10 Best Coconut Oil for Babies 2024 Reviews & Guide

In regards to choosing skin-care products for your infant, you simply don’t wish to really go wrong. Additionally, babies and children are susceptible to skin conditions and issues.

That is the reason why a natural product that works nicely in treating skin ailments and keeps your kid’s skin healthy and soft will be coconut oil. Let’s see with my list of 10 best coconut oil for babies and how coconut oil works for infants and the way it is possible to find the most benefits from it.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Babies

Coconut Oil for Baby Massage

A great body massage soothes stuffy and crying babies and above all helps them sleep better. Applying coconut oil to massage is a fantastic alternative as it’s antifungal properties and is readily absorbed into your skin. Be certain that you utilize simply the very best coconut oil.

You’re able to mix an equal quantity of extra virgin coconut oil to infant massage together with olive oil. You might also add a couple of drops of some natural essential oil such as lavender and apply the mix together with the coconut oil for babies.

Coconut Oil for Baby Hair Growth

Is coconut oil great for infants’ hair? Not a lot of us know that coconut oil is very full of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). This sort of fatty acid has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that nourish your scalp and aid in removing sebum build-up in hair follicles. It’s also full of the C12 series of MCFAs that’s called ellagic acid. This home helps to prevent protein loss in the hair.

This really is a powerful treatment for infant dry scalp. Coconut oil, when brewed before bath time, helps rejuvenate the skin and boosts hair growth.

Coconut Oil for Baby Skin

Coconut oil is full of vitamins and wholesome fats also functions as a natural moisturizer for the skin.

Simply dab the oil onto the infant’s dry skin. Coconut oil moisturizes skin once left until you give the infant a bath. But when the skin remains gently dry, do visit a doctor.

Coconut Oil for Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition where the skin gets very itchy and dry. It’s normal in babies but typically disappears as the child develops. Using coconut oil to infant eczema may neutralize the dryness and supply relief.

If you’re interested in baby eczema herbal remedies, massage your infant with coconut oil prior to or after bath time. Additionally, massage once during pregnancy to get sufficient moisture. Coconut oil has antibacterial qualities, and you’ll notice the condition decreasing with regular usage.

Baby Acne Coconut Oil

Infants sometimes develop miniature red bumps or blemishes that could be itchy or bloated. Such breakouts may be debilitating, and when touched, and there are possibilities of disease. Coconut oil to infant acne can be a tried and tested treatment. The lauric acid in coconut eliminates the bacteria-causing acne and prevents discoloration following the condition disappears.

Scrub the oil gently between your palms to warm it before implementing the acne. It is possible to later wash off it using warm water or put it on. Do be sure that you consult your pediatrician before utilizing it.

Coconut Oil in Baby Food

In case you haven’t cooked in coconut oil, then you could be wondering why’s coconut oil safe to consume?’ There are lots of advantages of incorporating coconut oil into your homemade baby food. The oil is a fantastic supply of calories and fat to your infant and is deemed safe for ingestion. If you’re worried about using it, then you can ask your physician prior to doing so.

You’re able to use the oil cooking exactly like ordinary oil.

Coconut Oil for Cradle Crap

Most newborns grow cradle crap or dry scalp. The problem is usually caused because of hormonal changes at the end of pregnancy and also can be symptomized with a flaky scalp that resembles dandruff. The condition is also called seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea. The antibacterial property of coconut oil works wonders for treating this.

Once you use the oil onto the scalp, then allow it to remain on for 20 minutes. Then brush off the batter utilizing a soft baby brush. After the scents come off, then you can wash off the oil with lukewarm water.

Coconut Oil for Teething Babies

Teething is a bothersome stage for children. Coconut oil includes anti-inflammatory properties that assist in soothing inflammation and relieving pain and distress in this period.

Gently massage coconut oil onto the infant’s gums with your fingers. You may even apply a little bit of coconut oil on teething toys to get the exact same calming effect.

List of 10 Best Coconut Oil For Babies Reviews

1. COCONUT BABY OIL Organic Moisturizer

COCONUT BABY OIL Organic Moisturizer

  • CRADLE CAP!! The Finest Cradle Cap Therapy Ever!! Baby cradle cover, Baby cradle cap, mature cradle cap, stinky and stingy cradle cap, all of cradle cap!!
  • Virgin Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Grape Seed Oil – 100% Organic and Natural Skin Care
  • Everyday Moisturizer for Infants and Adults. Helps protect skin obviously!
  • Eczema and psoriasis cure for skin that is sensitive! No chemicals!
  • Soothes and helps prevent dry skin, red skin, stretch marks, and diaper rash!

2. Cocobelle Baby Pure & Gentle Premium 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Babies

Cocobelle Baby Pure & Gentle Premium 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Babies

  • Cocobelle Baby was carefully made to offer you the ideal all-natural nutrition for sensitive skin. Superior coconut oil unnaturally tends to a child’s skin, maintaining it superbly moisturized, supple and soft.
  • Cocobelle Baby Coconut Oil is natural and contains zero compounds, which makes it the great nutrient-rich all-natural body butter, even a soft and powerful bottom jelly, and also a perfect infant massage oil to your child’s skin.
  • In Cocobelle Baby we all know you need only the absolute best for your infant’s skin, and that is why we supply only the best ethically recorded, organically farmed coconuts to be used in our superior coconut oil. The outcome is a delightfully gentle and mild coconut oil ideal for the baby’s new skin.

3. Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil – Baby Oil – Skin Moisturizer

Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil – Baby Oil - Skin Moisturizer

  • Insert a Couple of Drops Of Your Favourite Pure Original Essential Oils and Make Your Own Custom Blends To Satisfy Your infant’s Mood And Comfort. For Each Tablespoon Of Fractionated Coconut Oil, Add 3-6 Drops Of Essential Oil. Invigorate The Senses, Maintain The Balance Of Body, Mind, Heart And Spirit!
  • Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil Is Still An Odorless, Non-Greasy, Natural Remedy To Heel That Painful Diaper Rash. It’s Packed With All Health-Promoting Antioxidants To Make Sure Your Infant Gets The Many Nourishment With Every Program.
  • That Healing Grade Skin Moisturizer By Actual Original Encourages Soft & Smooth Skin! Additionally, it Encourages Hydration To Nails And Hair!
  • That Popular Base Baby Oil Penetrates Deep Into Hair And Skin. Place a Teaspoon Total Of Coconut Oil Into Your Own Baby’s Bath. It Makes Your Great Skin Moisturizer With No Skin Irritation.

4. Fractionated Coconut Oil Massage Oil

Fractionated Coconut Oil Massage Oil

  • This Coconut Oil cream is 100% organic and designed to match the most sensitive skin types. It doesn’t aggravate any preexisting skin ailments.
  • Pure Coconut Oil could be produced into specific recipes to offer the very best Aromatherapy sessions. It’s possible to combine our oil with other oils to produce the ideal massage oils also. Coconut Oil Fractionated is your ideal face lotion, makeup remover acrylic, sensitive skin lotion, skin care oil, hair lotion, rosemary oil, lip lotion, body oil to dry skin, and much more! It may be utilized in eczema therapy, dry scalp therapy, rosemary treatment, and psoriasis therapy.
  • A distinctive variant of coconut oil comprises an excellent balance of saturated fats which helps hair grow longer, thicker, and more powerful than ever before! Organic unrefined Coconut Oil will supply you with the finest natural skincare possible.
  • Coconut Oil has amazing properties that can penetrate deep into the skin to ensure it is super easy with no oily feeling.

5. Eco Sprout Coconut Stick

Eco Sprout Coconut Stick

  • Coconut oil has been used for centuries to nourish and heal skin. Many moisturizers have a good deal of water and also petroleum-based ingredients which may suffocate the epidermis, while coconut oil offers deep real moisture. Our adhere makes using coconut oil very simple and mobile! The Coconut Stick consists of 100 percent organic, unrefined virgin coconut oil mixed with beeswax and vitamin E oil.
  • A suitable method to use coconut oil is one of nature’s wonders! The Coconut Stick could be utilized for: Bug bites and stings Baby Acne Cradle cap Dry skin Diaper Rash Windburn Teething pain Yeast rash Head lice Bum barrier Nipple lotion Chapped lips Stretch marks Itchy Pregnancy Belly 2oz Twist-up Stick All Natural Ingredients: Extra Virgin, unprocessed, Organic Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil.
  • Glides easily onto the skin. The melting point is between 105 & 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Stick shouldn’t be kept in direct heating or in extreme temperatures.

6. Spring of Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Spring of Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - Non-GMO, Cold Pressed, Purity Guaranteed! Contains 62% MCTs

  • Spring of Life’s Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is produced from the maximum quality components as it comes in a glass jar for purity.
  • Coconut Oil is created utilizing a cold-press procedure with just Non-GMO ingredients.
  • Includes 62% MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) -“good fats” that the human body uses to generate energy.

7. Baby Bum Natural Monoi Coconut Balm- 100% Natural Coconut Oil

Baby Bum Natural Monoi Coconut Balm- 100% Natural Coconut Oil - Sensitive Skin Safe

  • Especially formulated to massage pamper and soothe dry, sensitive skin and also maintain baby’s (and mother’s) skin moisturized and smooth. A Protective barrier that protects from moisture and soothes dry skin.
  • Do not overlook yourself, Mother. Organic Monoi Coconut Balm may also be applied as a hand balm, body moisturizer, breastfeeding nipple lotion, and can also be great to use to extend marks.
  • Created by the Pacific Islander’s enviable coconut oils, that can be filled up with Tiare flower petals (monoi) to maintain skin smoothness. The plant-based formula includes aloe, shea butter, and peanut butter to nourish and moisturize skin types. No Artificial Fragrances, No Dyes, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free.

8. Purly Grown Organic, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil for Babies

Organic, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil - Extra Virgin, Unrefined, Non-GMO Coconut Oils for Healthy Cooking, Beauty, Moisturizing, Dry Skin and Hair Care for Adults and Babies

  • Virgin or unrefined coconut oil means the meat was scooped directly from the fruit then cold-pressed and jarred. Whether you are using it for your food, your body, or your face, you know you are receiving the most natural, pure, and toxic-free ingredients. Do right by your body, your health, and your soul with this non-GMO, chemical-free, and unaltered coconut extraction. It’s as pure as the sand you wish you could dig your toes in.
  • Once people incorporate their usual skincare regimen to include Purly Grown Coconut Oil, they see changes almost immediately. As a natural skin healer and sealant, coconut oil has endless benefits to the face and body, including being an effective cleanser, moisturizer, and healer. It helps reduce lines, prevent stretch marks, wrinkles, and redness. In more extreme weather conditions, it soothes dry, cracked skin around the lips, hands, and elbows.
  • Purly Grown Coconut Oil is a remedy for so many ailments and cooking techniques, you’ll feel like you can clear the rest of your medicine and food cabinets. From breastfeeding pain and cracking, to diaper rash, heat rash, child acne, and even rough dog paws, this coconut is incredibly versatile. And, at 16oz a jar, it will provide you, your little ones, and your furry friend’s plenty of uses.

9. Johnson’s Moisturizing Pink Baby Lotion with Coconut Oil

Johnson's Moisturizing Pink Baby Lotion with Coconut Oil, Hypoallergenic

  • Nourish your child’s skin using Johnson’s Baby Lotion. Gentle enough for infants and appropriate for the entire household, this moisturizing pink infant cream with coconut oil hydrates infant’s skin to get a whole 24 hours to stay fragile skin baby soft.
  • Dermatologist- and pediatrician examined, the enhanced formula of the pink infant body cream was created using input from parents just like you.
  • It’s hypoallergenic, with no parabens, phthalates, dyes, and unpleasant scents, and can be 100% gentle. Johnson’s Baby Lotion may be applied as a member of a normal skincare regimen by massaging into skin after a bath or some time infant has dry skin.

10. Nature’s Baby Organics Baby Oil Lotion

Nature's Baby Organics Baby Oil Lotion

  • Among everybody – it is a commodity for your entire family! Soft enough to your toddlers, infants, children, & teens, and wealthy enough for the adults! Give you & your loved ones the very best!
  • Nature’s Baby Organics USDA Baby Oil is very mild to be able to maintain your child’s skin shiny and fit, not oily like most oil-based creams or products! When it comes to soothing skin, nothing surpasses this infant oil
  • Soothing and calming skin never felt really great! This baby oil comprises the highest quality natural ingredients that moisturize skin completely leaving you feeling refreshed. It absorbs rapidly, which means that your skin may feel better immediately!


Is coconut oil safe for babies?

Yes, it is. Coconut oil has many benefits, and it’s great for a baby’s skin and health. However, when purchasing this product, make sure that it’s organic, natural, and baby-friendly.

Is it safe to put coconut oil in baby formula?

Absolutely. The fats that organic coconut oil contain are beneficial and healthy for the baby. The smartest move, however, is to contact pediatricians before feeding your child coconut oil since it is potent and can raise cholesterol levels. There are different types of coconut oil – for nutrition or skin, so pay attention to which one you’re purchasing.

Which coconut oil is most beneficial for babies?

According to medical experts, coconut virgin oil is the healthiest solution for your baby. It does a fantastic job in treating eczema and soothes inflammations very fast. Virgin coconut oil is also a great moisturizer, so it’s recommended for kids that have dry and flaking skin. With its germ-fighting properties, it’s effective against lesser types of skin infections.

Which coconut oil should I use for my baby’s hair?

For delicate skin such as baby’s, the best option is virgin coconut oil. It can stimulate thicker and fuller growth of hair. Extra-virgin coconut oil is the best option for hair since it is unrefined. Apply the oil to the baby’s head a couple of times a week before the baths.

Are there any side effects of coconut oil?

When you apply coconut oil to the skin, it can clog the pores. This can cause acne breakout for some people. Always consult your pediatric expert when purchasing a new product for your child’s skin. When it comes to ingestion, it should be used in moderate amounts since it contains a high level of saturated fat, which can be unhealthy in high doses.


Once it comes to treating your child’s sensitive skin, utilizing organic or virgin coconut oil might help. Coconut oil is full of capric acid that provides numerous advantages. Though this acidity is found in certain vegetable oils, particular properties create coconut oil for infants perfect.

There are different types of coconut oil for babies readily available now for example pure jojoba oil, refined coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, natural coconut oil. Just refined coconut oil employs harmful ingredients throughout its processing and must be prevented at all prices.

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