9 Best Shopkins Toys 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The Shopkins really are an intriguing bunch of buddies which may be discovered in various teams/shop sections, from anthropomorphized fruit and veg to beauty goods, and after children begin with their collections there’s not any stopping them.

Shopkin’s world is made up of Shopkin characters known as Shopkins, books, collector cards along with Shopkins films too. The Shopkins listing of titles is really a very lengthy Shopkins character record and is categorized based on their rarity including ordinary, rare, ultra-rare, exclusive, and so forth.

Best Shopkins Toys

Using various alternatives, it’s hard to zero in on any one toy. Within this short article, we take a look at the 9 best Shopkins toys 2024 from the marketplace that will assist you to make your choice. The next list will appear at a number of unique sets out there to expand your understanding and help you make that selection.

Best Shopkins Toys

1. Shopkins Season 3 Mega Pack of Shopkins – Editor’s Pick

Shopkins Season 3 Mega Pack of Shopkins

For parents which are only beginning to get to grips with the superb world of this Shopkins and need something substantial to begin your brother’s set, the Shopkins Season 3 Mega Bundle is an excellent place to get started.

Here children can get 20 distinct versions of different personalities, all carefully modeled in bright colors to resemble the much-loved personalities, and instantly have a little collection to reveal to their friends and build upon in the long run.

On this note, it’s no real surprise to parents that the box includes a “collectors manual” and a program which may be downloaded to boost the enjoyable but there’s also the addition of this sparkly pink basket to carry all of them over in and six bags.

2. Shopkins Season 5 Super Shopper Pack – Best for Children 1 Month & Older

Shopkins Season 5 Super Shopper Pack

The Shopkins Super Shopper package, as its name implies is really a superb assortment of 26 Shopkins personalities and 6 backpacks — a whopping 32 bits that also contains 4 exclusive Shopkins interiors with this Shopkins toy collection provides an opportunity to lay your hands on a few of the trendiest Shopkins characters.

Even the tiny Shopkins characters appear cute and vibrant, and the shock within the backpacks will really pleasantly surprise tiny children.

This Shopkins toy collection is a fantastic toy to increase the entire Shopkins toy group and makes for a perfect gift for little ones.

It’s strongly recommended for children 1 month and above.

3. Shopkins Shoppies Shopville Super Mall

Shopkins Shoppies Shopville Super Mall

With this list, one best Shopkins toy is that this Shopkins Super Mall. The words’super mall’ will get your kid very excited to get this for their birthday or as a Christmas gift. This huge collection includes four exclusive Shopkins and has a vast assortment of features and details which are really enjoyable for kids.

It’s an excellent playset for you to play the Shoppies since it’s an elevator, and three individual levels built to the feast in order that they could ‘see’ lots of stores and explore what is available.

There is a selection of ‘stores’ to allow them to see, like a boutique, food court, theater, and other shops and a number of the characteristics within this collection have moveable components so there’s an extra element of excitement and pleasure. There’s plenty on offer on this toy and it guarantees hours of entertainment.

4. Shopkins S3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck – Best Budget Pick

Shopkins S3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck

Occasionally it is less about the personalities which arrive from the box and also much more about the accessories which may be played to add to the games and imaginative play.

The Shopkins Season 3 Scoops Ice Cream truck is a fantastic example because despite only having two associated Shopkins on-board, there’s a cute pink ice cream truck for everyone to travel around two exclusive shopping bags to add to this distinct collection and an umbrella this new personality can use to keep sunlight off and presumably prevent from melting.

A good deal of attention to detail has been put to the personality holder beneath the color and the signal on the truck which may be flipped up when the Shopkins enter the business.

5. Shopkins Join the Party Playset – Best Limited Playset

Shopkins Join the Party Playset

The Shopkins Birthday Cake Surprise is a heavy Shopkins toy collection that includes everything you may need for an ideal Shopkins birthday party. 1 three-tiered cake rack, 4 exclusive miniature Shopkin characters, two exclusive birthday Shopkins characters, a cake slice table, a birthday cake chair, 3 candles, and one cupcake box. It’s a lengthy collection of toy bits that you get with this particular Shopkins toy.

This Shopkins toy collection is a portion of this party-themed toy found by Shopkins that contains a few exciting toy collections such as a party game arcade or even the cotton candy party playset.

This toy cake isn’t any ordinary Shopkins playsets because there are plenty of surprises hidden underneath it.

The top tier of the cake opens to some concealed compartment inside along with the cake slice table is a removable bit from the base of this cake. This Shopkins playset weighs 2 lbs and is suitable for children between 5 to 15 years.

6. Shopkins Supermarket Playset

Shopkins Supermarket Playset

Among the best selling Shopkins toys is that this Supermarket Playset, because it comes not only with the typical things to enhance and expand the Shopkins collection, but in addition, it has fun elements like a slip along with a shopping trolley (that is compatible with the rest of the Shopkins objects ).

There’s a really lovely collectors guide, for your child to look up the titles and compare each of the Shopkins they have and follow their collection as it grows.

Additionally, it boasts four uncommon Shopkins and 2 Shopkins exclusives too, and such surprises are contained inside the Playset, thus there’s so much to enjoy. This Mini-Market is a superb toy for any kid to enjoy playing, either independently or together with friends.

7. Shopkins Food Themed Pack Cupcake Collection – Best Cooking Collection


The Shopkins Season 3 Food Fair Bundle Cupcake Collection is a bit more low key concerning the pieces which are available but it does allow for good role-playing games around the subject of the food fair and baking and can be equally engaging in its own way.

Once again it’s about the focus on detail from the design and workings because the cake rack is “glass” fronted to display the cupcakes in their glory and there’s a pair of tongs to remove the personalities to encourage food hygiene.

What makes this collection even more attractive to young women that enjoy their baking is the fact that you will find just eight cupcakes and tea-time-themed personalities included, over with a few other collections.

8. Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Camper Van

Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Camper Van

The Shopkins Happy places sets are doll home line at which the Shopkins Shoppie dolls reside. The Rainbow Beach Camper van is a Shopkins happy locations house on the move. This van-house includes a front double door that opens to reveal a neatly organized home with small Shoppie doll Pinkie Cola.

This Shopkins toy includes two front doors that open into a tiny home with a shower, a dining room to have a wonderful meal, and one that easily converts to a sleeping place when you need some shut-eye, a sink using a concealed bathroom below. But, it’s not merely the toy home that you are becoming.

This home comes packed with some house appliances such as a fridge, a stove, a microwave, and far more. This Shopkins happy areas home toy could be hooked on to the Beach convertible for a house on the go and have actual pleasure. It weighs 2.4 lbs and is suitable for children aged between 5 years to 15 years.

9. Shopkins Happy Places Mansion

Shopkins Happy Places Mansion

This toy home is amazing, and may actually be utilized at a 360-degree structure, more than 1 kid can enjoy it in precisely the exact same moment. If your kid is eager to discover new Shoppies, they will certainly enjoy this Happy Places Mansion.

If your son or daughter is an actual lover of Shopkins, also contains a large or increasing assortment of Shopkins, this wonderful toy home is a wonderful place to store them and also to play them. There are four components to play with and socialize with, and it includes a garage ramp, a ring stand, two distinct Petkins, three rugs, two cushions plus a Lil’ Shoppie.

There are seven chambers full of fancy, luxury items for your Shoppies to enjoy along with also the soft accessories that include a true sense of plushness and coziness to your playtime.

Buying Guide for the Best Shopkins Toys

Best Shopkins Toys
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Known for their design and flexibility, Shopkins toys are in high demand. But to receive a set your child will like, look closely at the topic of the item on offer. Is it a holiday or pony-themed item? If your kid likes ponies, purchasing a vacation-themed set may not be a fantastic choice.


According to business recommendations, these collectibles are thought to be suitable for ages 5 – 15 decades old. While frequently bought for kids younger than five who enjoy the little, chunky form, care needs to be taken as numerous places include attachments that may come off or become different.

Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations prior to purchasing. For more collectibles appropriate, think about Funko POP! Vinyl Figures. Girls aged 12 may even enjoy these presents!


Shopkin goods are created from quite a few different materials. Care needs to be taken in the event the consumer has allergies to read labels carefully prior to buying.

Gender and Diversity

Originally meant to fill a void at the toy marketplace for young women, Shopkins has obtained a following across several demographics. Though lots of the titles and personalities picked are based on feminine traits, you will find gender-neutral figures (for instance, Rub-A-Glove) and male names were plausible (for instance, Frank-Furter).

In terms of diversity, the group covers the range of products and services with things based on several businesses. Interested in more varied toys? Why don’t you check out these PJ Mask toys acceptable for children?


The worth of a Shopkins toy can be found in the caliber of the parts available. Assess your product of choice to ensure that you are getting value for the money. How many exclusive Shopkins and Petkins does it consume?

What’s the grade of the constructions, Petkins, and Shopkins on offer? Products that fade over the years or processor and break if dropped onto hard surfaces are poor.

Care and Use

With the biggest amount in the Shopkins lineup being only 6 inches and the smallest at 1 inch in height, extreme caution has to be taken to maintain figures from being swallowed or lost with a child.

A couple of sets include approaches to save smaller items inside bigger ones (including the Happy Location Campervan and Secret Agent Lock). Expect the need for storage when buying sets.


Best Shopkins Toys
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What are Shopkins toys?

Shopkins are collectible toys made out of hard plastic. There are various types with exclusive names and faces. Also, you can find different special and limited editions on the market that are pretty valuable in trading communities.

When do kids get interested in Shopkins toys?

Typically between eight and eleven years of age. They are trendy among the kids and are also great collectibles. Children love to carry them to school and share and trade these toys with their peers.

How many seasons of Shopkins toys are available on the market?

At the moment, there are over 100 Shopkins toys available for purchase, and they were released in 15 different seasons. Shopkins collectibles also cover seasons such as Halloween, Christmas, or Easter.

Are Shopkins toys water-resistant?

Most of these toys are waterproof. They are made of high-quality plastic. Some toys series, however, are not created water-resistant.

Which Shopkins toy is rarest?

The rarest Shopkins toy is Cupcake Queen. This toy comes in a cupcake collection that you can find in the list above. Its adorable design makes it popular among the girls, and the whole set contains eight cupcakes.

Best Shopkins Toys
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What can children learn from playing with Shopkins toys?

There are various benefits that come with Shopkins toys play. It develops various cognitive abilities and social skills. Experts claim that playing with these toys enhances empathy and critical thinking among children.

Which Shopkins toy should I buy for my kid?

There are various seasons from which you can choose the right toy for your child. During the 7-year production, Shopkins gave us over a hundred different toys. Our recommendation is Shopkins Happy Places Mansion. It is a great toy house in which your child can store its favorite Shopkins collectibles.


Since you’ve probably heard from studying through this exhaustive collection of all Shopkins toys and products, they are available in a vast assortment of styles, shapes, and dimensions and supply a selection of enjoyable experiences for kids.

Alternatives would be the Shopkins Special Editions, which are a bit more quirky and unique and come in a variety of topics and styles – all these really are a unique present, one for a birthday or Christmas, since they are more straightforward to find and slightly more expensive. Whichever you buy, your kid is bound to be a very happy person.

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