9 Best Electric Bottle Sterilizers & Dryer 2024 – Buying Guide

Dear parents, don’t forget the golden saying ‘safety first’? In addition, it is true in nursing the infant and making sure that the baby things aren’t only clean but sterilized also.

Below are the Best Electric Bottle Sterilizers & Dryer for you to check out for.

Our Picks for 2024

1. Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

Penetrating steam at a higher temperature compared to your dishwasher. This 3-in-1 device delivers strong steam-powered machine using sexy air-drying technologies to help keep your baby bottles, breast pump pieces, pacifiers, teethers, and plastic toys clean, dry, and smelling clean!


  • Spacious 3-in-1 Baby Bottle Sterilizer
  • Easy One-Dial Control Design
  • Kill 99.9percent in 8 Minutes
  • More than 12 Hours of storage function keeping your thing dry and nice
  • Automated Drying and Power Off Functions
  • Large Capacity: Fits up to 10 Normal dimensions bottles
  • Made from BPA-Free material

2. Baby Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer Machine – Electric Steam Sterilization

Baby Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer Machine – Electric Steam Sterilization

Instantly and easily sterilize and dry your baby bottles using all the Baby Brezza One Step Sterilizer Dryer. This appliance automatically dries out your bottles once sterilizing, also powers off after done.


  • Organic steam kills 99.9percent of bacteria and goods remain sterile for up to 24 hours once left from the unopened sterilizer
  • 4 in 1 operation: Use as Sterilizer Only, Sterilizer and Dryer, Dryer Only, or Storage System
  • Large capacity – holds up to 6 bottles at a time and pump and accessories components
  • Easy-to-use LCD control panel
  • Stainless steel heating plate protects against rust and hard water build-up
  • Works with bottles and accessories
  • 1 year limited guarantee; BPA-FREE

3. Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

Philips Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer kills 99.9% of germs through extreme steam sterilization. Just plug the device into any standard electrical socket to securely and efficiently remove several household germs in as little as six minutes. The flexible size permits you to personalize to your requirements.


  • Steam sterilization removes 99.9% of germs in just six minutes
  • Insects remain sterile for up to 24 hours when the lid stays unopened
  • Three-in-one layout holds Many Different pumps, bottles, and accessories
  • Cleans using a six-minute cycle and after the cycle is full it shuts off automatically
  • Produced from BPA-free materials

4. Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

The new PLUS edition of Wabi Baby Sterilizer simplifies and enhances the infant bottle after-wash care process together with newer and simply the best attributes.


  • Sterilizing: 8-15min. Smart detector which auto shuts off if it is completed.
  • Drying: Choices of 30,45, and 60 minutes.
  • Operation: 1. Pour water. 2. Load Objects. 3. Press Button. That’s it.
  • Ability: Fits up to 8 standard size bottles.
  • Countdown Timer: Easy monitoring, better time control.
  • Sterilizing and drying may operate independently.
  • Made from BPA-Free material.
  • Last setting memory for true one button operation
  • Exclusive: Just One button descaling
  • Exclusive: More than 12 Hours of storage operate keeping your thing always pleasant and dry.

5. Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Baby Bottle Sterilizer – Sterilizes in 5 Minutes – BPA Free

Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Baby Bottle Sterilizer - Sterilizes in 5 Minutes - BPA Free

The Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Sterilizer comes with a new sleek design and looks great in every kitchen workbench. The sterilizer is appropriate for use with 5 Closer to Nature bottles, including 5 Advanced Anti-Colic bottles, or 4 Ultra bottles.


  • Deliver 5 sterile baby bottles at 5 minutes
  • Chemical-free steam sterilizing kills 99.9percent of harmful germs
  • Baby bottles remain sterile for 24 hours when the lid stays closed
  • Sleek, eclectic layout Ideal for every kitchen
  • Compatible with Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature and Advanced Anti-Colic bottles, as well as most important manufacturer feeding bottles
  • BPA-free and phthalate-free for Supreme reassurance

6. Philips Avent 4-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer SCF286/05

Philips Avent 4-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer SCF286/05

With its flexible dimensions, the 4-in-1 sterilizer occupies minimum kitchen area. The contained dishwasher basket keeps small things together in the dishwasher and permits you to move all of them at once to the sterilizer.


  • Kills 99.9% of harmful germs
  • Sterilizes in 6 minutes
  • Fits 6 Philips Avent bottles
  • Adjustable 4-in-1 layout

7. Wabi Baby Touch Panel Dual Function UV Sterilizer & Dryer

Wabi Baby Touch Panel Dual Function UV Sterilizer & Dryer

The Wabi Baby UV Sterilizer & Dryer is a handy all in one unit that gives you the ultimate in sanitary efficacy. The device has double UV bulbs created by Osram to guarantee the quality sterile power.

State-of-art RapidDryTM double ventilation process is intended to provide efficient and fast drying using our patent-pending low-heat engineering and PTC exact heating component.


  • ETL certified for US & Canada
  • FCC & EMC Tested
  • 3rd party microbiology tested
  • Electrical rate: 120V, 60Hz, 80w
  • Two Years Limited Warranty
  • Made in Korea

8. BABY JOY Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer

BABY JOY Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer, 3-in-1 Modular Electric Dryer Machine, Milk Warmer with Large Capacity, Temperature Control, LED Monitor

When feeding using a baby bottle, it is tough to maintain bottles clean and itches, even when cleaned thoroughly after each use. Baby bottle sterilizer will heat milk and sterilize baby pacifiers and baby bottles. It’s extremely user-friendly by pressing buttons on the controller panel.


  • BABY JOY Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer not merely provides you with the simple function of sterilizing, but also offers the bottle warmer and dryer. Modular design provides flexible blend when sterilizing different qualities/sizes of infant items to conserve power and update efficacy to the intense.
  • Using its 500W energy in sterilizing and 180W at drying, the BABY JOY 3-in-1 sterilizer could finish its work effectively. We plan this sterilizer with precise time and temperature to you, which may be simple to work and reveal the procedure with LCD screen.
  • A set-up that the sanitizer using three distinct stacking options, although it may comprise up to 10 bottles as well as other accessories at once. The ergonomic form makes it effortless to take or take aside for intermittent cleaning. It matches universal bottles of several unique sizes and accomplishes different demands of infant’s appetite.
  • Made from food quality PP substance and a dry-fire security system may disconnect electricity sources whenever there’s not any water on the device, place perfect temperature and time to sterilize baby goods like nipples, bottles, spoons, etc..
  • Constructed from the foundation, bucket for basket, bottles for small accessories. A measuring cup can be included for water adding.

9. The First Years Power of Steam Electric Steam Sterilizer

The First Years Power of Steam Electric Steam Sterilizer

Be a germ-killing superhero using all the Electric Steam Sterilizer, that destroys ordinary household germs on bottles, pacifiers and tiny toys. The Steam Tower Technology separately sends steam inside every jar to purge it indoors and outside, to get a really’super’ clean. All you require is a cape.


  • Destroys common household germs on bottles, pacifiers and Compact toys
  • Unique design leads steam deep into ribbons for Improved sterilization
  • Trays can be eliminated to gallop sterilized items
  • Easy to Use and clean
  • BPA Free

Types of Bottle Sterilizer

There are two types of steam-powered sterilizers: electrical sterilizers and ones which go on your microwave. Microwave steam sterilizers normally have you put bottles at a microwave-proof bowl constructed for steaming. Electric sterilizers are powered from your house’s power (such as from a socket). These are normally large enough to sterilize all areas of the jar in 1 go, which I strongly favor.

Another choice is battery-powered UV bottle sterilizers. UV sterilizers use ultraviolet light to destroy germs. They utilize little but highly effective UV light-bulbs. They are normally much smaller but just require 1 jar at one time (or only the nipple). This makes them perfect when traveling also convenient since they’re often compact and lightweight.

Electric Bottle Sterilizer

Best Electric Bottle Sterilizers & Dryer

An electrical bottle sterilizer uses (hot) vapor to destroy germs and germs from bottles. There is a vast selection of alternatives, so it’s easy to locate ones that fit your budget. You will find sterilizers that don’t only sterilize bottles but tender and even deodorize, also! Often all you want to do is set the bottles, press a button, and then catch the bottles after.

Many electrical bottle sterilizers can steam and hold more than 1 jar at one time. That is something to remember if you go through a lot of bottles (such as we did!). They arrive in diverse sizes and shapes so there’s definitely one which can fit your requirements.


  • Electric sterilizers are simple to use
  • The sterilizing process is quick, generally under 10 minutes
  • Some electrical sterilizers can wash, dry, and deodorize bottles


  • An electrical steam sterilizer will Occupy space on the countertops
  • They are more expensive

Microwave Bottle Sterilizer

Like with electrical sterilizers, microwave sterilizers use high heat vapor to kill germs and germs. To utilize a microwave sterilizer which you set your bottles in a container, then add water, and then set it in the microwave to the necessary time (that is based on the wattage of your microwave).

Regrettably, there is no pruning and drying however there are different benefits of choosing a microwave bottle sterilizer.

They are low cost and may be stashed off when not being used. Hence, they’re a very simple and efficient choice for sterilizing. Microwave sterilizers were our pick if S and Z desired sterilized bottles.


  • A microwave sterilizer is just one of the cheapest price sterilizers
  • They are also extremely fast, typically sterilizing bottles in under 5 minutes.


  • The bottles need to be dried but will generally dry themselves out if left out following sterilization.

UV Bottle Sterilizer (Portable Bottle Sterilizer)

A more recent, however (in my view ) shortly to be a favorite addition to the sterilizing of infant bottles is your UV bottle sterilizer. Notably during traveling. Contrary to the other two choices these sterilizers use ultraviolet light, not steam, to eliminate any bacteria and germs.

Definitely the most portable bottle sterilizer, UV sterilizers are small and lightweight. Since they’re so small they will frequently ask that you dismantle the jar and purge every part separately, and a few additionally just sterilize the nipple of the jar (that isn’t perfect but better than nothing).

But, they’re still a fantastic solution for traveling with a baby bottle sterilizer. With no requirement for recharging electricity (either straight or using a microwave), those sterilizers are great not only for traveling but being outside of the home generally. These could have been great once I took S and Z into the soccer with me (where we would be out of the home for hours).


  • They are lightweight, small, and compact which makes them a fantastic option for traveling
  • UV sterilizers are nicely priced and often cheaper than many electrical options


  • Some just scatter the nipple of the jar require you to purge the jar in components
  • Some may take up of 10 minutes


Do I need electric bottle sterilizers and dryers for my baby?

Absolutely. Hygiene is vital for your baby, especially when it comes to nutrition. These bottles offer you a higher quality of sterilization, and the drying option is excellent since it will save you a lot of time.

How often should I sterilize baby bottles?

Once a day will suffice in most cases, but you should sterilize bottles before and after every use as an extra precaution. Sterilization kills various germs and provides your child with clean and healthy nutrition.

How long should sterilization of bottles last?

Generally, you should leave the bottles in boiling water for at least thirty minutes. However, with electric sterilizers, this process takes only five or six minutes of your time. Time is of the essence, especially for sleep-deprived parents.

What are the benefits of electric sterilizers?

Electric sterilizers provide you with high-quality sterilization of baby bottles. These products are huge time-savers. You can also place up to six bottles in this device. It also offers you a drying option.

Which features are essential when buying an electric sterilizer and dryer for my baby?

Various features are important to consider when you are making this purchase. First of all, you should get the sterilizer with the drying option since it will save you a lot of time. Safety is vital, especially for parents that lack enough sleep. Auto shut-off switch will help in this matter. Last but not least you should consider the size of the product and the best option to go for is the one with six bottles.

Best Electric Bottle Sterilizers & Dryer


Now, you have observed the reviews you’ll definitely have the ability to generate a much better decision and purchase the best electric bottle sterilizer and dryer depending on your requirements and affordability.

Your family members won’t ever encounter the health dangers should you sterilize the thing prior to use. Make sure once you get the bottle sterilizer that you examine what all things can be sterilized inside.

Pick the one that is having better characteristics, big capacity and matches your requirements. Do not just pick up any bottle sterilizer which you see from the store. After, go through the reviews and find out which one is ideal for use.

Take a look at these products from the same price range, that are available right now on Amazon: