Baby Swallowed Bath Water – Should You Be Worried

If your baby swallowed bath water then you don’t need to worry because this is normal and it has no negative consequences on baby’s health!

The sweet feeling I had when my baby arrived cannot be put into words. However, motherhood has its challenges. Mainly, bathing babies is such a challenging task. Your baby swallowing bath water can be disturbing at first. That is why most mothers ask, ‘baby swallowed bath water – should you be worried?’. Well, depending upon the situation, there is nothing to worry about your baby swallowing bath water. However, in some cases, you need to be a bit concerned.

If you are one of such mothers then you must be looking for the relevant details. The good news is that we have done this job for you. We did extensive research and discussed this case with the number of the top pediatrics to arrive at the final conclusion. Therefore, you will be getting all the associated details. So stop worrying about your baby swallowing bath water and read this comprehensive guide! Here we go!

Baby Swallowed Bath Water – Should You Be Worried?

Brief Account

Baby Swallowed Bath Water – Should You Be Worried 2

For a mother, nothing is important than her baby’s health. That is why mommies are extremely worried if they see their babies getting the slightest harm. The same is the situation when babies swallow bathwater, and they often ask, ‘baby swallowed bath water – should you be worried?’. The anxiety can be real if the mommy is dealing with the newborn.

Swallowing bathwater is a normal thing for babies and most babies are seen doing so accidentally due to unforeseen reasons. Luckily, there are no risks associated if your baby has swallowed a minute quantity. Therefore, you should not worry in this regard. Also, another fact of relief for you is that as soon as your baby swallows bathwater, you will see some mild 410010 reactions. Like they will start coughing, splattering, or even burping.

On the other hand, your baby may swallow bathwater, and you may not be able to trace it because there are no visible signs. In such cases, the babies do not show any signs or reactions. So, this silent act may not get your attention. So, in either case, if they swallow the bathwater with or without response, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you are still worried and don’t this scenario to happen again, then there are some ways through which prevention is possible. We will be discussing this in the upcoming sections.

Can Swallowing Bath Water Lead to Serious Results?

If you are thinking about what will happen after your baby has swallowed the bathwater, then we have a piece of good news for you. Nothing is going to happen! The reason is that baby bath water is diluted one and the soaps or shampoos used are not bitter tasting or toxic. The water is so diluted that it readily passes through the digestive tract of babies without any hindrance.

That is why they swallow it readily without showing any reaction. While some babies may cough or splatter a bit. If you see your baby burping after swallowing bath water then relax. The reason is this burping means that the bathwater your baby swallowed has entered his or her stomach. Therefore, it is not a discomforting or painful experience for babies. The older babies may end up taking a few gulps of the water they are taking a bath with, so you need to worry in either case.

Linkage of the Bath Water Swallowing with Dry Drowning

Baby Swallowed Bath Water – Should You Be Worried 3

Some parents are highly fearful that if their baby swallows the bathwater, they start to think that their baby will have dry drowning. The terminology explains the entrance of the water or bath water into the lungs of the babies. However, it is quite irrational to think like this. The reason is until and unless your baby has literally drowned under the water (like inside a pool), then you cannot call it dry drowning.

Therefore, if you are in this misconception, we strongly suggest you correct your views about it because dry drowning results from only submerging underwater. Consequently, you cannot associate swallowing bath water with dry drowning. Also, if this unfortunate situation happens, you will be able to identify it by checking different symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • Your baby will have difficulty in breathing
  • The breath rate of the baby will be increased abnormally
  • The baby will feel fatigued and will not be active anymore
  • Dry drowning causes the skin to turn blue
  • There will be prolonged coughing
  • In extreme cases, the baby may become unconscious
  • The chest of the baby might show inward movement when he is struggling to breath

These are the symptoms that show some problematic situations. If you see them, then we strongly recommend you consult your pediatrician as soon as possible. However, after swallowing a minute quantity of bathwater, your baby won’t show any of these symptoms. Believe us because we have three babies and we are saying this in the light of our experience in this regard.

After reading these symptoms, you must have taken a breath of gratitude and relief that your baby has not shown these signs after swallowing bathwater. The reason is there is a big difference between bathwater swallowing and appearance of the dry drowning. Therefore, sit back and relax. Your baby is safe.

Preventing your Baby from Swallowing Bath Water

After reading about the facts associated with bathwater swallowing and dry drowning, you should be relaxed that there is nothing to worry about. The reason is nothing would happen, as the pediatricians and expert mommies said. However, we still understand your desire to save your baby from any unfortunate and unsafe situation. That is why we have written this section based on the important tips and tricks. After following these considerations, you won’t see your baby swallowing bath water. Here we go with these tips!

Do Not Leave the Baby Alone!

Baby Swallowed Bath Water – Should You Be Worried 4

The first and most important trick in saving your baby from swallowing bath water is to be careful and be around them as you are bathing them. Leaving your kid alone while bathing can lead to disastrous situations apart from swallowing bath water. So, you should never leave the baby unsupervised at the time of bath. This becomes even more integral when the baby is smaller or newborn because they do not know how to move and react in response to harmful situations.

If you think the water level is low and you leave the baby alone, even then, you are at mistake. The reason is that there are still chances of the smaller babies drowning. If some emergency arrives and you have to leave the room, you should call someone else to supervise the baby in the bath.

Purchase the Best Baby Seat for your Baby Angel!

Baby Swallowed Bath Water – Should You Be Worried 5

Another important tip here is to purchase a good-quality baby seat for bathing your baby. When you use the bath seat for your baby, it won’t only make it easier for the baby to take a bath, but you will also be at ease. In addition, there will be no chances of the bathwater swallowing because the baby will sit in the upright position.

The manufacturers of the bath seats make them with efficient designs that reduce the movements of the babies when place inside the bathtub. With the help of the suction cups, you can easily place and stabilize the bath seat without any issues. Mommy and baby will love these seats. Believe us! Also, your stress regarding bathwater swallowing will also be reduced.


Baby swallowed bath water – should you be worried?

The simple answer to this question is that it is a normal thing. The majority of the babies accidentally swallow the bathwater. However, there are no issues associated with swallowing bathwater. The bathwater won’t give rise to any bad medical conditions. It will pass to the stomach with ease because it is toxicity-free and diluted. Your baby may only cough, splatter, or burp. However, there is nothing to worry about.

Is there any way to prevent the baby from swallowing bathwater?

Yes, there are not single but many ways through which you can save your baby from swallowing bathwater. The first important way is to never leave your baby unsupervised. You should grab a good-quality baby seat to place inside the bathtub. It will be keeping the baby in the upright position. Also, you should opt for toxicity-free shampoos and soaps so even if they swallow them, you don’t worry about it.

Do you recommend using bathing caps and visors?

According to some mommies and pediatrics, you should use bathing caps and visors. They support the fact that you may cause the baby to swallow bath water when you are pouring it on your head. Using bath caps and visors will prevent this situation and your baby won’t be swallowing bathwater.

Final Thoughts

After reading our blog on ‘baby swallowed bath water – should you be worried?’ we hope you will be at peace because this is not a big deal to worry about. However, worrying about your baby’s health is natural, but in the light of the researches done in medical sciences, you should relax when your baby has swallowed the bathwater. At the same time, we strongly suggest you not be careless and do everything to prevent your baby from swallowing bathwater.

We will be glad to see your response in the comments section. You may ask any questions because we are always happy to answer you. Thank you!