Average Shoe Size for 2-year-old: An Accurate Guide

Toddlers are growing each second with unstoppable energy. Each body part needs to be adequately nourished to follow healthy development. For instance, feet on which a toddler runs, walks, or stands! Thus, a shoe purchase is a necessary decision for parents. You have to look after many elements like comfort, stability, material, price, and most importantly, the shoe size! Because your kid will never tell you if the shoes are comfortable or not, but you have to take care of it!

Shoe size might not be an issue of concern for babies or infants, but for toddlers, it indeed is! When kids start walking or running, wearing the right shoe pair is essential for proper foot growth. Typically, 2 to 3 years old come in this category, so I decided to share an accurate guide for average shoe size for 2-year-olds! So, let’s begin.

Children’s Shoe Size Guide

Average Shoe Size for 2-year-old: An Accurate Guide 1
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You might go through various size charts and graphs, but I am not simply copying those. I know how seriously shoe size is associated with your kid’s growth, walking style, development, and more. Thus, I will share some adoptive ways which help you in determining the average shoe size for a 2-year-old kid:

1. Calculation

In the first method, you need to estimate your kid’s shoe size. For this purpose, you have to double your kid’s age in years, for instance, 2 +2 = 4. Then, add 1 for a girl toddler and 2 for a boy. It is a fact that every kid has differently sized and shaped body parts. But this step is a rough estimate of the shoe size of your toddler. It approximates the accurate shoe size of kids who’re up to five years old.

2. Standard Estimation

Average Shoe Size for 2-year-old: An Accurate Guide 2
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The other way to determine your kid’s shoe size is called standard estimation. You can use the already estimated standards to select the shoe size in this method. For example, if your kid is 12 to 18 months older, the estimated shoe size is five. Similarly, six sizes are recommended for up to 24-month-old toddlers, seven for over 24 months (two years old) kids, eight for more than two years, and so on. But, again, that’s a standard approximation, so your kid’s shoe size might vary with that.

3. Manual Method

Then, there comes the easiest, accurate, and mechanical way to determine your child’s shoe size. In this method, you need white paper and a pencil. All you have to do is stand your kid over that paper with socks on and start tracing his feet with a pencil. I used to do this with a washable marker because it is more permanent. Once you’re done, take that paper to the store and buy shoes accordingly. This is one of my favorite methods for buying shoes till now.

4. Self-Measurement

If you don’t rely on the standard estimations, you can also take measurements of your kid’s feet by yourself. For this purpose, all you need is a good quality inch-tape. Measure the feet from toe to heel and remember the digit when visiting a shoe store. You can determine shoe size based on that length. In this way, you have to increase half shoe size (0.5) on 1/6 inches increase in length. For example, 5 inches is equal to six shoe sizes, 5-1/6 inches refers to six and a half shoe sizes, and so on.


Average Shoe Size for 2-year-old: An Accurate Guide 3
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How long does a toddler stay in each shoe size?

The increase in toddler’s shoe size depends on foot growth. If your kid wears shoes that are smaller than average, they might deform or distort the toes. In my opinion, you should buy a new pair of shoes after every six or eight months and make sure that shoes are not too tight or too loose for proper structural (or skeletal) development of your kid’s feet.

How much bigger should I buy my toddler’s shoes?

A quick answer is half-inch! Ensure that there is a space of thumb’s circumference between the kid’s toe and the front end of the shoe. If it fits in this way, buy it; otherwise, try another option. Please make sure never to buy too big, which impacts their walking style, or too small, restricting their foot growth. I have explained some convenient methods to estimate shoe size above; please look at those too.

Is it wrong for toddlers to wear shoes that are too big?

Yes. Some parents buy oversized shoes because shoe size increases in months for toddlers, but that’s wrong! Please don’t purchase bigger shoes; it’s treacherous. Bigger shoes decrease the comfort level and cause instability, loosen the grip, and might change the walking way of your kids for a lifetime. In some cases, it leads to toe deformities like bunions, so please make sure to calculate shoe size attentively and purchase accordingly.

How many pairs of shoes does a toddler need?

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Two pairs are enough for toddlers: a sneaker or a dress-up shoe pair. The shoe size increases with foot growth every six months, which means you’ve to rebuy a new pair. Thus, buying lots of pairs doesn’t make sense. In my suggestion, try to buy good quality minimum shoes which fit correctly to your kid’s feet.

Do toddlers need shoes with arch support?

In most cases, kids don’t need arch-supportive sneakers because of their flat feet. The arch starts developing after 16 or 18 months and becomes fully developed in 6- or 8-years older kids. However, avoid shoes with thick outers and sticky soles because it might lead to stumbles.


Being a parent is the happiest yet the most struggling part of one’s life! You have to take care of every aspect related to your child more than yours. In this aspect, shoe size is non-negligible, especially in toddlers who have just started walking. I have explained the four most practical and convenient ways to determine the average shoe size, which will minimize a little bit of your parental strain.

Happy Parenting!