Top 7 Best Baby Bottle Brushes Reviews in 2024

Having a baby comes along with a never-ending stream of chores.  Whether you find yourself swimming in an endless pile of laundry or just trying to keep up with everyday household clean up; life is messy.  One daunting chore that drives many parents crazy is the constant cleaning and sanitizing of their baby’s bottles.  That’s where these handy little baby brushes come in to play.

Baby bottle brushes are different from regular dish brushes because of their special shape.  They are designed to reach down into every corner of your baby’s bottle to properly clean them while easily removing milk residue and germs.  Sponges just don’t cut it when it comes to cleaning baby bottles, so purchasing the best baby bottle brush is truly a must for any parent.

When shopping for a great baby bottle cleaning brush, there are a couple things to keep an eye out for.

  • Stiff wire bristles
  • Absorbent scrub sponge
  • Easy to hold handle
  • Suction cupped bottom or stand
  • Long wand arm
  • Smaller nipple brush
  • Easy to clean
  • Gentle enough not to scratch

Now that you know what to look for when hunting for the best brush for you it is time to do some shopping!  Here are some great options for you that will help make your life a little easier.

List of 7 Best Baby Bottle Brushes Reviews

1. OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand

Top 7 Best Baby Bottle Brushes Reviews in 2024 1

When it comes to kitchen gear and accessories that were specially designed to make life a little easier, the OXO brand has also been ahead of the game.  The OXO Tot Bottle Brush Is a perfectly shaped product to deep clean any size bottle or sippy cup.  The rounded top dome shape mimics the actual shape of the bottle so that every little inch will be perfectly clean.

The dual textured bristles work in perfect harmony to remove every last inch of dirt and residue.  While the softer white bristles work to gently scrub the sides of the bottle, the stiffer red bristles do an amazing job or digging deep into the bottom lip to pull dirt out.

The flexible head on this brush gives you a little more control over the brush and allows you to easily give the bottle a good scrubbing.  The best part is the little nipple brush that it hidden within the stand.  This brush is perfectly sized to clean out the bottle nipple while also being gentle enough to not tear the silicone.  All of these features with the addition of the sink stank makes the OXO Tot Bottle Brush a great all in one purchase for your bottle cleaning needs.

2. Dr.Brown’s Bottle Brush

Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush, Blue

Dr. Brown’s has some of best and innovative baby bottles so there is no surprise that they would bring that same care to their baby bottle brush.  While the Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush was specifically designed to work perfect with the Dr. Brown’s standard wide necked bottles, this brush will work perfectly fine on any brand of bottle you use.

The rubber gripped handles keep the brush in your hand where it is suppose to be even when being used with soap and water. The stiff white bristles on this brush work perfectly with your gentle hand motions to clean the bottle while the sponge found at the top of the brush will wipe the bottle clean with one sweep.

At the base of the brush you will find a little compartment which houses the nipple brush that does wonders on any sized baby bottle nipple.  Once you’re done washing simply store this brush on the sink with the stand or hand it on a hook with the convenient clip that this brush comes with.  All in all the Dr. Brown’s Bottle brush is a great purchase and the best baby bottle brush when it comes to a hassle-free cleaning.

3. NUK Triple Action Bottle and Nipple Brush

NUK 62012 Triple Action Bottle & Nipple Brush

Parents love using the NUK Triple Action Bottle and Nipple Brush because of the especially unique combination of cleaning materials. The white stiff bristles are great for cleaning up leftover or spoiled milk. There are little things worse for a parent then finding an old bottle in the car with milk still in it. These are messes that no one looks forward to cleaning.

Baby brushes with stiff, yet flexible bristles, work perfectly on these forgotten bottles. Along with the wire bristles you also get a soft sponge which gently cleans the bottle while also helping to remove excess moisture. Lastly, this brush is fitted with a soft green scrubber that helps to more efficiently clean the bottles while guaranteeing that no bottle mess is too big for the NUK Triple Action Bottle Brush to handle.

When you use the same bottle brush, overtime there will be a buildup of bacteria and germs so it is good to know that this NUK bottle brush features an odor resistance guarantee in the sponge. The handle on this bottle brush has a no-slip grip and a more natural hourglass shape for a comfortable hold. The base of the NUK Triple Action Bottle Brush is a stand-alone base which allows the brush to stand up perfectly on your sink and features a hidden little nipple brush.

4. MAM Soft Baby Bottle Brush

Top 7 Best Baby Bottle Brushes Reviews in 2024 2

If you are worried about using stiff wire bristles on your delicate baby bottles, then the MAM Soft Baby Bottle Brush is perfect for you. While traditional baby bottle brushes may be gentle enough not to scratch, there can be some wear and tear over time. This MAM brush, however, features a non-scratch collection of soft bristles made from a soft rubber like material. This means that you can even clean up the messiest of bottles and sippy cups without worrying about scratches. This is perfect for parents who prefer to use glass bottles which can be expensive.

The round of the MAM Soft Baby Bottle brush looks like a cactus because of the bristles coming together to form a perfect dome shape that guarantees to fit into any sizes bottle. Parents love the no-slip rubber thumb grip that helps to give them a little more control over the brush during cleaning. Along with the brush, you also get a smaller version of the same brush which is perfect for cleaning bottle nipples and lids with ease. It is important to let your baby bottle brush dry properly between uses to avoid the growth of bacteria. The MAM Soft Baby Bottle Brush comes with a wide opening at the bottom of the handle which lets you hand dry the brush when not in use.

5. Foonii 6 in1 Bottle Brush Cleaner Kit

Top 7 Best Baby Bottle Brushes Reviews in 2024 3

If you’re one of those parents who need a lot of options when it comes to cleaning, then the Foonii 6 in 1 Bottle Brush Cleaner Kit is absolutely perfect for you. This six piece set comes with everything you need to properly clean your baby’s bottles and sippy cups no matter the style or size. First you get a large baby bottle which much like others features stiff wire bristles along with a soft sponge top.

If you’re looking for more gentle clean on sensitive items like glass bottles, simply remove the wire brush from the long handle and attach the soft foam sponge accessory. This sponge is fitted with gentle ridges which will easily grab onto dirt and milk for a smoother clean.

When you purchase the Foonii 6 in 1 Bottle Brush Cleaner Kit you not only get two amazing bottle brushes but you also get some awesome tiny cleaning tools as well. You get two different long thin brushes that are perfect for cleaning out straws of sippy cups and well as work perfect to clean threading on bottle ring caps.

You also get two different nipple cleaners. One is a traditional wire brush cleaner for heavier messes while the soft foam cleaner is great for a quick clean up. The whole set is fitted with hook holes that you can easily store the brush set out of sight when not in use.

6. Philips AVENT Bottle and Nipple Brush

Top 7 Best Baby Bottle Brushes Reviews in 2024 4

While the dome style baby bottle brushes do a great job when it comes to cleaning out dirty bottles and sippy cups, some parents prefer to use as traditional dish type brush. The Phillips AVENT Bottle and Nipple brush looks more like a regular cleaning brush that you may already have in your kitchen. All of the soft bristles are located on only one side of the brush as well as along the tip.

While this may seem like it won’t do as well of a job as the other brushes do, this is not the case. Because the bristles are focused on one side you can have a more precise clean. This is great for when you have a bottle with that one spot of dried milk that you can’t seem to clean out.

The Phillips AVENT Bottle Brush, much like others on this list, comes with a nipple brush too, but there is a catch! Instead of having the smaller nipple brush is a completely separate piece, this AVENT product features the brush directly on the bottom of the long want handle. This means that you never have to worry about losing this vital little piece ever again. Cleaning this brush is a breeze because the whole thing is made from BPA free plastic and is completely dishwasher safe for easy sanitizing.

7. Simba Baby Rotary Spinning Bottle and Nipple Brush Set

Top 7 Best Baby Bottle Brushes Reviews in 2024 5

The Simba Baby Rotary Spinning Bottle Brush Set is very different from other products mentioned on this list which helps to make it the best baby bottle brush you can find. The innovative design of this baby bottle brush allows you to not only use a normal hand motion to clean your baby’s bottles but also rotates. When you hold the brush by the end of the handle you will see that the brush cranks and rotates a full 360 degrees.

This means that the brush literally does the work for you which is perfect for the times that you find yourself standing in front of a sink of dirty bottles at the end of a long day. Instead of wire bristles, the Simba Baby Rotary Spinning Bottle Brush Set is fitted with a high quality sponge which is touch and durable enough to last you for many washes to come.

You don’t have to worry about the sponge falling apart on you because not only it is made from high quality materials it also has been put through some serious tests. The best test, however, was the high temperature test to be sure that this brush can handle the right temperature needed to properly clean and sanitize your little one’s bottles. If you do find that your sponge is running a little ragged, don’t worry!

You can quickly and easily purchase replacement sponges. Because this is a soft sponge design you don’t have to worry about it ever scratching up your baby’s stuff. The best part about this brush set is the tiny nipple brush that comes along with it! This little nipple brush is constructed out of the same high quality materials that the larger brush is and is perfectly shaped to fit deeply into any baby bottle nipple for a perfect clean every time.


Never has it been easier to clean out messy baby bottles. When you buy the best baby bottle brush you are taking a giant step toward a more stress-free life, especially when it comes to chores. Just remember that while baby bottle brushes do a great job of cleaning out milk and grime, you still need to properly sanitize the bottles to insure they are at their cleanest. This is also true to the baby bottle brushes themselves! Make sure to always give the brushes a good wash after using them and then let them air dry to help prevent bacteria or mold from growing. Good luck!