Snuggle Me Organic vs DockATot – Which One is Better? – 2024 Guide

What do you think of when you hear the word “snuggle?” For most, it will be a comforting, warm feeling that brings memories back from childhood. The DockATot and I were both developed with the intent to recreate this feeling for adults as well as provide those little bare bottoms with support and protection.

The DockATot and the Snuggle Me Organic were created for lounging and leisure time for your baby. However, they both serve much more than their original purposes and can be used for tummy time and lounging around in general.

Snuggle Me Organic

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This is a pillow that wraps around the body of the baby to provide support for their entire body. It also prevents them from rolling onto their bellies. This is beneficial because it can reduce SIDS rates by 26%. The pillow covers are removable and washable which makes them easier to keep clean after a spill or accident. If you want your child lying on its back, this product is great for that as well.


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The DockATot claims to be a “bed-like lounger” however we think it feels more like a pillow. This lounger is designed to get children used to sleeping in their own space. It has a breathable mesh material so no suffocation can happen. This product also covers more of the child’s body than the Snuggle Me Organic providing it with extra comfort and security while allowing the baby room to stretch out if they wish.

The differences


The first big difference we noticed between these two was size – one is definitely larger than the other. This means less snuggling space for sleeping babies but also less bedding needed to cover the DockATot. The Snuggle Me Organic can be used up until the baby weighs 25lbs while the DockATot weight limit is only 7 months old or 22 pounds.

Fitted Sheet

The second difference was that the DockATot comes with a designated fitted sheet meant for use on top of any standard mattress. This makes it much easier to bring everywhere and provides a stable surface for the baby to sleep on which works well when you’re traveling because a lot of hotel mattresses are a bit lumpy from years of wear and tear.

We loved this aspect because we were able to carry around the DockATot without having to worry about if it would fit in the stroller or car’s seat since most standard sheets will fit any size crib mattress.

The Snuggle Me Organic provides a very soft flannel sheet that can be used in any standard-sized crib or bassinet. This is nice if you plan on only using the Snuggle Me Organic at home and don’t want to carry it around with you because we found it difficult to fit into our diaper bag.

Snuggle Me Organic vs DockATot which one is better

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We are convinced that Snuggle Me is the best solution for infants and tiny infants due to its hugging effect. Many newborns like to be at ease and secure This is an ideal solution for the first few months of their lives with or without.

In the following time when the baby grows older, we could think that the DockATot is a great solution. The DockATot can be used by toddlers to make the transition from the enclosed area of a crib, into the wide-open space of the bigger bed.

We really liked both the DockATot and the Snuggle Me Organic for different reasons, but overall preferred the DockATot more because of its easy use and portability. We enjoy having both products around, but we would probably only use the DockATot when traveling.

What are baby loungers?

Baby loungers are created to give your baby a comfortable place to relax and help reduce fussiness while lounging or getting their diaper changed.

Why do you need a baby lounger?

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Babies spend a lot of time laying down, so it’s important for them to have a designated space where they can get rest without being disturbed by movement from nearby family members. Loungers provide an enclosed area where even the smallest babies feel safe and secure, giving parents the ability to get their diapers changed without worrying about waking up their children.

In addition, the enclosed ring allows the parent/caretaker to have complete control over where they’re placing their hands on the baby’s body, making any necessary changes quick and easy.

How can you use baby loungers for sleeping safely?

Loungers are designed to be used in quiet spaces, away from any noise or distractions that might keep your child up. They also provide the protection of a tightly fitted sheet over the top which can help prevent nighttime accidents since many children will roll around during their sleep and possibly wake themselves by laying on a wet mattress.

What do you need to consider when buying an organic version?

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Organic models are free of harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and other substances that could irritate sensitive skin. These products are made with soft materials like cotton which create the most comfortable surface for babies to relax on either inside or outside of their crib.

Many organic options come with zippered openings for easy use without removing the sheet, but many parents find that these are not as easy to use as models with elastic openings.

What is a baby lounger used for?

Baby loungers are designed to fit over the top of a standard crib mattress and provide a relaxing space perfect for babies up to 4 months old. While most options come with zippers along the bottom which allow you access to your child quickly and easily, there are some types available with an opening on each side taking away this convenience in order to help prevent rolling out of it.

Some products also have raised sides that offer more support but may be difficult for parents who have really tall babies or those who are trying to put their children down at naptime – they can’t be used in a rolling crib, so the baby has to be laying down already if you plan on using one with higher sides.