Baby Tableware for Every Age: A Guide to Choosing the Right Products

Buying the right baby tableware seems like a challenging thing. Why? Because there are plenty of options. But we are here to help you find suitable dishes for infants. Good tableware is crucial to buy because they have different requirements. To enjoy meals with your kids, you must buy them the best tableware.

Before buying dishes for your children, you have to choose according to their age. For instance, newborn babies have a completely different way of eating and drinking. So, their needs will also be different from other age groups. The age factor is necessary to consider when purchasing these items. Otherwise, you might not provide them with the best products.

Apart from age, you must also look at the quality and design. Everybody wants durable tableware. However, it is only possible if you spend some time researching. Nowadays, searching for the best dishes has become convenient. Various online stores and websites are available that you can trust for these things. You can consider silicone bowls from Brightberry to shop for baby tableware according to your kids’ requirements.

You might be eager to know more about how to find the perfect baby tableware. Let’s not waste any more time and get started with the same.

What Tableware Should You Buy For Your Kids?

Baby Tableware for Every Age: A Guide to Choosing the Right Products 2

Tableware comes in various options. That is why it is essential to understand which products are best for kids. Here are some excellent options according to age.

  • Newborn babies (0-6 months): Newborn kids don’t necessarily need tableware because they only consume breast milk. You can buy products for them after a while.

They cannot use cups, plates, forks, spoons, etc. But they might need feeding bottles. So, that is all you have to purchase.

Some people believe babies can learn to use tableware after three months. Practically, it is not possible. You should never give them these products because they might hurt themselves.

  • Newborn kids (6-12 months): You should wait at least six months or more to provide your kids with some tableware. During this phase, kids want to explore more, and they are always curious about learning new things. That is why it is a perfect time to buy sippy cups for them.

Sippy cups are straightforward to use for infants. Even though they are more inclined towards feeding bottles, you can give them these products. Babies might react in a different way when they pick up the sippy cup. They will think that it is a toy. After a while, you will see a vast transition in how your baby reacts to them.

Babies six months or older begin eating soft foods, soups, and snacks. The perfect tableware to improve their experience is getting no-frills bowls. They are dishwasher and microwave-safe products. So you don’t need to worry about anything. Your baby’s health won’t be affected by using them.

Plates might not be a suitable option for these infants. You should only offer them the bowls. Bowls are better to use for eating food than plates. You can wait a little longer to purchase plates for them.

Kids of this age group also prefer baby snacks. To store the leftovers, you can use small containers that a baby can hold as well. You can check out a few containers suitable for babies.

  • Kids aged one year or more: Babies who have crossed one year or more are ready to learn to eat using tableware. It is a perfect time to buy kids’ utensils like cups, plates, and spoons.

Independent eating habits are crucial to understanding during this phase. It is high time that you should start teaching them how to hold a spoon and eat using plates. You can start from the basics and then move on to challenging tasks.

What Materials Are Safest For Baby Tableware?

Baby Tableware for Every Age: A Guide to Choosing the Right Products 3

As you know, babies are always at risk of getting infections. Their immune system is not that strong. Therefore, it is necessary to buy utensils made from non-toxic materials.

Some toxic materials include Lead, Cadmium, Teflon, Petroleum, PVC, Melamine Plastic, etc. You should never buy products containing these substances. It might impact your kid’s health in many ways.

Non-toxic tableware consists of natural substances free from chemicals. The most significant materials are Bamboo and Silicone. The utensils made up of them are safe to use for infants. There are other non-toxic and eco-friendly materials that you can search and choose from.

A myth that has been spreading fast is about silicone. People think that silicone tableware doesn’t work with hot food items. These utensils can affect kids’ health if they consume hot items from them. It doesn’t matter whether the food is cold or hot. They are safe to use for babies. Silicone products don’t contain chemicals or plastic.

As for bamboo tableware, you don’t have to worry about anything. It is a natural product and also has antimicrobial properties. Apart from that, babies can hold these utensils without much effort. They are lightweight and durable.

What Are The Tips To Buy The Right Utensils For Kids?

Baby Tableware for Every Age: A Guide to Choosing the Right Products 4

The following tips will help you get the perfect tableware for babies:

  • Check the material: The first thing you need to do is check the material. What are the dishes made up of? Are they toxic substances? You have to answer all these questions before selection. The materials should be non-toxic and chemical-free. You can try eco-friendly utensils for a better experience.
  • Buy only durable products: The utensils you buy for your kids should be durable. Kids always break delicate ones because they play with them.
  • Lightweight tableware: Weight matters the most when choosing the kids’ dishes. You have to buy those products that they can easily hold without effort.
  • Find a reliable store: You should also find a reliable store to get the perfect baby tableware. Read customer reviews to get a perfect one.

Final Words

We hope now you can quickly find the right tableware for your kids. You have to take care of several things before making your decision. The above tips will help you a lot in the process.