Top 9 Best Lego Jurassic Park Sets Reviews in 2024

The Jurassic World and Jurassic Park movies explore what happens if a guy messes with character. Or an extremely fictionalized version. And obviously, the people at Lego are online with a ton of Lego Jurassic Park sets which are crammed with vehicles, heroes, disasters, buildings, labs, and, of course, dinosaurs. Lots and a lot of dinosaurs.

List of 9 Best Lego Jurassic Park Sets Reviews

1. LEGO Jurassic World T. rex Transport 75933 Dinosaur Play Set

Top 9 Best Lego Jurassic Park Sets Reviews in 2024 1

Track the Tyrannosaurus Rex in this big-action play scene motivated by Jurassic World™ and return into the transporter, with a single-seater truck, a detachable container with opening and lockable side panels, along with a mobile unit. This T. rex toy comprises 3 minifigures and two dinosaur characters.

2. LEGO Jurassic World Dilophosaurus on The Loose

Top 9 Best Lego Jurassic Park Sets Reviews in 2024 2

The set includes two chiefs assembles, a souvenir stand and also a massive quad-copter piloted by Owen Grady. The souvenir booth is intended to resemble a dinosaur’s large jaws, with a sand green color scheme and rows of teeth. You will find popcorn bits, fedoras, and four posters published onto a 2×2 tile (A “coming soon” poster with the shape of this Indominus rex, a little map of Isla Nublar, a dinosaur overlooking Jurassic planet, plus a Velociraptor). You will find resources behind the booth and standing space for a seller.

The quadcopter utilizes steering wheels to make the four rotors, with a mostly gray body. The body is composed of dark blue bits, and a grey handlebar (though there’s not any seating area for the pilot). There’s a web launcher, which will be capable of shooting around the net to snare the dilophosaurus.

3. LEGO Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout

Top 9 Best Lego Jurassic Park Sets Reviews in 2024 3

Red alert — that the enormous Indominus rex™ has busted from the impound! Zach is within the gyrosphere launched in the pencil wall and he’s under assault. Direct the search for the rampaging monster from the impound’s research tower.

Place off in hot pursuit at the helicopter, evading the dinosaur’s snapping jaws and swiping claws. You have to find that harmful dino back in the pencil before it causes serious harm. It contains 4 minifigures with various accessories and weapons: Zach, an ACU trooper, DrWu along with a vet.

4. LEGO Jurassic Park Jurassic World Raptor Escape Set

Top 9 Best Lego Jurassic Park Sets Reviews in 2024 4

Uh-oh — there is double dino problem in Jurassic World! Among those raptors has escaped its own pencil and can be running loose. Jump to the high heeled offroader and set off in hot pursuit. Fire the movie shot and utilize Barry’s tranquilizer gun to tame the ominous marauder.

Meanwhile, another raptor has triggered the trap role to attract the vet toppling into its pencil. Hurry back to rescue him until the raptor can catch him its snapping jaws. It contains 2 minifigures with various weapons: Barry along with a vet.

5. LEGO Jurassic World Pteranodon Chase

Top 9 Best Lego Jurassic Park Sets Reviews in 2024 5

Phase a fast-action pursuit spectacle motivated by Jurassic World™ and assist Owen along with the tracker store the Pteranodon. This thrilling LEGO dinosaur toy playset comes with a high-speed offroader with a web shooter, tranquilizer gun, two minifigures plus also a Pteranodon figure.

6. LEGO Jurassic World Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit

Top 9 Best Lego Jurassic Park Sets Reviews in 2024 6

Unite Owen with all the loyal Velociraptor in this thrilling Blue’s Helicopter Rescue set, motivated by Jurassic World™. Wheatley has trapped Blue in a cage and attached it to his helicopter, including rotating blades, 6-stud shot and double searchlights.

Set off at the quad bike with trailer and fire the crossbow, rescue the dinosaur and regain the dinosaur eggs. This trendy toy for children comprises 3 minifigures and a Velociraptor figure.

7. LEGO Jurassic World Triceratops Rampage

Top 9 Best Lego Jurassic Park Sets Reviews in 2024 7

Youngsters will love making exciting stunt action experiences with this LEGO® Jurassic World 75937 Triceratops Rampage construction collection. The vibrant playset contains an Egg Spinner ride with 3 dinosaur-egg chairs for minifigures and a turning purpose, along with with a gate and waiting room place to your ride.

There’s also a posable Triceratops toy dinosaur figure, a collapsible fence along with a Minifigure buggy to perform a dinosaur escape and pursuit. This construction toy for children comprises 4 World minifigures to inspire creative role-play.

8. LEGO Jurassic World Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase

Top 9 Best Lego Jurassic Park Sets Reviews in 2024 8

Recreate a classic scene in the first Jurassic Park film with this fun LEGO® collection that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the first blockbuster film. Open the kitchen cupboard to conceal Lex and Tim Murphy in the prowling Velociraptor, make use of the locking door work to maintain the dinosaur from the computer control area, then push it through the breakable window to keep the chase. This Paper set comprises 4 minifigures and a Velociraptor figure.

9. LEGO Jurassic World Stygimoloch Breakout

Top 9 Best Lego Jurassic Park Sets Reviews in 2024 9

Split the Stygimoloch dinosaur with this particular action-packed playgroup inspired by Jurassic World™, with a lab with observation deck along with a leaning workbench with breaking window feature, attached to some dinosaur enclosure pencil with two floodlights along with a lifting terrace. This fun toy for both boys and girls comprises 2 minifigures plus also a Stygimoloch figure.


One thing we especially enjoy about the Lego Jurassic World places is that there is one for pretty much every age. The animals are amazingly comprehensive. Additionally, unlike other Lego sets, which are extremely gender-specific, these are all targeted for all children. And when your children love the Tyrannosaurus (and really, who does not ), those Lego sets would be the best ones to purchase.