10 Best Rolling Backpack for Kids 2024 – Buying Guide

When children reach school age, parents are more interested in items for children to go to school. These are rolling backpacks for kids with small wheels that are easy to pull and move. Misaligned bags or handbags are not recommended for elementary and middle school children.

Therefore, parents should choose a backpack with straps on both sides to distribute the weight on the shoulders of the baby. Do not choose the type with a strap too small because it will cause red marks on the baby’s shoulders.

The best rolling backpack for kids will be the right choice for little ones with a variety of colors and shapes suitable for both boys and girls.

Different Types of Rolling Backpacks

Rolling backpacks are often categorized according to their own applications. Listed below are the main types of rolling backpacks for kids:

School Rolling Backpacks

All these will be the rolling backpacks which boys are interested in! For this certain kind of rolling backpack, the look is just as important as quality. One other important characteristic is that the range of compartments because students need different compartments to maintain their school supplies such as books, notebooks, laptops in addition to a water bottle, lunch box, etc.

School rolling backpacks are all outfitted with organizer compartments that hold things such as keys, USB flash drives, mobile phones, etc. These rolling backpacks are normally very lightweight and include smooth-rolling wheels. For boys, it is important to pick a layout that reflects their attention so college rolling backpacks come in many different layouts like superheroes, sports gamers, striped, or merely basic no-frills strong colors.

Outdoor Rolling Backpacks

All these kinds of rolling backpacks for kids are often more well-suited for ‘backpack travelers’. They have greater holding abilities compared to additional rolling backpacks because they are used by travelers to carry their travel essentials.

Outdoor rolling backpacks also generally arrive with particular compartments like a compartment to hold your water bottle, a compartment to carry first aid supplies, etc. The largest benefit is the fact that travelers can walk longer distances without becoming tired of carrying this burden on their shoulders (literally)!

The best part is that it may readily be transformed into a normal backpack for all those difficult terrains in which you simply can not roll it! Another notable characteristic of outside rolling backpacks is they are normally made from waterproof material so they can resist those unpleasant outdoor spaces.

Sports Rolling Backpacks

Sports rolling backpacks supply a versatile design with a sporty appearance. They are sometimes taken on the back or rolled along behind you – like every other rolling backpack. Sports rolling backpacks are normally made from durable cloth, like ballistic nylon cloth.

The sporty layout means that you can anticipate several pockets, each designed to maintain several particular products. Comfort is the principal quality of sports rolling backpacks that explains the reason why they will nearly always come equipped with ergonomic shoulder straps so you don’t ever complain about a sore back or shoulder pain!

Best Rolling Backpack for Kids

1. J World New York Sweet Kids Rolling Backpack

J World New York Sweet Kids Rolling Backpack

  • Send your child off to college or on an overnight experience with his or her essentials sweetly stowed in the J World Sweet Kids Rolling Backpack. This lightweight and durable polyester wheeled pack boast a spacious main compartment with loads of room for textbooks, binders, folders, projects, and portfolios, or PJs, a change of clothes, and toiletries.
  • An extra zippered pocket is perfect for storing loose documents, and a zippered organizational compartment contains an integral leash, pen loops, a slide pocket, and a zippered pocket. Side pockets hold a water bottle and compact umbrella, and the J World Sweet Kids Rolling Backpack has a recessed, locking, push-button manage and soft, noiseless wheels.

2. Fellibay Rolling Backpack Kids Backpack 3 Wheels

Fellibay Rolling Backpack Kids Backpack 3 Wheels Kids Trolley Schoolbag Girls Backpack with Adjustable Trolley

  • Main Material: Nylon cloth and breathable polyester liner. The silver on the back set I the correcting bars that are connected to the rack to hold the backpack. There’s no shower cap thing.
  • 100% New Brand Trolley Hand Luggage Schoolbags. This rolling backpack for kids is perfect for pupils and primary school pupils. It also can help the pupil reduce load.
  • It is sometimes a trolly or only a normal backpack. If your kid doesn’t need the trolly, simply remove the rolling platform and it becomes normal. This wheeled backpack can efficiently decrease crash impact and soft carry.

3. Rolling Backpack for Girls, COOFIT Backpack 

Rolling Backpack for Girls, COOFIT Backpack with Wheeled for Girls Laptop Backpack with Wheeled Roller Backpack

  • A rolling backpack for kids can help student reduce load and donate to the children healthy expansion. High-density nylon fabric and breathable polyester lining. The backpack and the wheeled trolley handle could be split with, fits for your different occasions need. Ergonomically designed breathable shoulder and back strap are made of sterile material, can effectively decrease crash impact and tender carry.

4. Wheeled Backpack, Fanspack Rolling Bacpack with 6 Wheels

Wheeled Backpack, Fanspack Rolling Bacpack with 6 Wheels School Bags Bookbags

  • Backpack adopts high quality and thickened nylon material, which is lasting, splash-proof and watertight. The trolley is made from high-quality polypropylene, with high heeled insulation and high dielectric properties, resistant to corrosion. You are able to use the backpack with the trolley together or simply use it separately.
  • Together with six wheels, this rolling backpack for kids can not only be used on the horizontal floor but also be used to scale the stairs which helps reduce a load of your kids to carry their stationeries. The trolley has a three-level height and can be adjusted freely which greatly satisfies your children’s needs. In any case, the trolley is foldable. Does not take up to much space when you don’t use it.
  • Boy’s backpack’s shoulder straps and back are made of honeycomb material that’s comfortable, breathable, and perspiration absorption. It can help reduce the pressure of the shoulder and neck when carrying heavy items. Along with your spine would not feel sexy after carrying it for quite a very long time.

5. Rolling Backpack, COOFIT Wheeled Backpack

Rolling Backpack, COOFIT Wheeled Backpack School Kids Rolling Backpack With Wheels

  • This rolling backpack for kids is made of top quality and durable nylon, which is watertight so that it may protect your possessions like a laptop in it from rain. The trolley is made of sturdy and polished metal for carrying heavy things.
  • The inside pocket of this rolling backpack adopts soft and comfortable cotton, reducing shock and protecting your laptop during moving. This wheeled backpack is detachable and foldable, won’t occupy too much space in case you don’t need to utilize it. You may use it as either a backpack and a rolling backpack.

6. Disney Cars 16 Inch Wheeled Backpack for Kids

Disney Cars 16 Inch Wheeled Backpack for Kids - Rolling School Bags for Boys

  • This adorable wheeled backpack is made from Polyester. It can also be sized for carrying online travel. Ideal size for Easy to Carry and Measures 16-inch height with persuasive construction. For its moderate size, it is flexible to carry and travel.
  • This wheeled bag for school children allows your child to carry all his school supplies and accessories inside. These features Lightning McQueen and Mater in the beloved Disney Pixar Cars films.
  • This rolling backpack for kids has adjustable lightly padded straps with a large main compartment, 2 front pockets, 1 mesh side pocket, and one Velcro side pocket. It has a retractable handle and inline wheels. This backpack can be used as a wheeled bag or a regular backpack.

7. Meetbelify Kids Rolling Backpacks Luggage

Meetbelify Kids Rolling Backpacks Luggage Six Wheels Unisex Trolley School Bags Green

  • Useful for kids: 3 playful rolling backpack for children to pick: a handbag, a bag, or a trolley. Just anyway you want! Simply remove and set up the rolling stage. Help Students to reduce load.
  • High-quality Nylon produced .it is water-proof. Designed breathable rear and Shoulder Strap is made of ventilating material. Equipped with 6 long-lasting mold wheels, which can make it easy to adapt to many different terrains. Very comfy and convenient.

8. Yodo Zoo 3-Way Kids Rolling Luggage or Toddler Backpack with Wheels

Yodo Zoo 3-Way Kids Rolling Luggage or Toddler Backpack with Wheels

  • Traditional Luggage only has wheels and pliers. But when the floor or bud is too dirty or moist, to pull the Luggage, we must take it by trolley. That is the reason the 3-way child’s Luggage bag comes so handy.
  • Mesh bottle pockets at two sides. The tote can stand by itself. Children love to play, whenever it is possible. We design Luggage Backpack to become playful with creature toes, ears for almost any time to come. Kids enjoy travel so let us create their journey time enjoyably! They’ll like to pull their own luggage like the adults.

9. Twise Side-kick Travel Rolling Backpack For Kids (Penguin)


  • Front Pocket Organizer with pencil holder, key fob and zipper pocket. Telescoping Locking Handle with push-button and cushioned grip handle. Roomy main compartment and side pockets for a water jar. Air mesh cushion padded shoulder straps and rear with slip-in system. Designed to fit under the aeroplane seat or overhead compartment.

10. Rolling Backpack, Fanspack Wheeled Backpack

Rolling Backpack, Fanspack Wheeled Backpack for Boys 2019 New Boys School Bag with 6 Wheels Large Capacity Kids Roller Backpack Bookbag

  • Fanspeak’s school bags are market researched and designed by designers based on market data and meet the needs of the majority of boys. You are able to use the rolling backpack for kids with the rolling cart or simply utilize the backpack separately. Even the back of the boy’s back is designed to dissipate heat, will not make you so hot during the summer
  • This boy’s backpack features an adjustable shoulder strap and a white reflective band on the shoulder strap for extra security at night. The shoulder strap and back of the backpack have sponges to help you use your backpack and shield your shoulders and waist.

Buying Guide for the Best Kids Rolling Backpack

When there are lots of sorts of rolling backpacks for kids, there are a couple of fundamental attributes that are common at all of them. Here are some Critical features you should think about:


These days, wheels also have made it fairly portable for children to take the heavy school bags handily. Rather than carrying the heavy loads in their shoulder, then they could pull the back with all the T handle wheels’ accessibility.

With wheels, children won’t have to be worried about the load they have in their backpacks, and they are easily able to carry all their books and other things to colleges without taking the burden by themselves.


You could be thinking the way the substance used would make a difference but it will. It’s connected directly to the sturdiness of this rolling backpack for kids. There is a massive array of substances utilized in rolling backpacks but what matters the most is that the cloth in addition to the caliber of the wheels and handle.

The wheels will need to be smooth-rolling so they could be glided around effortlessly. We advocated choosing polyurethane wheels in case you’ve got the alternative!

It’s encouraged to search for rolling backpacks for kids made out of nylon or Cordura. You also need to focus on the framework of this rolling backpack to make sure it’s constructed from aluminum rather than plastic or brushed steel because aluminum is more durable.


Whenever you’re interested in a backpack for yourself or your children, it’s the principal issue to think about the simplicity of handling that tote. Children might find it tricky to take heavy books on their shoulders.

Therefore, picking a bag isn’t only of the ideal size your kid needs, but is easy to deal with and a vital factor to consider before buying the rolling backpack for kids.


Picking the proper size for a kid’s backpack is indispensable. The ideal dimensions in rolling backpacks for boys will be different in line with the requirements and use – meaning it’ll differ for elementary schoolers, middle schoolers, high schoolers, etc. There’s always a wide selection of sizes to select from so be certain to make the right option.


Some children might want their college tote to be broad to keep their items undamaged in various pockets, though some may want to have an easy-to-carry backpack, smaller in dimension according to their requirement.

Therefore, first knowing the children’s needs and then picking a rolling backpack for kids with sufficient room to store their things is an important characteristic to think about. Do not go for a bigger tote for future reference, but know the requirement and decide the backpack size necessary to find the essential quantity of space within it.


Kids’ rolling backpacks are made of more durable fabrics when compared with regular backpacks. Thicker substances are utilized like nylon that makes the rolling back much stronger. For cloth, the substance might be mesh, watertight, tear-resistant, or wear-resistant.


A backpack, regardless of what kind, must offer relaxation. Among the chief qualities of a rolling backpack is to give just that by simply taking the weight and weight from your shoulders and back.


Are rolling backpacks good for kids?

Absolutely. Rolling backpacks are a great solution for kids that experience back pain and other issues of that nature. Although the wheel and handle material will add to the backpack’s weight, it is more practical to use and does not burden the back.

How can I wash the rolling backpack?

Standard backpacks with straps can usually be washed in the washing machine. However, because the rolling type has wheels and handles made of sturdy materials, you cannot do it. The best way to clean them is to wash them with warm water and soap. For harder stains, it is best to use baking soda, which will remove them with ease.

Is it allowed to use rolling backpacks in schools?

Some schools do not allow the usage of rolling backpacks due to safety reasons. It is best to check with school principals if you are allowed to use them. However, if your child is having back or shoulder problems, you can ask the pediatrician to write you a permit.

Is there any downside to using a rolling backpack?

The biggest downside of rolling backpacks usage is the fact that wheels and handles add more weight to carry.

What material is best for rolling backpacks?

Typically, these backpacks are made of Cordura or nylon. These materials are sturdy and water-resistant, ensuring that it will not be easily torn. For the framework, it is best to go for aluminum for more durability and support.

Which rolling backpack should I purchase for my child?

You should consider a few factors before making this purchase. First of all, storage space is very important, so make sure to pick the one that will suit your child’s needs. Materials are important, so pick the durable, waterproof option. We recommend you Wheeled Backpack, Fanspack Rolling Backpack with 6 Wheels. It is made of thickened nylon material which is highly comfortable and offers plenty of storage space.


For rolling backpacks for kids often have very vivid colors, printing the cartoon characters that your child likes. But you should also note which color your child likes and likes.

Parents should pay attention to the weight of the best rolling backpack for kids when books should not exceed 10-15% of their children’s body weight. Because maintaining the volume of books and supplies too much with the child’s endurance will cause degenerative spine later.

Therefore, if your child’s school has student lockers, it is advisable to leave them there to reduce the weight of carrying books.

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