8 Best Games Console for 5-Year-Old 2024 – Top Picks

Keeping your child active in some productive activity is beneficial instead of wasting his time. The best possible way to provide your 5-year-old adventure and play is to give him the best game console. This is because, in the presence of a game console, your child would be in your sight, and you can pay attention to him. Keeping this in mind, I have elaborated three best game consoles for five years old to keep them distracted for hours and hours.

These game consoles not only help your child in developing his physical skills but will also help in developing his mental abilities such as planning, thinking, and metacognition. Make sure you do not skip any part of this article so that no critical information will be skipped out. In the end, we have also concluded the features which should be present in your child’s game console to give him a 100% good gaming environment.

 Best Games Console for 5-Year-Old Review

Here we summarise the three best games consoles for a five-year-old child to make him stay busy in a productive manner. These game consoles will increase his physical and mental abilities and skills, so you should get one for your child.

1. Super Console X-pro Built-in 50000+ Games,128G – Kids Video Game Console

Super Console X-pro Built-in 50000+ Games


This gaming console comes with multiple inspiring features which will force you to buy it for your child. On the top of the list, the part which makes these gaming consoles stand out is the possibility of playing with multiple players. In this way, it will help your child stay next to parents and siblings throughout the gaming. You can make the game more competitive and adventurous for your child with the addition of four more players.

Furthermore, with 1080 high-definition imaging, this gaming console provides you with excellent picture quality. It means it is ideal for those who do not want to ruin the gaming experience because of the bad picture quality. I can say that this HD gaming system is the best system you can buy for your five years old.

Furthermore, in case you are struggling with your connection, this gaming console can solve this too. You can also establish the link of this gaming console either with LAN connections or Wi-Fi connections, both easily. Another inspiring feature of this gaming console is that it comes with pre-installed 500 thousand plus games that will help your child quickly develop his skills and abilities without waiting for downloading.

  • Pre-installed games
  • 1080 high-quality imaging
  • Multiplayer console
  • Not all games are playable


This gaming console is ideal for children up to 5 years old. You can also play with your child if you have this gaming console because it gives you the option of a multiplayer system. Furthermore, it provides you with 1080 HD imaging that increases the picture quality and gives you an outstanding experience of gaming.

2. Nintendo Lite Kid Game System – Best Gaming System For 5 Year Old

Nintendo Lite Kid Game System


Although it is a handheld design of the game console, it is constructed in a way that ensures proper security and safety of the gaming console. With the presence of a comfortable grip, this gaming console provides that the child can play for a longer time without getting tired. It has been constructed in the most comfortable manner because the manufacturer himself prefers to give a comfortable environment for the children and toddlers.

This gaming console is selected not only on the basis of functionality and specification but on the basis of the look and physical appearance. The appealing design of this gaming console attracts the users and children more than its features. Moreover, the product is straightforward to use because of the presence of easy-to-understand and comfortable to operate controls.

Furthermore, this product is renowned for offering excellent compatibility. This means that your child can play various types of games with the presence of this single game console. It includes both digital switch games and physical switch games. Moreover, the smooth touch screen offers the child a quick gaming experience to enjoy the game without any delays.



  • Comfortable handling
  • Smooth and quick touchscreen
  • Appealing look
  • Low battery life


Nintendo Lite Kid Game System is another highly appealing and attractive gaming console constructed in a handheld design. It offers the child comfortable handling and makes that touch screen functioning quick and smooth. Furthermore, the appealing and attractive look of this gaming console makes it more popular than the features it carries.

3. Beijue 16 Bit – Handheld Games for Kids Adults

Beijue 16 Bit


You will definitely love how this game console helps your child develop skills and abilities. Every parent is in search of toys and games that enhance his child’s skills. Here Beijue 16 Bit Handheld Games for Kids Adults is the best solution I am providing you with. Your child will definitely end up mastering his problem-solving skills, thinking skills, and critically analyzing skills.

I prefer my child to play games on this gaming console for more extended times because I know the games present in this gaming console will increase his abilities, including his skills. Moreover, it also contains 100+ puzzle games that definitely are highly suitable for school-going, specifically up to five years old. Your child’s eyesight will not be affected at all even if they play on the gaming console for more extended times because of the presence of HD imaging which is quite clear.

This is a handheld console for your child to easily take anywhere he wants. Furthermore, this product which I am recommending is constructed with the use of high-quality material to ensure if it falls from your child’s hand, it will not get damaged anyway. Moreover, it is also covered with a plastic casing, which protects it to last longer.

  • HD display
  • Handheld device
  • Protected
  • Poor sound system


This gaming console is highly recommended for your five-year-old child because it is constructed in a handheld design. This handheld design makes it highly portable and easy to carry from one place to another. It consists of an HD display that will not affect your child’s eyes, for you can reliably give it to your child for longer times.

Buying Guide

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Here is the description of the features that should be present in the gaming console you are buying for your five-year-old to make sure he can enjoy the game up to the highest level.


Search for the user reviews on different websites related to the product you are selecting to buy. This is important because if the gaming console is providing outstanding performance related to the games to your child, then your child will stick to it. Otherwise, he will leave and soon will enter into boredom. So make sure to get the product which is renowned for high and excellent performance.


Parents always prefer a comfortable and relaxed environment for their children, by selecting the gaming console to ensure proper comfortability and relaxation of your child. This is important because if your child gets tired within an hour, he will definitely not take up the gaming console next time. Ensure to provide your child with high comfortability in handling and holding his gaming device. And this is only possible if you look for the comfortability factor while purchasing the console.

Options and Count of Games

Look for the options your gaming console is providing your child. Every child is different from another, so keep in mind the taste of your child and what he prefers in gaming. In this way, you would be able to know which one would be the most suitable gaming console for your child. Always select those gaming consoles which provide you with the options of games that are relevant to your child’s taste.

Moreover, always keep in mind that how many games the gaming console you are selecting is providing. This is important because if it contains a few games, then your child will not stay with it for longer days. Make sure to get the product that provides you with various and large numbers of games. In this way, you will be able to keep your child intact with his gaming console.


Check for the possible connections your gaming console can make. This is because there are different companies manufacturing gaming consoles with different connectivity options. Some of them come with wireless connectivity, and some of them come with wired connections. Make sure to search for the gaming console and select the one which is ideal and provides convenience for you in making connections.


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Are video games bad for toddlers?

As we all know, excess of everything is terrible, so video games in a restricted environment are not bad. Instead, they are healthy for your toddlers. Alternatively, if your toddler is playing video games throughout the day and for continuous long hours, he will definitely end up suffering from brain problems or sometimes severe abnormalities.

At what age can you give your child a game console?

We do not have an exact age precaution to give a gaming console. This is because every child is different in its development and brain. The minimum age at which you can provide your game child with a gaming console is the age of three. But make sure to keep him in your supervision and proper care to avoid any swear side effects of using the gaming console. Moreover, with the proper restricted environment, your child can develop skills and abilities with the help of a gaming console.

Should five years old play video games?

If you ask a psychologist, he will tell you that five years is the age where the mental abilities are polishing and taking up their place for the entire life and personality. It is not a hard and fast rule to give your five years old video game or not. But always keep in mind that in order to give your five years old permission to play video games, you should keep him in your supervision and proper secure environment so that he can develop his skills and abilities via video games.


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Every parent creates an entertaining environment for his child to make him grow in delightful surroundings. The gaming console has taken an essential place in today’s world. They are not bad for your child unless and until they are used successively. I can say that giving your child a gaming console in a properly restricted environment and balancing time can help him positively grow his abilities and skills.

The above-mentioned is based on this thought. It contains the three best game consoles that you can provide to your five years old child to develop his skills positively. So make sure to attend the article from the start till the end to get every information. Make sure to go through the buying guide that contains the necessary features that will help you select the best gaming console.

As a reviewer, I will recommend you to go with the selection of:

Super Console X-pro Built-in 50000+ Games,128G Kids Video Game Console because of 500,000 pre-installed games and multiplayer options. Moreover, it also provides the user with 1080 high-quality imaging to ensure your child can enjoy gaming without affecting his eyes.

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