Top 9 Best Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Reviews in 2024

Captain Jack Sparrow sounds and moves such as Johnny Depp — a remarkable accomplishment in the brick avatar which never creates a real word — and throwaway gags abound (the minuscule Tom Hollander/Cutler Beckett personality is very funny).

It is not their finest film-themed second, but Lego Pirates of the Caribbean remains a hugely pleasurable, family-pleasing diversion.

List of 9 Best Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Reviews

1. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl

Top 9 Best Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Reviews in 2024 1

Get ready to set sail on a high seas adventure with all the Dark Pearl, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Set. Inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, this replica of Captain Jack Sparrow’s “nigh uncatchable” boat is crafted from over 800 LEGO bits for an extremely comprehensive look. Total with six LEGO mini-figure characters in the movies, the Black Pearl collection is suggested for LEGO builders ages 8 to 14.

For extra pleasure, six LEGO mini-figures are included to assist recreate your favorite scenes. With swords, pistol, telescope, and compass accessories hand, you are able to pit Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Davy Jones, Joshamee Gibbs, Maccus, along with Bootstrap Bill against another. Place Captain Jack behind the steering wheel Will and Davy Jones swordfight across the deck.

With 804 bits, this LEGO collection is an ambitious project to construct. On the other hand, both instruction booklets are simple to follow. A lot of the building time contains constructing the entire body of this hull. Once full, the rest of the details are enjoyable to include, like masts, shrouds, bowsprit, and lanterns.

When finished, this version measures almost two feet and over 20 inches, giving remarkable stature. Fans of those movies, in addition to admirers of historical boats, will love the attention to detail, and children will delight in recreating spectacular battles in the movies. As an additional bonus, a poster is comprised that depicts the Black Pearl and its motley crew in action.

2. LEGO Pirates Of the Caribbean Fountain of Youth

Top 9 Best Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Reviews in 2024 2

The race is on to the mythical spring of eternal life! Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, and Blackbeard clash cutlasses as they struggle to be the first to taste the magic waters. Can Captain Jack Sparrow get into the Fountain of Youth first?

  • Contains 3 minifigures: Jack Sparrow, Blackbeard and Barbossa with wooden leg
  • Characteristics Fountain of Youth with skeleton figure, waterfall and translucent components
  • Fountain of Youth steps more than 3 (7cm) tall and 4 (9cm) wide
  • Waterfall steps more than 5 (12cm) wide and 4 (10cm) tall
  • Contains free poster!

3. LEGO Pirates of The Caribbean Silent Mary

Top 9 Best Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Reviews in 2024 3

Bring the magic of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean for your house with this impressive replica of the Silent Mary ghost pirate boat. This exceptionally detailed LEGO version with over 2,200 pieces includes a hinged bow segment, opening skeleton strand with rust and devastation detailing, movable rudder, collapsible principal mast and 2 additional masts, long bowsprit with crow’s nest and mast, tattered sails, comprehensive quarterdeck, along with a rowboat with 2 oars and a range of weapons and attachment elements.

This version gives a rewarding construct and drama experience, and also the incorporated stand makes it appropriate for display in the office or home. It also includes eight minifigures: Captain Jack Sparrow, Henry, Carina, Lieutenant Lesaro, Captain Salazar, Officer Magda, Officer Santos along with the Silent Mary Masthead, and two removable phantom sharks.

4. Lego Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Whitecap Bay

Top 9 Best Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Reviews in 2024 4

The set is made up of a lighthouse and a few related structures. The lighthouse itself contains three degrees. The lower area involves the entry, a dining table, two stools, a slab of stone, a glass jar, and a tool for mapmaking. The central area includes two wheels built into one wall. The top area homes the mild brick. A magnifying glass bit concentrates on the beams of light so it provides the effect of a spotlight.

There’s a brief stairway in the front leading to the entry. On the left are a big oil drum and a barrel of gold coins. Adding a cross axle induces the oil drum to collapse and spill its contents, which can be four black 1×1 curved bricks. On the right of this lighthouse is a storage space and a shed housing a cannon that starts a web. The group also contains two rowboats.

The primary lighthouse structure is intended to collapse. Sliding a bar over the doorway knocks from the walls of the center level, inducing the lamp room over to crumble. The working internet cannon is mounted on rails so that it could slide in and out of its drop, which comprises opening double-doors.

5. LEGO Pirates of The Caribbean The London Escape

Top 9 Best Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Reviews in 2024 5

The most important part of the group is that a European styled tavern called “The Captain’s Daughter.” The building consists of two distinct segments merged with a hinge so that it can easily be opened and shut. The front part has slopes confronted in the wall, along with an opening and closing door and door in between.

On the left side of the front part is a chimney with an opening and final furnace door. The second floor of the front part has a tile put a stud adjoining with slopes confronted in the wall with a window in between. The roof could be hinged down so that it can easily be played with.

The next segment has the exact same slope technique with a”mouse hole”, a flashlight, and a window in between. On the next floor of this next segment is a tile put a stud out. It slopes facing in the wall with a window in between. The roofing of this next segment is constructed with slopes.

The carriage includes a treasure chest in the trunk, along with a sitting area in the center with closing and opening side doorways. The front includes a turning system to turn the front wheels and the horse correctly.

6. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The Mill

Top 9 Best Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Reviews in 2024 6

The mill Is a Famous scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead Man’s Chest. The simple form of this mill is square and rather tall, with the appearance of several European buildings throughout the 16th century.

A bud covered archway is situated in the front to make the building look older. Within the belfry is a bell that swings back and forth with a pull of a series. At the right of this construction is really a system to maintain from the wheel.

7. Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean: Isla De La Muerta

Top 9 Best Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Reviews in 2024 7

Pirate Lord Hector Barbossa should catch the descendant of Bootstrap Bill to rid himself of this curse of the Black Pearl — he considers it to be the lovely Elizabeth Swann. Since Barbossa turns into a sword, can Captain Jack Sparrow conquer the Pirate Lord and get control of the Black Pearl?


With LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, the major attraction would be to the “completist” — people willing to return and learn more about a large number of unlockable content so as to finish all of the side challenges and locate every collectible. The usual Lego principles apply, for example, silver items requiring a volatile weapon to undergo them.

That is relatively simple to acquire. You are going to need to wait till the conclusion of On Stranger Tides, but to receive a siren (whose voice may break glass) and past that until you receive Blackbeard’s sword along with the capacity to start yet more places and articles.