Does Pedialyte Go Bad? 2024 – When To Discard It & When It Expires?

While some people consider Pedialyte a safe alternative, others are often hesitant to use it. This solution is composed to help babies and kids retain fluids and nutrients well, while they are suffering from chronic diarrhea or vomiting. These compositions incorporate a combination of salts, water, electrolytes, sugar, sweeteners, and much more that can help your baby rehydrate its body.

However, parents often ask whether it is safe to use the solution even after it expires. Although it is suggested to only be used for 48 hours after the seal is opened, there are much disputed opinions among users. While some consider it safe, others are suspicious and hesitant of using his solution afterward.

To save you from the struggle of doing excessive scientific research, here is a guide that will tell you that does Pedialyte go bad? When to discard it & when it expires. So, let’s get right in.

What is Pedialyte? Purpose and Usage


If your child often seems to vomit or is suffering from frequent diarrhea, it is ideal that you balance up his/ her electrolytes by increasing their hydration. For this purpose, you need a quality electrolyte, and this Pedialyte is the most commonly used and famous product across the market.

This liquid makes your baby hydrated and balances the electrolyte by making him/ her healthy. This liquid is designed to replace the lost minerals and vitamins with natural fluid due to vomiting or continuous diarrhea.

While many people confuse water with an electrolyte, it is important to understand that water just helps to replenish the lost fluids; however, it does help you with excessive loss of body water. Speaking of the Pedialyte, it comes in different flavors that attract babies to this and make it easy for parents to feed the toddlers this.

How to Use Pedialyte?

Well, it totally depends on your child’s weight and his/ her immunity. The suggested dosage is between 100 and 150 ml for body weight each day. If your child is constantly vomiting, it is ideal that you start with a less than usual amount and gradually increase it through the days, so the vomiting goes down with each usage.

However, I would highly object to using it on your own. Hence, you should always use it on a doctor’s prescription as it can critically influence your child’s bowel movement and intestine.

Formula and Compositions

As it is already maintained that the Pedialyte is designed to help you with immunity and rehydration, it is ideal that you have understood the composition of this liquid. It also incorporates a lot of ingredients that can help you in rehydration.

These primarily include sodium chloride, dextrose, potassium citrate, sodium citrate, water, and citric acids. If you are looking for something flavored alternatives, these usually come in acesulfame potassium, FD & C, and artificial fruit flavors that can attract your children easily.

Does Pedialyte Have an Expiration Date: Why It Happens and Where is it Printed?

Yes, Pediatlye does have an expiration date, after which it cannot be used for good. This can be found on the bottom or the top of the bottles. This is mentioned on the stamp. On the contrary, the powder packets can only be used for 24 hours once the seal is opened, and after this, the contents lose their value.

When it comes to liquid, a bottle of Pedialyte can last you for 48 hours and can be stored in the refrigerator once it is opened.

The question is why it expires, and you cannot use it after a gap of 48 hours. This is primarily because the formula might face intervention of microorganisms from the environment through direct air contact.

In addition, the bacteria that is present in the surroundings or in your hands can easily get into the product that becomes a risk for children, especially for the ones who are at risk of gastroenteritis. This can increase the immune deficiency that can be critical for your small one.

Does Pedialyte Need to be Refrigerated?

Does Pedialyte Go Bad

Although Pedialyte can survive at room temperature, it is still important to refrigerate it for some cases. If you have not yet opened the package, it is ideal that you have kept it out of your children’s reach and kept it at room temperature.

However, this needs to be refrigerated only when it is opened. After you have opened the seal, it is ideal that during the 48 hours of usage, you have kept it in the refrigerator. All in all, an unopened bottle can be kept for two years straight without any fridge.

When Should You Not Use Pedialyte?

It is also a major concern of parents while buying a Pedialyte as it can sometimes influence the intestinal tracts. This only happens when your child is allergic to any ingredient present on the list. So, it is important that you have gone through the entire list in order to make sure that the formula is safe for your small one.

If used carelessly without any monitoring, this can affect the bowel movement and can result in blockage of the intestines. So, always consult a doctor before prescribing this electrolyte to your child. If you have given your kid this Pedialyte and the vomiting and diarrhea still don’t stop, you must immediately contact your primary physician for a checkup.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you drink expired electrolytes?

While many people ask whether it is safe to drink Pedialyte after it has expired, the answer is not this simple and often debated. While some people think that it contains all the natural and safe ingredients like water, salts, sugar, and sweeteners, it is absolutely safe to use after expiration.

However, others are of the opinion that once the liquid or powder comes in contact with outside bacterias and microorganisms, the composition is disturbed that leads to its expiration. So, it totally depends on you.

Can I give my child Pedialyte every day?

While you can buy Pedialyte in different forms such as powdered, liquid, and ready-to-drink solutions, it depends on your doctor’s prescription that how much quantity should be used. On average, it is ideal that you start giving your child small sips after every fifteen to twenty minutes.

This will help him tolerate excessive fluids and will retain them better. However, using every day or after some gaps is a decision your doctor should make and you must follow it for the well-being of your kid.

When should you take a Pedialyte?

As we have already maintained, Pedialyte is a combination of sugar and electrolyte that replaces the lost fluid and minerals as a result of either vomiting or diarrhea. This is designed for rehydration and increases the retention of fluids in your body.

Hence, if you are sick for some reason and have been losing these essential fluids, it is ideal that you use a Pedialyte by taking small sips. However, always follow your doctor’s prescription and don’t experiment with this formula.

Can Pedialyte be harmful?

It totally depends on the individual and his/her capacity. While you are using this formula for kids, it is ideal that you mention it in front of your doctor, so he can clearly examine whether this is suited for you or not.

Make him/her aware of your allergies as ignoring this can lead to serious stomach problems. Although a critically serious reaction is hard to imagine in these scenarios, precaution is always better than cure.

Does Pedialyte help dehydration?

Yes, Pedialyte absolutely helps you with dehydration. It is designed to replace all the lost fluids, minerals, and nutrients that your body can retain and is suited for all ages, specifically for old people and young kids. The formula contains a balanced amount of sugar and electrolytes that help you quickly substitute all the liquids while rehydrating your skin.

Can Pedialyte upset your stomach?

Yes, it can upset your stomach in some conditions; however, it is rare. First of all, it is absolutely necessary to mention that you should only follow a prescription from your doctors. This is because this formula has a lot of ingredients that you might be allergic to.

Hence, for anyone with a weak immune system, it can ultimately harm your bowel movement and can lead to intestinal blockage. If these effects remain consistent, you can even fall prey to critical stomach conditions which you won’t like.

Final Thoughts

In essence, this Pedialyte solution is composed to help babies and kids retain fluids and nutrients well while they are suffering from chronic diarrhea or vomiting. However, there is an increasing debate on its expiration and whether it is safe to use it after the date has gone.

As more and more parents are curious, there are a number of opinions that can make up your mind. I hope that this guide will help you in making the right decision that is healthy for your child and backed by substantial research.

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