Enfamil Infant Vs Gentlease 2024 – Which One is Better?

Enfamil Infant Vs. Gentlease, this is the question parents often wonder about because of the hype both these formulas have gained over the years.

While both the formulas are designed to help your baby with nutrition and immunity, it is important that you go into the details and choose the one that suits your baby well.

Additionally, another thing to consider is that both these are composed to help your baby with different purposes at different price ranges, and values added to each.

Hence, based on your baby’s individual requirements, it is ideal that you do in-depth research. To save your day, this article comes with an in-depth Enfamil Infant Vs. Gentlease review based on composition, nutritious value, immunity, sugar contents, and price. So, dive right in for more.

Formula and Composition

Enfamil Infant Vs Gentlease
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Speaking of the Enfamil Infant, this one is manufactured by Mead Johnson for the sole purpose of incorporating nutrition and minerals that are present in breast milk. This milk has a quality formula, having an incredible combination of Choline and DHA.

These ingredients act as the natural defense for your baby and provide him/ her with development and growth. As the name suggests, this formula is designed for infants six years of age and comes in either ready-to-feed packets or dry powder.

Some commonly used ingredients you can find in this formula are Choline and DHA that are primarily responsible for your baby’s brain and eye development. This further integrates Natural Defense Dual Prebiotics Blend that helps with the body’s natural immune support.

Likewise, it is also designed to help your baby’s digestive tract, all credits to its prebiotics and protein sources. Finally, this formula incorporates fat sources and protein milk that help your child build immunity and strength.

In contrast to this, the Enfamil Gentlease is also designed by Mead Johnson, primarily designed to help your baby with milk indigestion and lactose sensitivity. This formula is composed to help your baby with gastric fussiness and proper enzyme reaction.

Another advantage of using this composition is that it is a non-GMO formula that uses no artificial growth hormones and flavors. Also, it has an equal proportion of soybean, making it ideal for digestion and food breakdown.

Speaking of the ingredients, this Gentlease, as the same suggests, incorporates mild ingredients that help the baby with gastric issues and smooth intestine functions. Some common ingredients used in the composition are hydrolyzed nonfat milk, protein milk, and corn syrup.

The manufacturers have used hydrolyzed milk and regular soy milk with carbohydrates that are used as a replacement for vegetable oil, making it a healthy alternative for the digestive tract and the overall health of your baby.

Nutritious Value

Enfamil Infant Vs Gentlease
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Another thing many parents are concerned about is the nutritional value. So, it is ideal that we make a side-by-side comparison of these two popular alternatives in this regard. Here, clearly, the Enfamil Infant has the edge over the Gentlease one.

This is because it has galactooligosaccharides that are used to cure your baby’s irregular bowel movement and increase nutrition. Hence, having prebiotics helps your child to develop his senses, with increased immunity and nutrition.

In contrast, when it comes to Enfamil Gentlease, you will find that it is primarily designed for lactose intolerance and overall gastric relief. So, you won’t consider prebiotics as a priority in this formula, making it less nutritious than Infant.

However, it is a good sign for parents whose child is having gastric fussiness and constant lactose issues that are leading to critical health and mainly digestive problems. Hence, as per your needs, you can choose the one that works for your baby.

Sugar Contents

Enfamil Infant Vs Gentlease
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Similarly, it is always important to consider the sugar contents in your stomach and determine whether it is healthy for your baby or not. Here, the most significant thing you should consider is that Enfamil Gentlease contains solid corn syrup that has high sugar content.

Although corn syrup is good for lactose sensitivity, it can increase other issues like constipation. This is because many babies have complex digestive systems that can make corn syrup difficult to digest.

However, there are mixed opinions of pediatrics in this scenario as many oppose them by scientific research. So, always consider your primary doctor’s advice in this regard.

However, if your baby is not having any lactose sensitivity, it is ideal that you go for Enfamil Infant as it is great for the baby’s growth without any digestive issues. Additionally, it has considerably less sugar content than the former one, making it healthy for your child, so with this one, there is no need to worry about excessive sugar.

Price and Variations

Enfamil Infant Vs Gentlease
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Another thing parents might wonder about is the price and variants as they can highly influence your buying decision.

Firstly, talking about the price, the Gentlease milk packets are a bit pricier for the reason that no artificial flavors are included in the formula, as well as its composition that favors not only growth but helps your baby with lactose intolerance. Hence, it will cost you a hundred bucks more than the usual Enfamil Infant.

Likewise, speaking of the value and amount, the foremost reason why many parents prefer Gentlease is that it claims to ease the baby’s fussy stomach and helps with digestion that is not the case in the infant packet.

However, Infant milk ensures a high nutritional value with additional vitamins and minerals, making it great for overall growth (brain and eyes). So, it totally depends on you which one to buy as per your need. All in all, the amounts are similar in each, so there is not much variation in this.

Enfamil Infant

  • The formula is designed to help babies with cognitive development with a proper blend of prebiotics and nutrition.
  • It is often recommended by pediatricians and has been surveyed by many companies. If your child has no special issues and wants something for immunity support and strength, this Enfamil Infant is a great choice for you.
  • That composition is ensured to have replaced the breast milk with additional MFGM and DHA, making it perfect for infants and babies at six years of age.
  • It is a non-GMO formula that incorporates no artificial growth hormones.
  • This one is a budget-friendly alternative and uses lactose as a sweetener, so you don’t have to worry about excessive sugar.
  • It cannot be used for babies with lactose sensitivity or digestive issues.
  • It uses palm oil as an additional fat that is not so good for babies of this age.


Enfamil Gentlease

  • This formula has somewhat nutritional value with additional vitamins and minerals; however, these are not prioritized as compared to Enfamil Infant milk.
  • Hence, apart from cognitive development, this formula helps your babies with brain development and immune support, all thanks to the combination of DHA and additional calcium.
  • This formula is primarily designed to help your baby’s fussy stomach, gastric issues and improve digestion. This is because of the easily digestible proteins incorporated in the formula and corn syrup that help the baby with lactose intolerance. Hence, with this formula, your baby won’t be having any puffed belly and chest burns.
  • All in all, it is great for babies who have stomach issues, having a proper combination of Zinc, Vitamin A, and prebiotics that helps them with digestion and protein intolerance.
  • It doesn’t include a lot of prebiotics that can be a problem for the parents who are looking for immunity support and brain development.
  • It can cost more than Enfamil Gentlease and can result in constipation that can be a problem for babies with sensitive and complex digestive tracts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Enfamil Infant Vs Gentlease
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Is switching from Enfamil Infant to Gentlease a good idea?

If your baby is suffering from gastric fussiness and lactose intolerance, it is ideal that you switch from Infant to Gentlease.

However, if you are only looking for something that can help you with improved immunity and nutrition, it is not recommended that you switch from Gentlease to Infant. So, it varies from requirements and needs.

Is Enfamil Infant better than Gentlease?

Enfamil Infant is primarily designed for brain and eye development, with strong immunity support and increased cognitive power.

In contrast, the Gentlease, as the name suggests, is composed to help babies with lactose sensitivity, better digestion, and gastric fussiness. So, as per your needs, you can choose the one that suits you well.

Is switching from Gentlease to regular milk formula tough?

Yes, it can be tough to switch from Gentlease to a regular milk formula. As it is primarily designed to help you with lactose intolerance and gastric fussiness, it will largely focus on the digestive tracts.

Also, as it becomes habitual for babies to get used to different tastes, it will be hard to switch to any regular alternative.

Which One to Choose?

In the end, there is no doubt about the quality and composition of these two alternatives present in the market. It is because of the immense popularity Enfamil has gained over the years.

However, it is significant to consider that you have detailed knowledge about each formula and its uses. In simple words, while Enfamil Infant helps you with immune support and cognitive development, Gentlease is designed for gastric fussiness and lactose intolerance.

So, choose the one that suits you well.

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