Top 9 Best LEGO Christmas Reviews in 2024

If you’re thinking about your holiday shopping, and wish to understand which LEGO versions are well worth spending your cash on, here are our best picks for Christmas LEGO sets.

As is always true, with each Christmas includes a bazillion new Lego Christmas sets. Happily, we are here to lead you through the very in-demand Lego toys for this holiday season.

There is no lack of best LEGO Christmas sets available on the industry. We have rounded up a few of the best choices out there for the Lego enthusiast on your Christmas list.

List of 9 Best LEGO Christmas Reviews

1. LEGO 40223 Snowglobe Christmas Promo

Top 9 Best LEGO Christmas Reviews in 2024 1

This limited edition Lego set is intended to be on full screen. It sports a large clear ribbon to make this trademark snowglobe look. Within the terrace, you can construct and decorate a block tree. A Santa figurine is contained also. To add even more precision, Lego has included several tiny white barrels to mimic the look of snow.

The foundation of this world delivers somewhat more detail. Textured cubes are utilized to create artificial brick walls. Unique window bits and comprehensive trim are added to make an intricate foundation that you’re going to want to flaunt.

Even though this isn’t a real snowglobe, it is a unique representation of a single which can fit right in with your own collection. Put it on your mantle for a few festive decors. The excellent thing about this collection is the fact that it was created in limited amounts. Thus, it is a must-have for diehard Lego fans.

2. LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s Workshop

Top 9 Best LEGO Christmas Reviews in 2024 2

Love the festivities while constructing the home of Santa Claus with this LEGO Creator Santa’s Workshop set. It comprises 883 bits and is intended for LEGO fans ages 12 and over. The building comes with a detailed interior, a stained glass window, a Christmas tree, a stunning sleigh with golden and crimson detail, and also four reindeer.

Accessories include a blue spaceship, four wrapped presents, a pink wand, plus a yellow vehicle. Once assembled, Santa’s Workshop measures 3 inches deep, more than 6 inches high, and 9 inches wide.

3. LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Fire Station

Top 9 Best LEGO Christmas Reviews in 2024 3

Again, this pairs perfectly with another Lego Christmas Winter Village places on this listing. If you have got a railway station, rounding outside the village using a fire station is logical.

As with this set, it is really well thought out. The channel is super detailed, and the backside has a tiny seating area for java in addition to a location for the fire engine to pull.

I actually enjoy the fire engine also. With these collections, you do not need a gargantuan build that will take hours. You would like something big enough to feel genuine that’s room for those mini-figures to take a seat.

Oh, and make sure you check out the Lego fountain. Using blue bricks to behave as water is a stroke of genius.

4. LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Station

Top 9 Best LEGO Christmas Reviews in 2024 4

The Winter Village Station collection from Lego provides loads of opportunities to expand your Lego world. It is supposed to be utilized with other bigger sets to make a massive build full of interesting details. Obviously, you do not have to get any place to have pleasure.

The center of the set is the massive train station. It has several tiny details for roleplaying. You are able to produce a barista channel, ticket booth, plus stage. To acquire your own Lego amounts to the channel, the set comprises a buildable bus. A sizable roof stand full of Christmas gifts adds a little realism. Other components include a moving train crossing railroad and a small part of train paths.

5. LEGO City Advent Calendar

Top 9 Best LEGO Christmas Reviews in 2024 5

You can not go beyond LEGO Advent calendars in the time of year! Discover 24 unique buildable gifts on this 313-piece collection, which is excellent for children ages five to 12. It’s five LEGO mini-figures, a space shuttle, robot, drone, a puppy figure, monster truck, Christmas trees, and much more. Accessory components include four biscuits, two ice components, along with a chicken leg.

6. LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Top 9 Best LEGO Christmas Reviews in 2024 6

Forget about chocolate advent calenders and feast your eyes on a much healthier and more enjoyable option for this Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar.

Do not get me wrong, chocolate is fantastic. However, given how much you wind up with over the holiday period, obtaining an alternate is a great idea.

Plus they do not come any better than this Harry Potter introduction calendar. There are 24 distinct openings for children to start as they inch closer to December 25.

There is also a really Fantastic Choice of mini-figures to accumulate here in Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Professor Flitwick, and Minerva McGonagall.

This is an enjoyable set that is guaranteed to have children even more enthusiastic about Christmas.

7. LEGO Creator Expert Winter Holiday Train

Top 9 Best LEGO Christmas Reviews in 2024 7

This set is an excellent addition to the preceding one. It features the entire rail in addition to several track bits. The train itself is a difficult construct. Four distinct carts comprise fun festive information. Leading the train would be your locomotive cart, which includes space to house the added conductor figure. Following that is a coal cart along with a transportation cart. Finally, the final element is that the passenger cart.

The set includes lots of curved track pieces. You may use them to make a special route for your house. Make your train circle your Christmas tree add it into your bigger Lego village construct. Added accessory cubes, like lamp posts along with a stage seat, are added to make your build as true-to-life as you can.

8. LEGO Kingdoms Exclusive Advent Calendar

Top 9 Best LEGO Christmas Reviews in 2024 8

Begin the countdown to Christmas with all the LEGO Kingdoms Advent Calendar collection that includes 24 LEGO Kingdoms themed antiques such as a magician, a queen with a dungeon, and a catapult. This set is designed for LEGO builders ages six to 12. There are 167 bits of LEGO bricks in this version, along with nine mini-figures.

9. LEGO Disney Frozen II Arendelle Castle Village

Top 9 Best LEGO Christmas Reviews in 2024 9

If you have got the best Frozen fan in the home, this Lego Frozen two Arendelle Place is something which you will need to check out. The castle in this group is grand. It is super detailed, and the buttocks have a bedroom plus throneroom using a tiny Lego throne.

Elsewhere in the place, you just get two racks and a couple of accessories to build up the surrounding region. On the mini-figure front, you receive the main characters, almost Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff.

Any kid obtaining a 2 Lego set will need Elsa and Anna over any other characters. What is the purpose of playing pretend Frozen with no two? Overall, this collection contains everything a fan could possibly desire.


Whether you are on the search for the best LEGO Christmas sets for somebody near you or you are searching to get some entertaining toys for your self, everyone the places on this listing are fantastic buys. They can catch the Christmas spirit when keeping all of the attributes that created Lego so adored in the first location.

Lego frequently stands out during Christmas, so ensure that you buy early to prevent any disappointment. There is nothing worse than your kid using their heart set on something just for it to market.