goods are full of natural botanicals that soothe and nourish like rosemary, rosemary, pantheon (vitamin B5), vitamin E, and plant root extracts.

7. Cantu Care for Kids Curling Cream, 8 Ounce

Cantu Care for Kids Curling Cream, 8 Ounce

  • Cantu care for kids curling cream is specially formulated for the demands of kids with stained hair. Made without mineral oil, sulfate, parabens, silicones, phthalates, gluten, paraffin or propylene.
  • Curly hair products for kids define soften & strengthens strands with the ideal blend of pure Shea butter, coconut oil, and honey devised with no harsh ingredients.
  • Tames frizz: defines and tames fussy frizz. Softens & strengthens strands. Infused with Shea butter, coconut oil & honey.

8. Mixed Chicks Kids Gentle Conditioner with Safflower Seed Oil

Mixed Chicks Kids Gentle Conditioner with Safflower Seed Oil for Soft & Manageable Hair

  • This styling product is specially formulated for kids and is totally free of dyes and perfumes. The gentle formula leaves hair smooth, soft and manageable, which makes hair maintenance a simple and enjoyable experience for the child and parent.
  • Makes combing through hair a cinch while it delivers nourishing hydration which fortifies and smoothens curls. Our child’s conditioner reduces alleviates dry brittle hair and radically reduces breakage when used frequently, thus enabling the development of stronger longer hair!
  • Mixed Chicks products include a manufacturer’s limited warranty when purchased through an authorized retailer. Mixed Chicks Kids Products are marked with an’MFG’ (Manufacturing) date. This date isn’t an expiration date. All products are great for 18 months after opening.

9. Johnson’s Baby Curl-Defining Tear-Free Kids’ Shampoo with Shea Butter

Johnson's Baby Curl-Defining Tear-Free Kids' Shampoo with Shea Butter

  • 13.6-fluid ounce bottle of Johnson’s No More Tears Curls Defining Shampoo to cleanse toddlers’ curled hair and specify curls and waves for 24 hours.
  • Enriched with shea butter, this gentle shampoo is formulated to smooth your kid’s wavy hair. Specially designed to be milder than mature products, this hypoallergenic shampoo is paraben-, phthalate-, sulfate-, and dye-free, which makes it gentle on toddlers’ developing hair.
  • Johnson’s No More Tears tear-free shampoo formula is as gentle to eyes as pure water and is a pediatrician and ophthalmologist tested. Every Johnson’s product is intended to meet or surpass the top internationally recognized regulatory standards. For long-term outcomes, use the children’s curl-enhancing shampoo using Johnson’s Curl-Defining Leave-in Conditioner.

10. CARA B Naturally Leave-in Conditioner and Daily Moisturizer

CARA B Naturally Leave-in Conditioner and Daily Moisturizer for Babies and Kids Textured, Curly Hair

  • Condition your kid’s hair with this particular leave-in conditioner and also a daily moisturizer. It will help to gently detangle and hydrate locks. This all-natural formula is infused with shea butter and coconut oil. This tangle-free leave-in conditioner is great for all hair types. Add a little shine, and manageability while naturally moisturizing your kid’s hair, using a product created especially for infants and children of varying ethnicities and hair textures.
  • Cater to your kid’s hair care needs using this moisturizing conditioner that is created for infants and children with sensitive skin. This daily conditioner includes no artificial colors, preservatives, and fragrances.
  • Safeguard your child’s hair and health with this formula that is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and petrolatum. CARA B Naturally Leave-In Conditioner offers you a safe and effective product to help you manage and keep your child’s hair with the only natural, plant-based ingredients.

11. Sensitive Styling Foam

Sensitive Styling Foam - Natural Hold for Babies and Kids

  • Infused with a proprietary ingredient mix, it adds softness and bounce without the extra buildup which leads to dryness, flaking, inflammation, or itching. Specially formulated for kids with sensitive scalp and secure enough for regular use
  • Delivers intense moisture and creates a healthy scalp environment by assisting enhance sebum production, Boost pH, and restore moisture balance. Produced without parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, artificial color, propylene glycol, wheat, gluten, or nuts
  • SoCozy Sensitive Hush curly hair products for kids are a complete range of products designed to work together to cure and prevent symptoms of sensitivity, making the optimal environment for healthy scalp and skin. Products that go beyond mild

12. Mixed Chicks Kids Shampoo

Mixed Chicks Kids Shampoo, 8 Ounce

  • Biracial kids, curly-haired children, kids with wild unruly kinky locks? Of course, we use common sense precautions and avoid getting the product into the little ones’ eyes, but if you work Mixed Chicks into hair (not scalp), Mixed Chicks Kids products eliminate curly hair and define curls.
  • Mixed Chicks Kids is perfect for multi-textured and mixed-race / heritage curls. Depending on where on the bi-racial, multi-cultural spectrum your little one fits, it can sometimes feel like an impossible task to find the right hair products.
  • A good deal of ethnic hair products are thick and create a build-up that just weighs down and dulls the luscious curls, coils, spins, and waves. Some others simply don’t have exactly what it takes to deliver the outcomes you’re looking for. In Mixed Chicks, we understand the challenges because we’ve experienced them ourselves!


Best Curly Hair Products for Kids
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How do I protect my child’s curls?

Since sleep is very important for hair’s health and growth, it is essential to develop a routine for nighttime hair nurture. Start with applying conditioners for curly hair and tenderly detangle your child’s curls. You can do this with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

Can damaged curls be repaired?

Most people believe that the only way to repair damaged curly hair is to cut it off simply. However, there are ways around this. It is important to discover what causes the damage to the hair. It can vary from too much heat to chemical-heavy conditioners and hair products. Using the proper and natural hair products is a great way to start repairing your curls. Curls need moisture most of all. Products that will hydrate your hair naturally and that are free of harmful elements that dry your hair will regenerate your curls and make them beautiful again.

Are hair products good for kids with curly hair?

Yes, they are but always consult your child’s pediatric expert or dermatologist when you’re opting for a new hair product. They are safe as long as they are needed. Natural products are most important for your kids, especially if they have curly hair. These products will keep your child’s hair naturally hydrated and healthy.

Is combing healthy for a child’s curly hair?

It is as long as the hair is wet. Combing curly hair while it’s dry can damage the locks severely. It can lead to split ends and breakage. The safest way to approach the dry curls is to gently detangle your child’s hair with fingers when it’s dry.

Which product should I choose for my child’s curly hair?

There are various options to choose from depending on the type of your kid’s hair. The most important thing to consider is natural ingredients. Curly hair is delicate and requires moisture. You can achieve this with healthy, natural conditioners devoid of harmful chemicals that will dry your kid’s curls. Our recommendation is CARA B natural leave-in conditioner and a daily moisturizer. It will help you detangle your kid’s curls with ease while keeping them moist and healthy.


We should not choose a-hair and hair care products for children through the tongue, because an allergy to the baby’s immature skin can always occur. Therefore, learning and choosing curly hair products for kids carefully will help mothers care for children more easily.

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