10 Best Kids Travel Trays Reviews of 2024 You Should Choose

Traveling with kids, also on short journeys, maybe hard. They get tired easily, often spill things, and frequently leave a trail of crumbs and discarded food throughout your back seats. But, there’s a means of creating your journeys more enjoyable for them and not as stressful for you.

Purchasing in a car seat kids travel tray gives a flat, secure surface that your little one can utilize for artwork, games, and other pursuits. Additionally, it offers a safe location to put away everything they want and captures the crumbs and spills which would otherwise move all on your kid and your car.

List of 10 Best Kids Travel Tray Reviews

1. Kids Travel Tray, Car Seat Tray for Toddler + Free Bag & E-Book – Keeps Children Entertained

Kids Travel Tray, Car Seat Tray for Toddler + Free Bag & E-Book - Keeps Children Entertained

  • Forget about fumbling about your car for that or this coloring book, toy, pens or snack for the toddler. Travel tray will restore sanity and order to your everyday life. Excellent for long road trips, this toddler travel tray keeps children active and creates wonders for extended commutes.
  • Kids need to play together with toys, draw, make, watch movies and eat their snacks, so we’ve included 2 zipper pockets for pens and coloring books, 1 storage space at the surface of their children lap tray for the car seat which could be utilized as a tablet holder along with also a front bumper to prevent items from falling away.
  • The toddler car seat travel tray can be utilized on strollers, booster along many car seats, while traveling by plane, bus, train, car, or at the playground.

2. Kenley Kids Travel Tray, Toddler Car Seat Lap Tray

Kenley Kids Travel Tray, Toddler Car Seat Lap Tray

  • Whether or not your toddler is tired or hungry, we have got the tray that really does it all. From maintaining the little ones amused on a long airplane, train, or car trip, to providing them someplace to love their snacks comfortably, Kenley Kids’ Travel and Play Tray provides fun and performance for both boys and girls
  • Having a medium-sized iPad/Tablet pouch (10″w), two cup holders, and a removable/collapsible storage compartment, so you will have more space to understand what to do with! You will find two large zippered pockets and extra mesh pockets for even more storage capability. Thus, no matter how many travel toys, crayons, or snacks you will need to bring along with you, you can be certain you’ve got space for everything.

3. Kids Travel Tray for Toddler Car Seat

Kids Travel Tray for Toddler Car Seat

  • The Beloved Belongings compact, fold-able travel tray is ideal for long car trips, keeping your child occupied when doing errands around the city, or even riding in a plane.
  • Its sturdy structure sets up in only seconds with tall sidewalls and a reinforced front bumper that retain food, markers, drawings, and toys from slipping away while driving. The tablet pouch includes a clear, translucent cover to maintain the tablet in place and keep it from becoming soiled or damaged. Additionally 2 side pockets plus a bigger pocket big enough to carry a sippy cup or big toys

4. Baby Snack Tray & Kid’s Car Seat Tray

Baby Snack Tray & Kid's Car Seat Tray

  • Keep your child engaged in eating, drawing, coloring, or playing through a road trip or even a flight, offer kids a firm surface in the shape of a child travel tray or kid tray for the car to maintain the things.
  • Many pockets of travel trays or infant travel accessories shop children essentials well within reach, big surface with raised borders averts crayons, pencils from rolling onto the ground, translucent PVC pocket retains a smartphone.

5. Innokids Kids Travel Lap Tray Car Seat Snack Organizer

Innokids Kids Travel Lap Tray Car Seat Snack Organizer

  • Keep your children entertained for hours while still on the move; perfect for a food tray for snacks & foods or even a car seat tray for drawing, coloring and infant organizer for additional travel tasks in the car, stroller, bus or airplane; Appropriate for a wide age range from toddler to pre-teen; Plus, enjoy our totally free infant in car sign/colourful pens within an ADDED BONUS.
  • The removable organizers around the travel tray top supply flexibility. Three pieces of these organizers may be free built on the automobile seat snack tray, the more storage places where children are able to keep crayons, snacks, and other items readily accessible and keep them from rolling from the travel lap tray. Together with the organizers set up children have everything near without reaching into side pockets. Remove to get a bigger play area.

6. Moditty Kids Travel Tray Bundle with Back Seat Car Organizer

Moditty Kids Travel Tray Bundle with Back Seat Car Organizer

  • Do not take an additional road trip with exhausted, frustrated, or bickering children requiring your focus from the rear seat-that can be stressful for everyone along with also the diversion can even be dangerous! Kids Travel Tray provides the ideal surface to maintain toddlers’ hands and minds active snacking, playing, drawing, and reading; cushioned strap fits all car seats and also the tray will be flexible enough to be used in the home, on the street, in the game or in a plane
  • If it has to do with busy children, sterile, poor-quality trays simply will not do; Fortunately, you won’t notice that here! Children and parents love the entertaining and educational alphabet design with cartoon animals; High sidewalls, a solid foundation, and front lip maintain things in the tray where they go, rather than all on your automobile; In case things get cluttered, spills readily wipe away the dark grey, water-resistant cloth, maintaining stains concealed

7. CarSeat Tray – Toddler Travel Tray Guaranteed to Keep Kids Occupied & Entertain for Hours

CarSeat Tray - Toddler Travel Tray Guaranteed to Keep Kids Occupied & Entertain for Hours

  • Sturdy travel play tray makes eating, snacking, enjoying super simple while on the move. Side and front pockets store everything (crayon, paper, toy, snack, book, tablet and etc) they want at their fingertip
  • Innovative yet easy ‘Soft Flap’ averts items (food crumbs, small toys, crayons and etc.. ) dropped from the tray. The proprietary front buckle straps aid keep and support the tray in level, not lean downward, unlike the conventional travel tray. The designer comprises a buckle on each side of the tray therefore it is simple to remove and place the tray away when no more desire. Our design integrates a solid yet elastic foundation and wall, with additional long straps to guarantee relaxation.

8. funtasit Kids Travel Tray All-in-One Carry Bag

funtasit Kids Travel Tray All-in-One Carry Bag

  • Everything your children need to get an enjoyable journey in one carry case that could be securely connected to the front seat headrest for your most secure play/work desk, car seat organizer lap tray for children. Detachable back, therefore, it will become a standalone table or standalone iPad Holder. Convenient for any car seat, stroller, bus, train, or airplane. For play, research, art, and utilizing a Tablet.
  • The work/play area is surrounded by sturdy walls that prevent pencils, toys, or snacks from end up on the vehicle floor. Contented kids are calm and you may completely focus on the street making travel with the children a lot safer.

9. Upgraded Kids Travel Tray with Dry Erase Top

Upgraded Kids Travel Tray with Dry Erase Top

  • The erase top can be drawn right on it with the board pens we provide, allow the children to enjoy drawing throughout the excursion. No longer children fighting on the move, children will be creative and occupied by Reading, eating, enjoying, or doodling about the built-in dry erase board. Give you a stress-free driving atmosphere
  • To enhance your design & Durability, we made reinforced solid breathable foundation support, and therefore you don’t need to be worried about it breaking or sagging down because of bad quality and long-time usage. The powerful buckles and elastic straps make it fit children of all ages

10. Kids Travel Tray 3 in 1

Kids Travel Tray 3 in 1

  • Play tray car organizer is the sole organizer on the marketplace which may be applied as a flexible lap tray, task table, convenient car organizer, or even a spacious travel tote for children! All-in-one!
  • Many types of special pockets for optimum accessibility to Books, snacks & toys throughout your family road trip. Additionally, it includes a deep cup holder and inside & outside Tablet/IPad holder together with outside access to earphones for the greatest suitable. Fit to girls and boys also.


This travel tray for kids comes with a broad array of thoughtful developments that both children and their parents may love.

Among the things which set this best travel tray for kids is that the distinctive sides. They’re high enough and durable enough to store everything in position with no mess or spillage. On the other hand, the delicate sides won’t indicate the arms of small ones if they lean on them.

The capability to convert the tray to a backpack is also a very cool touch. Not merely is that the tray very helpful, but youngsters are also certain to enjoy carrying it around.