8 Best Toys And Gift Ideas For 17-Year-Old Boys 2024 – Top Picks

Teenagers are more likely to have different tastes in terms of gifts and are mature and picky enough with their choices. Boys especially have a limited number of things on their list. It is a task to look out for the things that will suit their choice of preference and at the same time be useful to them.

Boys that have just turned 17 are known to have completely different choices, opinions, beliefs, and personalities as compared to when they were younger. They are hard to choose a gift for because they are in that mid-age, where they are not too young and not too old.

Anyway, today we are here to help you to pick the desired gifts. They will surely love to have them and would amaze you guys.  This article has jotted down amazing options to choose from along with a detailed buyers guide in the end.

Top Gift Ideas For Teen Boys

1. Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Electronic gadgets hold a very special place in a boy’s life, especially at the age of teenage. Teenagers are more inclined towards games, and for that, it is important to have gadgets to provide a better experience. It’s not only for the gaming experience, but also it provides a way to do virtual work, like homework, assignments, attend online classes, and much more.

This product will be one of those great choices you are willing to make. Since it’s a generation of online technology, they would need equipment for fulfilling their needs. Gone are the days when people were strung with the wires and forced to sit at one place to work. This wireless Bluetooth keyboard has features that certainly prove it is worth it and why you should buy it for a 17-year-old boy.


  • Multi-device
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Chargeable
  • Slim body design
  • Portable
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and windows
  • Lithium battery
  • Autosaving energy mode
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Light in weight

2. DropMix Music Gaming System

DropMix Music Gaming System

What is a better combination than gaming plus music? Does he love to play online games? Have you seen him streaming online? Or simply a passionate lover of both online games and music? Well, the answer to all these questions is Dropmix Music Gaming System. For a game lover, this product is a great choice. Boys are specifically more passionate when it’s all about the online gaming experience.

Music on the other hand boosts the energy of the individual. Moreover, it enables the user to have an amazing and unexpected experience with the mix of music with a group of friends. This product allows the customer to have fun with great features. This product has card songs that fit accordingly during online gaming.

This product comes with built-in song cards with a list of songs of popular artists and singers.


  •  For 4 number of players
  • Create amazing mixes of songs
  • Has 3 different modes: Party, Clash, and Freestyle
  • Built-in songs card

3. Led Light Strips

Led Light Strips

The first thing to remember before deciding on a gift for a 17-year-old is to keep up with trends. Whether it’s clothes, food, accessories, or gadgets. They would always expect you to bring in gifts that are extraordinary and unexpected at the same time. Undoubtedly, LED light strips are one of those cool gifts. If you haven’t noticed, we would like to enlighten you all about the trend of decorating their rooms and sending selfies and reels.

The inside secret is boys too are obsessed with having a clean and beautiful room. Led lights are something that can make their rooms look renovated. Help your teenage kid to change his boring lights in the room with the unique and amazing colors of LED. These strips can quickly switch to different colors and speed both. The most common and interesting thing is to mix the light color to have a new one.


  • Colour adjustment
  • Different modes
  • Built-in microphone
  • Easy installation
  • Length of 100 ft
  • Can be controlled by remote and app
  • Change of color with the rhythm of the song
  • Adjustable light direction
  • High quality

4. Basketball


Anything related to sports is definitely on the list of boys. It’s absolutely a great choice since a boy of age 17 loves breaking window glass with their sixes and goals. Sometimes these small gifts result in developing a passion for sports. Try grabbing equipment from popular brands. You would never want a gift to be used for a temporary period.

Basketball is not just an outdoor sport, but it also improves health in terms of cardiovascular. Teenagers are merely aware of the importance of outdoor activities. Instead of wanting him to be a nerd, give him an excuse to step outside the world of toppers and be a carefree kid in the world.

If he is a basketball fan, this would prove to be a useful gift for him. Unlike other sports, basketball can be played by a single player too. There is no need to wait for friends to join and play. To be precise, if he has a passion to play at the international and national level in the future. Then this gift will be a perfect way of telling them that you believe in them.


  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor
  • Durability in terms of cover
  • Latest version

5. Sling Bag

Sling Bag

Bags for students are one of those useful gifts we all look for. Students won’t carry those big stuffed bags to their school or tuition for limited important textbooks and study materials. Teenagers are more likely to like bags with enough space for required things rather than having those bulky bags to hang on their shoulders.

According to the sources, carrying heavyweight bags is also not good for kids in terms of physically and mentally. You must have heard from your parents that you should always avoid heavyweight things on your shoulder, as it acts as a barrier to your height and sometimes causes serious injuries that stay for a longer period. To avoid such situations and the worse effects of carrying heavyweight bags, we would suggest you buy a sling bag as a present for a 17-year old.


  • Offers space for headphones
  • USB charging port
  • Made of nylon material
  • Tear-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Padded strap and back of the bag
  • Vast space for items
  • Adjustable straps
  • Suitable for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

6. Windows Tablet PC

Windows Tablet PC-

Video games are another level of craze amongst kids and adults. Especially when it comes to teenagers, they are more passionate about beating their friends and trying out new games. Tablet would be just another amazing choice you wish to gift them.

It will help them to have great experience in gaming and who knows if you get a chance to play beside them and create bonding.


  • Ultra-slim & stylish body
  • Latest user-friendly windows operating system
  • Storage of 128 Gb
  • Fast Charging
  • HD screen of 10 inches
  • Cameras of 2MP and 5MP
  • Dual-band WiFi
  • Option to connect Keyboard
  • 6GB DDr4 RAM
  • G-sensor
  • Supports space of 512GB external storage

Buyer’s Guide To Buying The Best Toys And Gift Ideas For 17-year-old Boys 2024

8 Best Toys And Gift Ideas For 17-Year-Old Boys 2024 - Top Picks 2
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Here are some of the key points you should always consider while purchasing products/gifts for your loved ones. It’s always important to check the brand, quality, guarantee, and other aspects of the product. Since it’s a task to decide gifts that are both amazing and useful at the same time. We are here to make your work a bit easier.


Before you spend your thousands on a product, ensure that the quality of the product is reliable. Since most of the time, we purchase products recommended by our friends, family, or someone who has used them, make sure you have a word with them regarding the quality. The quality of the products defines its durability and you would want the product to last for months or until their next birthday. Buyers can also check the description given for the product. So that you have a fair idea of a particular material used in making the products.

Guarantee Period

Make it a habit to always ask the guarantee period of the product every time you purchase something for yourself or anyone else. Always purchase products with at least 6 months of the guarantee period. In some cases, customers receive defective products and because it wasn’t on a guarantee period they lose their money. To avoid such a situation, be one step ahead of marketers.

Worthy Of Use

Sometimes we buy things because one of our friends has it, or we have seen it trending and it will make us look cool. At that moment you need to stop and ask yourself is it even worth it? Do you feel the need to buy it? When choosing a gift people often go with expensive things that aren’t even used for a shorter period. For example, purchasing antiques that will be seen placed on one corner of the wall or simply packed in to protect it from breaking. Well, it doesn’t look like a nice idea to waste your money on something like these things.

Check Reviews

We are more likely to believe what others say and that’s why it is always a good option to check reviews given by the customers about the products. 90% of the reviews are true and provide a better insight into the product. Also, it’s a better way to decide whether you want to buy the product or not.

But boys who are 17 are all extremely unique and also have varied tastes. At the same time, they are most likely to get influenced by peers and others who are their age. If a product has good reviews by other kids that are 17 (or their parents), then you can be rest assured that the toy and/or gift is a great idea or choice for you.


Make sure you know what is trendy today and what is not. A lot of times, late teens are extremely swayed by what their favorite celebrities find cool. All teenagers these days look for trendy items, nail art, cool watches, beautiful accessories, and similar items. Finding a present that is trendy on Instagram and is being used by many celebrities online will be right. This generation of teenagers loves to be in style so something like headphones or music-related gifts will also work.


We understand your dilemma of choosing a perfect gift for a teenager, especially boys. Since they are likely to be choosy with a couple of things. These ideas will help you all to decide on a perfect gift for a 17-year-old. At this tender age they enjoy receiving gifts and it also helps to build bonding with them.

You can stop spinning around your heads in circles with questions “what is a suitable gift?” “Will he like it or not?” “Is this even his choice or taste of preference?” “What if he doesn’t want it?” All these questions are useless when we are by your side guiding you with the best gift and toy ideas.


8 Best Toys And Gift Ideas For 17-Year-Old Boys 2024 - Top Picks 3
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What are some cool gifts to give a 17year-old-boy?

For a teenager, some cool gifts are those which are trending in the market or owned by most of the friends of his age. Led strip lights or a dropmix music gaming system is a good choice to give him.

What type of gifts should be given to a boy who has everything?

To our point of view, a person who has everything is the one lacking the most valuable gifts. A 17-year-old who tends to have everything can be gifted a sling bag. It’s a simple and unexpected gift.

Gifts that will last longer and are useful for a teenage boy?

Gifts should always be useful and not for hanging and keeping in a safe place to protect them from breaking.

For providing him a better gaming experience you can give him the wireless keyboard or a tablet that would be one of his necessary equipment for online gaming.

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