Top 9 Best LEGO Atlantis Sets Reviews in 2024

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List of 9 Best LEGO Atlantis Reviews

1. LEGO Atlantis City of Atlantis 7985

Top 9 Best LEGO Atlantis Sets Reviews in 2024 1

The City of Atlantis is a construction that features what seems to be a Greek structure. There are stairs leading up into a major floor, and under the primary floor is a reduced degree using a gold gate plus a dungeon.

There’s also a treasure chest, a trap door, plenty of columns holding up the roof and two tridents on the home floor. The roof includes a trident on top and contains flick-fire missiles. A sub known as the Artimus includes flick-fire missiles, claws, a Diver and is holding a purple crucial.

Another diver can be included with fresh yellow flippers, headlamps plus a massive propeller. Additional Minifigures contained are a Golden Atlantis Warrior, a Barracuda Guardian along with a Lobster Guardian that have tridents.

Additionally included is a Giant Crab with claws and six legs. In the entrance, there’s a swinging ax and falling pillar then. As soon as the Keys are flipped, The Golden King climbs to show himself.

2. Lego Atlantis 8080 Undersea Explorer

Top 9 Best LEGO Atlantis Sets Reviews in 2024 2

The Undersea Explorer has two arms and a missile launcher on among these. On the opposite arm, there’s a grabbing hand that could pick up keys. It’s six wheels and a range of lights. Two movie missiles are mounted around the top, together with lime green propellers.

It may change from a two-wheeled, surface rolling tank-like machine right into a huge walker which includes two rocket-powered torpedoes. Additionally, it contains a black and yellowish sea serpent.

3. LEGO Atlantis Guardian of the Deep

Top 9 Best LEGO Atlantis Sets Reviews in 2024 3

In his hunt for the reddish Atlantis treasure crucial, the deep-sea diver has struck among the deadliest protector creatures of an enormous black shark coated in Atlantean markings!

Will the diver’s harpoon and swimming abilities be enough to escape the shark’s snapping jaws and thrashing tail together with the prized key, and its own hint to the missing town’s place?

4. LEGO Atlantis Exploration HQ 8077

Top 9 Best LEGO Atlantis Sets Reviews in 2024 4

The Atlantis Exploration Headquarters is made up of huge submarine that may dock with a seabed rig and extend into a static base. The group includes two sailors, (Captain Ace Speedman and Dr. Jeff Fisher), and a Manta Warrior.

Its various sections incorporate a map space, lab, and fix bay, and it comes equipped with flick-fire missiles along with floodlights. In addition, it houses a tiny single-pilot moist sub that may be manipulated by means of a crane attached to the docking ring. Additionally, it comprises the yellowish Atlantis Key.

5. LEGO Portal of Atlantis

Top 9 Best LEGO Atlantis Sets Reviews in 2024 5

Early signs show that this group seems to be somewhat much like this Shark Castle as observed in a few of the maps at the rear of another Atlantis education booklets. It will include five Keys and Divers.

Additionally, it comes with a Skeleton with an Aqua Raiders Helmet on. The shark mind opens and shuts in the event that you tilt the head upward. It’s included a prison at the trunk on account of the handcuffs in a few of those images and the cages cited in Dr. Artimus Rhodes’s journal.

In the very best tower is your gate into the portal site, and it’s five slots, as noticed in 8061, along with the bottom one spins open the portal to show a gold treasure chest. The back is made up of beds, supplies, and tables. Additionally, the 2 sharks found in LEGO Atlantis: The Film is also included.

6. LEGO Atlantis Shadow Snapper

Top 9 Best LEGO Atlantis Sets Reviews in 2024 6

Covered in armored spikes and bristling with razor-sharp claws and teeth, the ferocious, amphibious Shadow Snapper is a deep-seated swimmer’s worst nightmare!

A super-fast combat sub with double flick-launching torpedoes is your Deep Salvage Crew diver’s only opportunity to get beyond this poking leviathan and recover the yellowish Atlantis treasure crucial…but will also this high-speed sub-par be rapid enough for him to escape the decoration? Includes deep-sea diver mini-figure.

7. LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Striker

Top 9 Best LEGO Atlantis Sets Reviews in 2024 7

The scorpion is a human body with everything attached to it: the claws, the thighs, the head, and the tail. The claws can open and shut and the teeth around the mouth could proceed. The major purpose is that the tail which may go back and front. The automobile for Lance Spears is quite little but it’s an arm that may hold the key.

8. LEGO Atlantis Seabed Strider

Top 9 Best LEGO Atlantis Sets Reviews in 2024 8

The Seabed Strider contained in the group is ready to”walk” through the city of Atlantis. Twin marine propellers create the dip a whole lot easier given the legs are moved backward. Two little fins or wings can assist the walker to proceed easily.

The machine includes two arms for catching special artifacts the Atlantis salvage crew may detect. Double harpoons maintain the diver Axel Storm from injury, as he pilots his sub-par Atlantis.

The automobile may be a walker or a little sub based on the way the legs are placed. If you move down the legs you can make a walker, and if you flip them upward you are able to produce the automobile to a sub.

9. LEGO Atlantis Monster Crab Clash

Top 9 Best LEGO Atlantis Sets Reviews in 2024 9

The crab is among those guardians of both Atlantis and strikes with its claws or simply by running into enemies. It may also walk, dig in the seafloor and float. Its weakness is that it’s not able to acquire free when trapped in a giant crab cage. It shields the Atlantis Crab Key.

On a treacherous canning mission to recoup the orange Atlantis treasure secret in the muddy depths of this sea, the epic diver comes face-to-face together with the treasure’s powerful protector: a crab having strong crushing claws!


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