10 Best Jump Rope for Kids 2022- Buying Guide & Reviews

Exercise and workout is an indispensable activity in contemporary life today when human health is constantly at an alert degree. Health training habits created by parents for children from an early age by the easiest subjects, including skipping.

Jump rope is thought to be a great complement to the activities of the heart, helping you enhance coordination, agility, improve endurance and versatility of the toes. Jump rope for kids is a jump rope made from a flexible rubber that’s durable for long-term usage.

If you exercise regularly, your body will work quicker and especially you will be able to focus more. The subsequent article I will introduce to you the rope for children is the most popular now.

Best Choice
Led Jump Rope Kids - Fitness Jump Rope Adjustable Flashing Color Change Light Up Skipping Rope with...
Most Affordable
Ponydash Jump Rope, Jump Ropes for Kids, 2 Pack Kids Jump Rope Lightweight &Adjustable &Durable...
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aGreatLife Jump Rope for Kids | Unique Bunny Handle and Adjustable Rope Length - Kids Jump Rope...
Also Consider
Nona Kid 2 Pack Jump Rope for Kids - Easily Adjustable with Anti-Slip Handles, Plus 2 Activity Books
Led Jump Rope Kids - Fitness Jump Rope Adjustable Flashing Color Change Light Up Skipping Rope with...
Ponydash Jump Rope, Jump Ropes for Kids, 2 Pack Kids Jump Rope Lightweight &Adjustable &Durable...
aGreatLife Jump Rope for Kids | Unique Bunny Handle and Adjustable Rope Length - Kids Jump Rope...
Nona Kid 2 Pack Jump Rope for Kids - Easily Adjustable with Anti-Slip Handles, Plus 2 Activity Books
Best Choice
Led Jump Rope Kids - Fitness Jump Rope Adjustable Flashing Color Change Light Up Skipping Rope with...
Led Jump Rope Kids - Fitness Jump Rope Adjustable Flashing Color Change Light Up Skipping Rope with...
Most Affordable
Ponydash Jump Rope, Jump Ropes for Kids, 2 Pack Kids Jump Rope Lightweight &Adjustable &Durable...
Ponydash Jump Rope, Jump Ropes for Kids, 2 Pack Kids Jump Rope Lightweight &Adjustable &Durable...
Don't Miss
aGreatLife Jump Rope for Kids | Unique Bunny Handle and Adjustable Rope Length - Kids Jump Rope...
aGreatLife Jump Rope for Kids | Unique Bunny Handle and Adjustable Rope Length - Kids Jump Rope...
Also Consider
Nona Kid 2 Pack Jump Rope for Kids - Easily Adjustable with Anti-Slip Handles, Plus 2 Activity Books
Nona Kid 2 Pack Jump Rope for Kids - Easily Adjustable with Anti-Slip Handles, Plus 2 Activity Books

List of 10 Best Jump Rope for Kids

1. Jump Rope for Kids Set of 2

Jump Rope for Kids (2 Pack) - Set of 2 9ft Adjustable Skipping Ropes (Pink & Blue) for Children Jumping Games Songs and Rhymes

Set of two light speed jump ropes every 9 feet long, in 2 beautiful colors – Pink and Blue. Suitable for all ages from 5 decades and up. Rope length is easily adjusted to most kids’ heights. Usable by boys and girls, even women and men.

Simple family gear for weight loss, health improvement, indoor and outdoor fun & recreation. Easy to use, great for beginners in addition to experienced skippers. Nice cheap toy or gift idea for the kid, kid, and friends.

2. Fitness Jump Rope for Kids

Fitness Jump Rope for Kids, Outdoor Fun Activity, Great Party Favor, Exercise Activity for Kids 2 Pk Assorted Colors

This old-fashioned Wood Handle Jump Rope is excellent for goody bags, ivory or church prizes, backyard birthday party favors, and much more! Children such as the bouncing movement, not only well-developed and fit, also their intelligence is going to be improved!

Skipping rope can accelerate blood circulation, and enhance cardiopulmonary functioning and respiratory function; quicken gastric motility and metabolism; exercise muscles of the chief body components; encourage the rapid development of bones; build up the fantastic body, and a much better disposition.

All these 7-foot jump ropes comprise the conventional wooden grips. Two unique colors per pack, various stock – comes from purple, red, blue, or black. Backed by Neliblu 100% money-back guarantee and manufacturer’s warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller. 100% brand new and high-quality toys.

3. Ponydash 2 Pack Speed Kids Jump Ropes

Ponydash 2 Pack Speed Kids Jump Ropes, Lightweight &Adjustable & Durable Fitness Jumping Rope-Exercise Skipping Rope for Women Men Adult-Foam Grips Handles for Boxing, MMA, Fitness, Workout, Crossfit

Children jump rope is made from high -quality NBR rubber material that’s durable, elastic, soft, super safe and nontoxic, ultra-lightweight, Never worry about getting hurt during exercise as with other steel rope and also quite suitable for school-aged children.it is your very best gift for your loved kids.

Instantly and easily adjustable from 9.6feet down to your desired length within seconds! Just 4 steps to make it. The fitness skipping rope is acceptable for all ages (Adults, Men, Women, Children, Kids, Boys, and Girls) and all expertise levels-Cardio, Home Workouts, Cross Fitness, Weight-loss, Gym & Boxing MMA Fitness training.

Jump rope for kids made with anti-slip foam and also have traction grooves to your palms on jumping rope, provide extra comfort while at the same time preventing palm sweat, handle size is reasonable, be in accord with human ergonomic layout, Exercise jump rope is actually simple for you to hold and keep.

4. aGreatLife Jump Rope for Kids – Bunny Skipping Rope

aGreatLife Jump Rope for Kids - Bunny Skipping Rope

It’s lightweight, tangle-free, and simple to adjust to the desired length. It’s a comfortable and noninvasive hand-carved wooden animal handle so you can jump and skip your way to fitness and decent health.

This durable CHILDREN’S JUMP ROPE does not kink or tangle as other jump ropes do. It allows for easy rotation and ensures that your jump rope may be used for routine workouts for boys, women, men, and girls for a lifetime. It is lightweight tangle-free and simple to adjust to a preferred length. This KIDS PREMIUM JUMP ROPE comfortable and non-slip hand-carved wooden handles so you can jump and skip your way to fitness.

Excellent for use in the school gym, playing, or in-home. The top educational toys for 5-year-olds! It’s a toy and jumping equipment for children to help them build large motor skills and stay fit.

The jump rope is an effective exercise tool since it strengthens bones enhances balance agility and cardiovascular wellness. The rope length is 2.5 m / 8 ft and two inches and is flexible which makes it suitable for toddlers, children, teens, and professionals.

5. BuyJumpRopes Segmented Kids Jump Rope

BuyJumpRopes Segmented Kids Jump Rope - Beaded Playground Rope for Kids with Shatterproof Beads and Durable Plastic Handles

Features durable shatterproof 1-inch plastic segmented beads above a sound, durable braided nylon cord. Untie the knot within the handle, slip the desirable variety of beads off, and retie the knot.

If you’re unsure of exactly what size to get we recommend getting a 10-foot rope and resizing down based on your own purposes. Ropes can’t be lengthened. See below for sizing tips.

Our hottest jump rope for kids and schools. Makes that”tick tick” clicking sound on pavement or health flooring; helpful for developing a skipping rhythm. Lightweight handles are easy to jump together and comfortable in hands.

6. Adjustable Jump Rope – for Kids and Adults

Adjustable Jump Rope - for Kids and Adults - Long Lasting Rope with Anti-Slip Handles and Smooth Rotation - Plus Games Book and Skipping Songbook

Other children’s jump ropes can break easily, or become twisted. This is risky because children can trip over the rope while leaping. We feel that children deserve high-quality goods! Our jump rope has a metal ball bearing, to ensure a smooth rotation of every single jump

. The handles are soft and ergonomically designed to stay firm in your child’s hands. Covered with EVA foam that they won’t become slippery when hands get sweaty. Your little one can enjoy leaping and feel like a pro!

Jump rope and can be easily adjusted to your child’s exact height, in only 4 simple steps. Your child can begin jumping right away using a completely adjusted rope as though it is custom-made. With skipping rope, practice is the key. The more you exercise, the better and the more you can jump. With the jump rope, it’ll be easier for your child to leap, which means more leaping and much more exercise in the park or in school.

As a smart parent, you realize that children become excited at the start, but very soon they lose interest. To maintain them leaping and make it more entertaining, we created this bundle. We added a novel with 19 jump rope games which kids of all ages like to play with.

We collected 83 classic skipping songs into a vibrant book, for example, “Teddy Bear”, “Mabel, Mabel”, “Down in the Valley”, and a lot more. Get this jump rope for high-energy fun, indoor and outdoor.

7. Aoneky Lightweight Jump Rope for Kids with Comfort Handle

Aoneky Lightweight Jump Rope for Kids with Comfort Handle

It has anti-slip foam grip handles that are comfortable and prevent you from having to readjust your hands regularly, irrespective of how sweaty your hands may be. The handles are hollow with ends that may unscrew; they will not fly off as you are jumping rope.

The rope length is 9.8 feet, and it is acceptable for people as tall as 6.0 feet; it works for women and interrogates kids. The item is included in a custom-designed Aoneky vibrant box (see image ), which makes it a great gift for girls and kids.

The rope is not difficult to adjust to the desired length. At the conclusion of each handle is a plastic ring piece that unscrews. Pull up the rope through the handle and tie its ending in a loop in the specified period, so the knot remains in the handle.

8. Daju Jump Ropes – Set of 2

 Daju Jump Ropes - Set of 2 - Girls Jumping & Skipping Rope Toy - Rainbow Colored, 7ft Long

Rainbow jump ropes would make any child glow with excitement. Girls and boys aged 3+ may use this trendy toy indoors or outdoors for fantastic fitness and friendly enjoyable. It comes as a PACK OF 2, so there is always a replacement rope on hand. It’s perfect for siblings and friends to play double-dutch, or shorten the flexible cord for single skipping as a celebration of one.

Parents may utilize jump rope as a smart alternative to get children off their pills at home and have them exercise out in the fresh air. Jumping rope is a super workout for building agility.

The Daju Jump Rope is 7 ft long with the benefit of being readily adjustable to accommodate children of all dimensions. It’s small wooden grips, which are perfect for small hands, and the light cable is tangle-free.

9. Adjustable Soft Skipping Rope with Skin-friendly Foam Handles for Kids

Adjustable Soft Skipping Rope with Skin-friendly Foam Handles for Kids, Children, Students and Adults

100 percent Satisfaction Guaranteed and backed by our Lifetime Warranty. Easily adjusted from 9 ft down to a preferred length within minutes. Manufactured from solid’scuff-resistant’ 4.5 mm PVC cord.

Unique patented design with grippy’ & shatterproof polyethylene handles. Lightweight and comfortable foam handles reduce strain on your hands. Becoming feather-light makes it readily and conveniently portable.

Jump ropes are appropriate for play or fitness for elementary or middle school ages. Suitable for all ability levels – recommended for novices.

10. IBOSTOM Jump Rope Kids

IBOSTOM Jump Rope Kids – Light Up Jump Rope Flashing Color Change Skipping Rope Colorful Light Fun Toy with Gift Box(Orange Handle)

The rope created with 100% recycled plastic, antiskid manage, and Anti winding rope skipping material. It is acceptable for 6-year-old kids and up. The led jump rope is about 0.4″, 4-inch oval handle with little bumps, the duration of rope skipping is around 92inch(Included handles). Our light-up jump rope is more waterproof, wear resistance, and lightweight.

The shining lights make skipping more intriguing, children will love skipping daily. With 3 pieces of LR44 button batteries, the arbitrary color of LED light varies free under the charge of IC.

The rope will stop flashing when motionless over 15 minutes. Shake it and light up. The light-up jump rope has 3 color changes, once the batteries expired you can substitute them please be careful with the small parts.


How old should a kid be to start playing with a jumping rope?

Typically it’s best for the kids by the age of three to start playing with jumping ropes. Your kid should start practicing the motions and timing jumps at this age.

What are the benefits of jump rope play?

First of all, it is a type of exercise for kids. It’s also a great social activity that improves the child’s fine motor skills. As children get better at this, their balance and coordination will drastically improve. All these factors are significant contributors to a child’s confidence and self-improvement.

What is the best beginner jump rope?

Beginners’ jump ropes should be light, making them easier for kids to flick with their tiny wrists. Our recommendation is a Jump Rope for Kids set of 2. This one is light and easy to use. It also has a great feature that allows you to adjust the rope for your child’s height easily.

How do you teach kids to play with a jump rope?

It is best to start by instructing your kids to make the motions slowly. After they master this, they can begin to make faster swings. Supervise this as it can become dangerous once the kid starts to be too confident and play faster.

How to determine the size of a jump rope for my child?

The best way of choosing the right size is to add it 3 feet of your child’s height. This will, in most cases, be just the right length for the rope. There are also many types of jump ropes with handles that allow you to adjust the length any time you want.


Doctors state that jumping rope can not only promote blood flow, protect the heart, raise the capacity of the lungs, but also promote the practice of adolescence, brain growth, beneficial for health promotion.

Similarly, if jump rope at night will allow you to have a fantastic night’s sleep. Jump rope for kids uses elastic rubber material for the jump rope and tough vinyl for the handle, this produces a comfortable for the user during training and ensures that the product’s durability with time.

Take a look at these products from the same price range, that are available right now on Amazon:

LED Jump Rope for Kids Colorful Skipping Rope Light Up Ropes for Girls Boys Fitness Exercise &...
  • Coolest Led Lights Jump Rope in Night - Enjoy a light show with our light up flashing jump rope.And shinning lights makes the skipping more interesting than tradition jump rope , kids will love...
  • Adjustable Length: The led jump rope 7 feet long of the rope, it can be adjusted quickly according to your height.
  • High Quality Jump Rope for Kids: Like other high-quality fitness skipping ropes, it has all the qualities! Avoids the twisting, winding or bending like other fitness ropes, it ensures stable and...
  • Maximum Comfort: This new jumping rope constructed with light weight ergonomic handles coated for extra comfortable and strong grip, so that you can You can take full advantage for doing exercise.
  • Best Gift for Kids: Light up jump rope is really cool and special gift. In summer day night, the led light show will be very popular for kids. In additions, whether on Children's Day, Halloween,...
Ynybusi Kids Jump Rope Jump Rope for Kids - Kids Jump Rope Skipping Rope 2 Pack for Girls Kids...
  • Rainbow Jump Ropes for Kids Girls Boys Skipping!When you use it with a rainbow dancing or skipping, which is of great interest to beginners.The design of the handles is according to human...
  • Durable & Lightweight: The jump ropes are favourites for their durability and toughness. The skipping rope has a bright colour which interestingly doesn't fade.
  • Perfect Fitness Gift: The jump ropes makes a great birthday gift for Princess dream. Give one of these jump rope gym toys to young kids to encourage active skipping play outside with their friends.
  • Liven Up Your Kid's Skipping with this Jump Rope: This jump rope that features a vibrant and cheerful hue. This fun outdoor toy is sure to please
  • Classic item for active outdoor play:Age Grade: 3+ . 2Pack Jump ropes include.
Brightedly 16 FT Long Jump Rope for Kids, Multiplayer, Adjustable | Classic Look Wooden Handle |...
  • ✔ DURABLE & FEEL FOR COMFORT - Our Multiplayer Long Jump Rope for Kids is made from high-quality, strong climbing-style braided jumping rope materials that will last and last, plus comfortable wood...
  • ✔ADJUSTABLE, EASY TO USE - This jumping rope for kids is 16 foot long allowing for 2 or 3 kids to jump and have fun simultaneously. If preferred, rope length can be adjusted for individual use. The...
  • ✔ DESIGNED FOR KIDS & SAFE - Rope weight has been designed with kids in mind, not too heavy so they can swing themselves and get entertained for long time (If looking for a heavy rope for speed...
  • ✔ IDEAL GIFT FOR MANY OCCASIONS - Looking for an ideal gift for a kid’s birthday, Christmas present or any other special occasion? With its eco-friendly packaging, this skipping rope for kids make...
  • ✔ EXCELLENT MOTOR SKILLS EXERCISE - Skipping rope is an ideal exercise for kids, helping to develop mind and body coordination. Your child will learn balance and agility with this healthy activity.
Deluxe Jump Ropes 7-Foot (7') Pink, Green, Purple & Blue Gift Set Party Bundle with Bonus Matty's...
  • Gift Set Party Bundle Includes 4 Different Colors of Matty's Toy Stop's 7' Jump Ropes! Colors Include Pink/Blue, Green/Pink, Purple/Pink & Blue/Pink.
  • These 7 foot long nylon jump ropes have pivoting plastic handles and come in fun color combinations! Combines Play With Active Exercise That Your Child Can Do Anywhere By Themselves Or With Friends.
  • Jump Rope Techniques And Games Are Fun, Easy To Learn And Help Children Keep Rhythm While Improving Balance. The Act Of Jumping Or Skipping Rope Has Evolved From A "School-Yard" Activity To A Level...
  • Makes a great gift & is perfect for schools, party favors, stocking stuffers, baskets, special needs, promotions and so much more!
  • For Ages 5 and up - Fun for the whole family! - Includes Bonus Matty's Toy Stop Storage Bag!
GiftExpress Adjustable Size Colorful Jump Rope for Kids and Teens - Outdoor Indoor Fun Games...
  • Main colors: pink, purple, blue. Made from durable materials
  • Material: plastic handle and nylon rope, safe and non-toxic
  • Rope length: 88 inches long
  • 6 pcs Jump Rope for Children, fun activity, party favor, fitness
  • Easy to use, durable. Ages 5 and up
ELCOHO 18 Pack Rainbow Jump Rope Set Jumping Ropes Skipping Ropes for Outdoor Fun, Party Favors, 7.2...
  • Quantity: there are 18 pieces of rainbow jump ropes within each package, enough to satisfy your use; each piece is 7.2 feet long, and the colors of rope handles are random
  • Adjustable size: each piece of jump rope is 7.2 feet long, which you can adjust the length to fit the height, and the handle is 3.1 inches long, reasonable and comfortable to hold; we may have a 3cm...
  • Material: our jump rope is made of nylon, light-weight and anti-wear, durable and reusable; the handle is made of quality plastic with smooth surface, which is not easy to break; the handle and rope...
  • Vibrant rainbow color: our jump ropes are design in gradient rainbow color, each piece of rope has 6 bright colors, beautiful and eye-catching to meet your preferences; when you wave the rope, it...
  • Wide application: the rainbow jump rope is suitable for school games, rope skipping competition, party games and more, it can also be used as a nice gift sending to your friends to make them happy
Kids Jump Rope for Girls Boys - Skipping Jumping Rope for Kids Youth Beginners,Durable Plastic...
  • Cartoon Jump Ropes,Rope length adjustable
  • DURABLE & FEEL FOR COMFORT-style durable jump rope materials that will last and last, and comfortable handles with smooth surface that are easy for kids to hold-This toy accessory uses non-toxic,...
  • The length of the rope is about 2.15M(7.05ft),Total length about 2.35M(7.7ft)
  • MOST POPULAR - Our most popular jump rope for kids and schools. Makes that "tick tick" clicking sound on pavement or gym floors; helpful for developing a skipping rhythm.Bouncing movement, not only...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- If you don't love your jump rope for any reason, let us know and unconditionally refund or resend with any quality problems, life time friendly customer service