7 Best Frog Jump Game Ideas For Kids Reviews in 2024

The frog jump game is an interesting and incredible game for game lovers of all age groups. It’s great when you can play it with your kids. Here are some of our suggestions for your reference. check it out!

List of 7 Best Frog Jump Game Reviews

1. Flippin’ Frogs Game

Flippin' Frogs Game

This hilarious game is a hoppin’ and poppin’ good time for kids. Designed with durable plastic game base and tree back; flexible plastic branches and frogs.

In the Flippin’ Frogs Game, it’s a fight for survival to launch and land as many of your frogs into the spinning tree as possible. But they better cling tightly because there are crocodiles and piranhas circling the waters below, and when time runs out, the tree branches pop up.

2. Hasbro Pop Goes Froggio

7 Best Frog Jump Game Ideas For Kids Reviews in 2024 1

Although he gets himself into sticky situations, FROGGIO always bounces back with a laugh. He’s a witty sidekick who helps his friends on every adventure. Leaping over lily pads isn’t just for frogs!

Get on your feet and run around to flip over these “lily pads” and find friendly character faces. When you make a match, rush over to press the launcher and send your FROGGIO figure flying!

3. STOBOK Jumping Frog Board Game Family Toys

7 Best Frog Jump Game Ideas For Kids Reviews in 2024 2

Creative jumping frog game, interesting and funny. Shoot all the frog into the tree, and win the game. Kids toy gift, good for the parent-child game, also good for party fun. Ideal for kids’ birthday gifts and party favor. Creative jumping frog game, interesting and funny.

4. Jumping Frogs Game

Jumping Frogs Game

Loads of fun! Jump your frogs into the target pool. First one with each of their frogs in is a winner!

5. Simba Toys 6044122 Frog jump game by Simba Toys

Simba Toys 6044122 Frog jump game by Simba Toys

Get the frogs to jump in the bucket. Whoever flicks the many frogs into the bucket wins the match! Suitable for children aged 3 years and over.

6. Jump game New frog

Jump game New frog

Item debut In the game that you put in a bucket to play with your palms frog colorful 4 colours, it’s a game that adults and small children to play happily together. Material: POM / PE.

7. Leap Frog Jumping Game

Leap Frog Jumping Game

The leap frog jump game is enjoyable for kids and adults! Game includes 6 frogs (2 blue, red, green) and one orange catch bowl. Land frogs into a bowl to the win. Comes packaged on a blister card with hanging hole. Frogs measure approximately 2″ x two ″. Bowl is 4″ in diameter and 1″ deep. Not suggested for kids under 3.


It is a pretty interesting game. It helps your kids become more active. Do you think so? Don’t miss the great times when the whole family plays this game