Top 10 Best Pacifiers For Breastfed Babies & Reviews in 2024

It often occurs that breastfed babies refuse to suckle on pacifiers which they don’t feel comfortable using, and that explains the reason why new parents are constantly watching out for pacifiers which are either identical or highly similar to those their baby enjoys. At this time you always need to consider the quality, structure, and durability of a pacifier before purchasing it, but since it happens, it normally comes down to the infant’s taste and nothing else.

Because of this, you wish to keep your options open always when it has to do with pacifiers, in order to at least have a listing to select from. For this purpose, we compiled a listing of the 10 best pacifiers for breastfed babies for you to look at.

What Is A Pacifier?

In short, pacifiers are nipples which infants can suck on, however they vary from bottles as they aren’t employed for feeding all — they’re only used for relaxation.

And whenever you’ve got a mad baby who will not stop crying, a pacifier may be among the greatest tricks you’ve so that you’ll possibly find some relaxation.

Are pacifiers safe for baby?

Pacifiers will not harm your baby. In fact, there is some evidence that pacifiers may help reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). (1)

How to choose the best pacifiers for baby

The fact of the situation is infant will finally have the final say about which pacifier she prefers. Buy a couple of diverse possibilities, and try all of them until you find one which infant enjoys. Consider factors such as your kid’s age and whether or not she’s breastfed, and pick a pacifier that is most suitable. If you are breastfeeding, you could also enlist the support of your lactation consultant for tips about the best pacifiers. As soon as you’ve narrowed down it, stock up on infant’s best selection, since pacifiers have a propensity to vanish –and there is nothing worse than not getting one convenient when it is desperately wanted!

Naturally, at times, however, many diverse kinds and sizes of infant pacifiers you attempt, the baby isn’t interested. The fantastic news: He will finally find an alternative means to self-soothe, and you’re going to be saved from having to take care of pacifier weaning when he is older.

List of 10 Best Pacifiers For Breastfed Babies

1. MAM Pacifiers, Newborn Pacifier, Best Pacifier for Breastfed Babies, ‘Start’ Design Collection, Boy, 2-Count

MAM Pacifiers, Newborn Pacifier, Best Pacifier for Breastfed Babies, ‘Start’ Design Collection, Boy, 2-Count

MAM newborn pacifiers are created with child health, relaxation and expansion in mind. All of MAM pacifiers undergo vigorous testing to guarantee the greatest levels of safety. Infants like the MAM SkinSoft silicone nipple as it flattens and goes when squeezed, mimicking a person nipple during breastfeeding.

The curved shield aids the pacifier sit comfortably on baby’s face and dimpling over the interior of the guard prevents skin discomfort.

2. MAM Sensitive Skin Pacifiers, Baby Pacifier 6+ Months, Best Pacifier for Breastfed Babies, “Air” Design Collection

MAM Sensitive Skin Pacifiers, Baby Pacifier 6+ Months, Best Pacifier for Breastfed Babies, "Air" Design Collection

Made to help keep baby calm and encourage appropriate oral growth, MAM pacifiers have a SkinSoft nipple that’s readily accepted by infants and a shield which allows for optimum breathability for baby’s sensitive skin.

The Air’s open protect offers additional airflow to sensitive skin.

3. The First Years Gumdrop Newborn Pacifier

The First Years Gumdrop Newborn Pacifier

Meet infant’s very first pacifier. Distributed in hospitals worldwide, GumDrop pacifiers possess an advanced one-piece design made of durable, latex-free silicone.

Offered in bright colours, they are shaped to fit baby’s face when remaining clear of their nose. Sized for infants 0-3 months, it is the great introductory pacifier to whiten your new addition.

4. Evenflo Feeding Balance Plus Stage 1 Cylindrical Baby, Newborn and Infant Pacifier – Developed with Pediatric Feeding Specialists – 0 to 6 Months

Evenflo Feeding Balance Plus Stage 1 Cylindrical Baby, Newborn and Infant Pacifier - Developed with Pediatric Feeding Specialists - 0 to 6 Months

Our Balance + Stage 1 Pacifier was expertly designed for infants 0-6 months to self-soothe whilst encouraging healthy sucking abilities.

Its cylindrical shape boosts a pure tongue place to protect breastfeeding. The elastic texture of this Evenflo Balance + Stage 1 Pacifier Enables the infant to keep the pacifier in your mouth without causing exhaustion

5. nanobébé Flexy Baby Pacifier for Breastfeeding Newborn

nanobébé Flexy Baby Pacifier for Breastfeeding Newborn

SOOTHE BABY — Does your fussy baby have difficulty falling asleep? Calm her cries with soothing and soft silicone infant pacifiers from nanobébé — they are a new mother’s must-have! Educate your furry friend yourself indulgent between feedings, in the auto, and while falling asleep!

BEST FOR BREASTFEEDING BABIES — Maintain your infant securely and securely. Carefully designed to reduce nipple confusion, this really 2-pack of breastfeeding pacifiers alleviates your child’s transition between breast and breast binky!

A PERFECT FIT — Shaped to remain in your child’s mouth, the elastic infant binky comfortably forms for a child’s face. Additionally, every silicone carrot pacifier promotes healthy oral growth and is gentle on teeth and gums.

SAFE & SOUND — keep your child safe with the best baby essentials! This organic pacifier is 1 piece, so it does not pose a choking danger. Along with your child’s tummy remains free of damaging compounds with BPA- and – phthalate-free toddlers binkies!

6. Dr. Brown’s HappyPaci 100% Silicone Pacifier, 0m+

Dr. Brown’s HappyPaci 100% Silicone Pacifier, 0m+

Soothing infant is simplified using Dr. Brown’s HappyPaci – that the soft silicone pacifier shaped just like Dr. Brown’s bottle nipple. Adding baby into some pacifier is made simple with the recognizable Dr. Brown’s contour baby is accustomed to. In addition, mothers adore the one-piece structure of this HappyPaci.

That lightweight, 100% silicone pacifier includes a contoured butterfly-shaped protect which curves away from baby’s head for relaxation, providing a lot of space for small noses and cheeks. Easy clean, dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer safe. Comes in Various colors. BPA free. 0m+

7. JOOVY Silinoogie Pacifiers

JOOVY Silinoogie Pacifiers

The Joovy Silinoogie Pacifier is intended for newborn infants 0+M. This lasting pacifier is crystal clear and has no coloring – the colour inside is accomplished using a translucent PPSU insert so the infant’s mouth just touches the soft and natural silicone.

A curved shield gives a comforting match under the infant’s nose along with the nipple-shaped design calms infant whilst providing simple adjustments between Boob bottles, mother’s breast, and pacifier. Additionally, it can help minimize any strain on the baby’s face when sleeping. The silicone is more resistant to swallowing tastes, scents or stickiness and can be BPS, BPA, Latex, and also Phthalate free.

The only layout is simple to wash and the handle enables pacifier straps to be mounted. Dishwasher safe (top shelf only).

8. NUK Juicy Puller Silicone Pacifier, 0-6 Months

NUK Juicy Puller Silicone Pacifier, 0-6 Months

The distinctive orthodontic shape of NUK pacifiers obviously drills the tongue, jaw, and palate and promotes the right evolution of your child’s teeth as you soothe your infant. This Juicy Orthodontic Pacifier 2-Pack comes from size 0-6 months with various colours that may change.

The center shape of this NUK pacifier defense was especially created for a cozy fit to infant’s face to reduce irritation. The shield curves down in the top beneath your child’s nose in order that nose is apparent for breathing. The concave shield matches to a child’s face and rounds off in the bottom so the pacifier doesn’t hang over the chin.

9. Philips AVENT Soother Animal 2 Piece, Pink/Purple, 0-6 Months

Philips Avent SCF182/13 Classic pacifiers supply a durable relaxing way for infants up to 6 months old and include interesting, colorful animal designs. The orthodontic, collapsible and symmetrical nipples regard the organic maturation of infant’s palate, teeth, and gums. Each pacifier includes a snap-on hygienic cap. Each of Philips Avent pacifiers is made from silicone and are flavor and odor-free.

The silicone is both smooth, translucent, simple to clean and does not become tacky. The nipple is powerful, durable and will not become stained or misaligned over time. Could be sterilized with a Philips Avent sterilizer and is dishwasher safe.

10. Evedy Infant Pacifier Holder, Baby Toys with Stuffed Elephant Teething Soother for Newborn, Silicone Nipple Feeder for Toddler

Evedy Infant Pacifier Holder, Baby Toys with Stuffed Elephant Teething Soother for Newborn, Silicone Nipple Feeder for Toddler

Baby usually would love to utilize pacifier during naps or night. Should you give your infant a pacifier while she’s asleep, your infant will find a better dream just as she’s sucking on breast milk. Satisfy the suck reflex. Infants have a natural must suck. The breast or bottle generally meets this requirement, however, the appetite may linger after the belly is complete. A pacifier Can Help promote infant to self-soothe and also Learn How to restrain their feelings, relax them and cause them to feel protected

Infants often crave non-nutritive sucking an individual need from consuming to calm and soothe them if they get over-tired, tired or fussy. Pacifiers will help safely fulfill these sucking requirements and possibly offer your infant a few security. Among the very first things, you will need to do is decide that your baby require a silicone nipple. Silicone pacifier is much more healthy for infants

Pacifiers may promote the healthy growth of the infant’s jaw muscles, as stated by the infants’ hobby. The very best pacifier to get a baby is dependent upon the kid’s age and point in growth and growth. Pacifiers help to calm infants by arousing their sucking reflex. Safe pacifiers which are hardy, easy to clean and manufactured out of baby-friendly substances are abundant

Thumb-sucking is also a natural instinct for infants. They use their mouths to become familiar with their surroundings and frequently put fingers, toes and other items in their mouth “sense out them”. Although organic, thumb-sucking may lead to exactly the very same complications because pacifier usage if persistent and longterm. Many professionals favor pacifier use to thumb-sucking since parents could control and restrict pacifier usage


If you’re searching for the best pacifier to your adorable little package of joy, do not be bothered if they do not enjoy the very first few brands that you attempt. Infants can be unbelievably picky in their pacifiers. Keep searching and you’re going to have the ability to find one that they enjoy.