Top 11 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers Reviews in 2024

Balance bicycles for toddlers acquire the abilities which will enable your small to peddle off by themselves. Contrary to tricycles or training wheels, which may serve much more as a crutch than a learning instrument, equilibrium bikes will instruct your kid to look where they’re going, the way to steer, coasting abilities, and, obviously, equilibrium.

Overall, they’re just the best way to prepare your kid for this future big-kid bicycle. I’ve observed again and again the massive advantage of starting children on equilibrium bikes early. Toddlers who start on a bike at 18 months are very likely to be pedaling by 2.5 or 3 years of age.

Below, you will discover that the 11 best balance bikes for toddlers in 2019. Every one of those balance bikes was hand-picked to be the very best combination of durability, durability, and price.

List of 11 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers

1. Woom 1 Balance Bike 12”

Top 11 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 1

The Woom 1, the smallest bicycle in the Woom line-up, is top-notch. If you can afford it, then there’s absolutely no doubt that this bike will work to your child. The vertical geometry and extended wheelbase create the Woom balance bike stable and straightforward to escape on. And at a mere 8 pounds, this bike is light making it the ideal equilibrium bike to get an 18-month-old.

The Woom 1 is the perfect push bicycle to introduce your child to the idea of 2 wheels. The low step-through entrance point along with the adjustable chair span make it an ideal toddler bike.

2. Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike

Top 11 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 2

Strider is among the most popular balance bikes for toddlers out there. In case you take a look at testimonials, you’ll discover that a lot of men and women think about the Strider 12 Sport are the ideal bicycle for a two-year-old. Strider is a new which has put a good deal of consideration into balance bicycles, and their bikes can take kids from 18 months to five years of age.

Having a foam mattress set, you have a balance bicycle with tires that you won’t have to pump up. The foam discovered on the Strider Sport is a proprietary combination used only by Strider bicycles. It may be used on BMX monitors and in indoor halls. Strider conducts toddler races in most National BMX occasions.

3. Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

Top 11 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 3

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike will teach your kid how to equilibrium – a vital skill necessary before committing into a two-wheeled pedal bike. Your child’s feeling of liberty and also self-confidence will become apparent as they learn to balance and steer in their rate: first walking, then gliding.

An FSC sources the birch wood which makes up this framework accepted woods. At 10 lbs, it’s a little heavier than its alloy framed sockets, so bear this in mind.

This balance bike includes 12-inch, air-filled rubber tires and the chair is adjustable so the bicycle can grow along with your kid. The handlebars have to manage grips for a secure grip and also a rubber bumper to protect your tot’s hands if they bump into anything in their sides.

4. Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike

Top 11 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 4

The Radio Flyer is an economical choice that brings enormous time fun. While the parts do not stack up to people on higher-end bicycles (and do not manage wear and tear too), it rides smoothly on pavement and so is simple for children to move. The steel frame is lightweight, the pillow is comfortable, and also the chair adjusts to develop along with your kiddo around age five.

It is possible to personalize your balance bike on the Radio Flyer site, choosing everything in the framework (wood or steel ), into the color (pink or red ) into the tires (foam or air ). The price adds up if you include attachments, but can you pass up the bell, streamers, and title plate?

5. Bixe Fox Air Beds Aluminum Balance Bike

Top 11 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 5

Bixe Fox Air Beds Aluminum Balance Bike is easy to use. Your toddler will immediately grasp the notion of walking with the bike between their legs, and instantly feel a feeling of achievement. Progress comes fast because they lengthen their measures and boost their speed. Meanwhile, you may feel assured they have the ideal bicycle to keep them secure and stable.

The Extreme Light Weight Balance Bike weighs in at only 4 pounds. The all-aluminum framework and foam tires make this among the lightest balance bikes on earth. The chair adjusts as much as 11″ in the floor to 17″ tall. The bars will change from 20″ at the bottom point to 24″ tall. They are making this the smartest choice for young novices learning to ride a bicycle.

6. Yedoo TooToo Toddler Balance Bike

Top 11 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 6

If you’d like the prettiest balance bicycle in the current market, the Yedoo TooToo is your winner. The bike comes in a range of lovely color schemes and contains a pleasing aesthetic.

The Yedoo TOOTOO 12-inch balance bike is the best first bike for any kid, ages 2-4 years old, to find out to ride a real bike. It is a superior running bicycle, rich in security features and quality parts, at a low price.

Equipped with back v-brakes which come as standard equipment, therefore preventing and slowing are simple to handle, even with bare feet. The lightweight handlebar and stem are unitized, and the headset includes an integral steering limiter to help with preventing those unnecessary tumbles.

The saddle was redesigned and formed for rider’s additional stability and comfort. Hand grips are provided a handsome new layout, and the tires are updated to KENDA for enhanced performance whatever the terrain.

7. ENKEEO 12 Sport Balance Bike

Top 11 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 7

The Enkeeo 12 Sport balance bike appears quite much like the Strider Sport. It’s a whole lot more affordable than the Strider. It will weigh more and doesn’t have the easy-to-use quick release clamps you’ll find around the Strider.

The shortage of this quick release clamps could be a positive or negative, depending on the way you use the balance bicycle. If you would like to modify bar and chair height frequently, having to utilize tools to do this may be bothersome. If you aren’t moving items often, you might want the reassurance of knowing what’s bolted down.

The Enkeeo comes with an anti-rust coated framework. Once your child has learned how to utilize a bicycle, and he/she is prepared to proceed, it is possible to safely keep the bike in your garage until the next kid in your household is ready to begin riding.

The Enkeeo 12 Sport includes wheels. You are, therefore, not in the mercy of punctures. The foam tires help to maintain the Enkeeo mild and also make it a fantastic balance bicycle for toddlers.

8. KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike

Top 11 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 8

This balance bike had a look on the series Shark Tank, and it is a pretty exciting thing to inform your tot. It’s an integrated footrest, EVA foam tires which will not budge, and was made to assist your child in locating their ordinary center of gravity as they know how to balance on two wheels.

KaZAM balance bikes offer you a much better choice to training wheels, focusing on the most indispensable part of learning how to ride a motorcycle – Balance! KaZAM’s layout was praised by toy specialists, NBC’s Today Show and also parents.

9. FirstBIKE Street Balance Bike

Top 11 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 9

With the growing popularity of balance bikes, the marketplace was bombarded with new manufacturers in the past couple of decades. Despite these new entrants, the FirstBike is your one balance bike that stands out because of its uniqueness. The composite framework is secure, soft, and durable. For toddlers, you’ll require the trimming kit that’s sold individually, but making this a perfect”first bicycle.”

High-strength yet flexible framework absorbs shock and helps to protect a child’s backbone; manufactured from durable, high-quality material; Child-friendly back drum Safety Stop brake ensures gentle braking and secure for small fingers; Steering Limiter helps young riders ride much more comfortable and averts sharp drops; Horse saddle shape chair prevents passengers from slipping off.

10. JOYSTAR 12″ Kids Balance Bike

Top 11 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 10

The Joystar Marcher is a high tensile steel-framed kids’ balance bicycle. This ought to produce the bike almost indestructible. It, like many other equilibrium bicycles, has a low, simple to step over the frame. The Joystar includes EVA airless tires. Does this keep you from getting punctures, the EVA tires may likewise be quite light.

The Joystar includes a minimal saddle height of 12.6″, and that means you want your kid to have a more inner leg compared to that. You need them to be in a position to have flat feet with this bicycle. When balance bikes don’t have brakes, flat feet are crucial since they’ll help your child cease and earn the confidence they require.

To assist you in placing the seat height efficiently, the Joystar includes a fast release seat clamp, which makes for readily adjustable seat height. You won’t require some tools to adjust the ride height when you and your child are outside playing at the playground.

11. Vilano Childrens Balance Bike

Top 11 Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers Reviews in 2024 11

At below $50, this product does not have a lot of attributes, but it is going to help educate your tot the fundamentals of balancing surely.

This balance bike can make the process easier for your little one. This push bicycle takes pedaling from the image so that your child can focus on balancing. The framework is steel, but the bike is still reasonably lightweight, along with the handlebars have rubberized grips and bumpers.


A best balance bike will place your toddler before when it comes to learning how to ride a bike. Beyond this, they will have a burst tooling around the lawn or drive while they learn invaluable coordination skills and provide you pleasant memories that will last a lifetime.

We’d state that balance bikes are the ideal bike for toddlers. Remember, when utilizing balance bicycles, kids should always wear bicycle helmets.